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  1. This might also be posted in the Buick section as someone there may have a need for the engine.
  2. I agree. I've done this for years. When I attend a swap meet, I generally don't look for anything in particular, just purchase reasonably priced things that catch my eye. I've often photographed and contacted friends and acquaintances when I come across parts that I think, or know for sure, that they may need. Happy to do the same for you as someday someone may do the same for me. Larry W
  3. I agree. If I were looking for another project, this would be it.
  4. I believe these were refered to as "valiant" controls.
  5. Let us know what you finally come up with.
  6. Maybe have a look at Lawn and Garden equipment or Motorcycle batteries.
  7. This must be one of the untold benefits of joining the AACA. Before I became a member, I had been living in sort of an automotive bubble!
  8. FWIW, I'm only familiar with the Continentals of the nineteen fifties from Ford, as I've never seen nor heard of Continentals or Devos from the thirties, but they sure are neat looking cars and I applaud all those who are involved with there restoration and preservation.
  9. I agree with Benjamin, the way I have handled your situation is that I would tell the seller, " we'll meet at the DMV. When the clerk hands me the title in my name, I'll hand you the money. ". This then becomes sort of a team effort as you want the car and the seller wants his money. It may take several DMV visits, but eventually I've ended up the proud new owner.
  10. IMO, it depends on what the dirt consist of. If it's animal droppings, they can be quite acidic and cause a lot of damage. Anything other than that, I would probably leave alone if that is your preference, but above all I would keep the car dry.
  11. I very well could be wrong, but didn't the Mack Jr, and Reo pick up use the same cab?
  12. I would take a carriage bolt and insert the threaded end into the chuck of a drill press (carefully) and use a file to knock down the square part.
  13. With all respect, what do you expect you wife to do with it? If she's going to restore it, does she have an unmarried sister?
  14. I'm not sure, but I thought that there was some kind of mathematical formula to determine the arch, by plugging in the length between the hangers along with the weight of the vehicle and a few other variables. I dunno, maybe not.
  15. That looks like the same car that was owned by a little old lady from Mt. Pilot around 1963. Sold to a deputy named Barney something.
  16. I've heard that other social media suspects that this was just a publicity stunt. No such thing as bad publicity. Ah-o-no, I'm just sayin.
  17. FWIW, isn't there a "fuel pump actuating rod" that rides on a cam lobe and actuates the fuel pump? Seems to me that I replaced this rod on my '49 Ford, as they do tend to wear down and get shorter, thereby affecting the stroke of the pump. It may be worth investigating. Larry W
  18. Barry, I concur with all those who have posted ahead of me, in regard to you and your wife's speedy and complete recovery. After our brief encounter at the Concours of America, I saw your car displayed, but wished it would have been done in way that would have afforded a better view of the rear end and exquisite interior. Unfortunately for me, I'll never get the ride that you promised me when I visited your shop last winter! Prayers and Best Wishes, Larry W
  19. Probably heading to the big Lincoln meet at the Gilmore Museum this weekend in Hickory Corners, MI.
  20. It sure looks like it. How many Lincoln Zephyrs have black wall tires? OMG!
  21. I remember the day that my uncle bought one that looked just like yours. His had a blue interior and a six cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. It had less than ten miles on it when he brought it over to show my dad.
  22. . A quick fix for that dirty sock is to use compressed air to blow back through the fuel line to dislodge whatever is clogging the pickup. Listen for air bubbles at the gas tank filler tube. This is only a temporary solution until the tank gets cleaned, but it's easy and cheap!
  23. To my understanding, "slab side" description applied to mid sixties Lincolns and late sixties Olds Ninety Eights and Buick 225's.
  24. Do you know anyone who lives in Wisconsin? They recently revised their process to be much more accommodating to old cars without titles. You may be able to register yours with the engine number, although the original VIN may be located elsewhere in a hidden location. You may want to investigate this.
  25. Rolling chassis, prewar? What model and year? 5153559109