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  1. So the build continues on the 64 Riviera. Shooting to take it to Hot Aug Nights in Reno this year and was looking at the bumpers. they are pretty beat up along with the side light covers. Is anyone reproducing these items? I have two sets of bumpers and 3 of the side light covers and not really wanting to beat them back into shape and a few of the side light fins are bent and broken.
  2. Hi all, Back on the Riviera again. Going to push to get it done for Hot August Nights in Reno. have to finish running new wire on a 66GMC then it is all about getting the Riv done! Got the Vintage Air and cut a panel to smooth out the firewall. will be getting it fit in the next few days. have a little bit of body work left to do then split the body from the frame and paint. Also getting ready to fire up the rebuilt 425 to make sure that is all good to go. will post up some pics later today. Question??? does anyone do remanufactured bumpers or the finned turn signal molding? I have a few pairs of these but all are bent or broken. want to get that going now so I have enough time.
  3. thanks Bill. I just looked through the post. think I might look into this. have to find a dealer in my area. Just got the heater core back and will need to decide on how to proceed
  4. thanks for the info Seafoam. Still waiting on the rebuild of the core. the one that was sent to the shop was no good and they had another on the way.
  5. it is all stock as far as I know. I will need the Condenser (part that sits behind the radiator) as it is corroded. the system has been exposed for the last year. lines disassembled from the compressor for engine removal. do they still make the R12 refrigerant? someone told me that is no longer available, however I have not checked.
  6. thanks for the info. I found a shop local that said they could re-core it to factory specs. Hope they are right. if not I have another in a parts car. just don't want to bother with all the soot that is in the car. Trying to get it ready to take to Hot Aug Night in Reno. not sure it will be 100% at this time.
  7. thanks, found a shop in town. only an hours drive from me. now to look at the AC. anyone have any suggestions on what should be done to it to handle the modern coolant?
  8. do you have any shop recommendations? or just start calling Radiator shops. my concern was if this could be rebuilt. has a pretty good bulge to it.
  9. So the build continues on the 64 Riviera. been working on the body and decided to jump into cleaning out the heater/AC stuff. when I pulled the Blower motor and heater cover I found another source of water leaking into the interior. took the next two days to pull everything out just to get at the Heater Core. Good thing the windshield was out or this would have been real fun. seems the engine block was not the only thing that froze. Does anyone make a replacement heater core????? I have a parts car that I can see if that Core is any better. Problem for me is the car was in the Flood a few years ago and is filled with this layer of fine silt.
  10. Figure now is a good time to clean out the Heater/AC box. Once the cover was off I could see that the Heater Core will need to be replaced or repaired. It only took two days to pull the dash, AC box, and heater cover out. boy this would have been even more fun if the windshield was installed. found out that the Heater core froze and bulged. I hope this can be repaired as I have yet to find a new one. I do have another heater core in the parts car but don't really want to go threw removing that one too as the car is full of soot from the flood a few years ago.
  11. been a little while between posts and thought I would catch this up. shop is pretty much done. had go back and torque all the bolts down along with the Dead Man Blocks. in the hands of the attorney now to get the added cost back. Floor is now welded in. need to seem seal it all. had some additional rust to take care of on the fenders. bad stuff cut out and new stuff shaped and welded in. a little bit if filler and some sanding and these will be ready for Epoxy Primer. still have a little rust in the Rear Window channel that needs some attention. will do that after I pull the heater core. seems it was leaking
  12. figure I would through out a quick update. found out that the builder for the shop did not pull permits and short poured the foundation. Had to pour dead man blocks to bring things up to code. 14 of these blocks that are 4'x'4x8'. this is to keep the post from kicking out as the footer around the shop was only 18" deep. not even deep enough for the frost line. Anyway fix is in place and electrical is underway and hoping to be completed before xmas. Nice thing about this is the local Kubota deal lent me a backhoe for a week to dig the holes at no charge. we were in looking at a skid and they wanted to help out, no strings attached.(ended up getting the skid) still need to finish up the rear floor in the Riv. this should complete the rust repairs and then on to block sanding. might switch the front over to disc breaks. have not decided yet. also need to pull the air/heater box to clean that out.
  13. thanks all. been receiving the new body and floor panels for the 68 Pontiac this week. nothing like having two cars going at once. New shop is "done" and lift is in. Now if the builder would have just got the building permit and had the foundation inspected I would be living large... but he "forgot". so now I have attorney's involved and I sit and look at a nice big building that I have to wait probably another month to be able to use. Oh.. I also saw a 63 Riv on Craig's list in Longmont CO. has a bit of rust on it. was thinking on going and looking at it.
  14. Never thought of using Dum Dum. thanks. need to pick some up. think that was also used around the door skin attachment bolts.
  15. here is the area I am concerned with. when I cleaned out that area it was more like a putty then the seam sealer. maybe it was just a lot of seam sealer in that area.