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  1. My father (age 92) tells stories of riding in rumble seats when he was young with lots of smiles and laughter. He even laughs when talking about moving down to the floor and closing the lid when the weather was cold and raining.
  2. The 10 hp Stanley's are fun little cars to drive. They are very light and easy to steer, the pump controls are fairly simple to manage, and they go up hills amazingly well. Nice original body on this one, thats not to common these days
  3. What gear oil would you all recommend for the transmission and rear differential of a 24 Chrysler? My immediate thought is 600w, but thought I would survey here for other thoughts Thanks
  4. Yup, took me a while to figure it out, but Anneal it, and it bends pretty easy. Then I drilled and coutersunk screws to fasten it on. I spent a lot of time, but it came out pretty nice.. Good Luck
  5. Tim, I looked for that molding a year or so back, with no success. I thought i found it in England, but could never actually get any shipped here. Ended up using the stuff from Restoration Supply
  6. The Choke pull off, opens the choke slightly when the engine starts. It has no function once the chokes warms up and opens, so the engine will run fine without it once it warms up a bit. I would think it would still be available from NAPA and other sources. Good luck!
  7. I remember a customer telling about following a snowplow truck with a revolving yellow light. Said the headlight were going from high to low with every "flash" of the yellow light. Pretty funny story, But I guess at the moment the plow driver and the Cadi. driver were not that amused
  8. The Franklin is still available, I do drive it around town every now and then just to give it a little exercise, but we sure could use to space
  9. Ill bring it to Hershey, if someone would like it. I hang out with a friend in the Orange field OBJ&OBK -50ish , we are on the end of the row. There is always some Stanley stuff around us. Not looking to make any $, just dont want to bring it back home.
  10. Morris had a 1912 T, a model A, a 16 Stanley, an early Hudson, a Maxwell, a Pierce Arrow, and the last one he bought was a 16 Franklin. I suppose that oil may have come with the Franklin, but I don’t think so, I was with him when he got it and I don’t recall that. Also it was way back on his shelves and he got the Franklin in this century.
  11. Also found a small can of carbide, I know at one time he used it in the model T for the lights. I remember him complaining about how much of a mess it made. I really miss that guy!!! any thoughts on what should happen to get rid of it?
  12. Cleaning off a few shelves in my Father in laws basement Any thoughts on what these oils are? I mean, I know what they are, but are they anything we would use today? Or should they just be emptied into the waste oil container
  13. I will get in touch with the owner and see if they recall any Bentleys in the family history. That is certainly possible. I actually do have a 20/25 RR in my shop right now (coincidence or what) The locking knock off and threads would all be in the Hub and Nut? Is that correct? Perhaps I can get one of the wheels and take off the cover. Many thanks for the response
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