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  1. I just discovered this thread, and it brought back memories of the only 7 Litre that I had ever seen. It was in Milwaukee at City Motors on north 37th street and Wisconsin avenue in the early seventies. This lot was sort of known for having "beat to death" but rather reasonably priced performance cars. This particular 7Litre was dark blue exterior with white vinyl top and white bucket seat interior with a four speed and console. It didn't appear to be in all that bad of condition as I recall.
  2. I love it when a plan comes together! Thanks for letting us know how things turned out. Larry W
  3. Any progress, no matter how little, is good pregress. Keep on pushin'. Larry W
  4. I can't offer any help on the interior, but I, like many others, are still wondering if you ever determined the cause of the squeak in your newly rebuilt engine. Larry W
  5. That certainly was a great video, I wish I could have known the man personally.
  6. FWIW, isn't there a "fuel pump actuating rod" that rides on a cam lobe and actuates the fuel pump? Seems to me that I replaced this rod on my '49 Ford, as they do tend to wear down and get shorter, thereby affecting the stroke of the pump. It may be worth investigating. Larry W
  7. Barry, I concur with all those who have posted ahead of me, in regard to you and your wife's speedy and complete recovery. After our brief encounter at the Concours of America, I saw your car displayed, but wished it would have been done in way that would have afforded a better view of the rear end and exquisite interior. Unfortunately for me, I'll never get the ride that you promised me when I visited your shop last winter! Prayers and Best Wishes, Larry W
  8. Probably heading to the big Lincoln meet at the Gilmore Museum this weekend in Hickory Corners, MI.
  9. It sure looks like it. How many Lincoln Zephyrs have black wall tires? OMG!
  10. . A quick fix for that dirty sock is to use compressed air to blow back through the fuel line to dislodge whatever is clogging the pickup. Listen for air bubbles at the gas tank filler tube. This is only a temporary solution until the tank gets cleaned, but it's easy and cheap!
  11. I have two leads on Buick engine blocks for you. PM sent.
  12. I would definitely keep my eyes open for a replacement block, but still investigate repair options in the meantime.
  13. . I'm wondering if those cracks could just be brazed. There's no combustion pressure there, only coolant pressure. I once had a neighbor who had a crack develop in his cast iron boiler. As a mid winter emergency repair, he brazed the crack and it lasted many years until the unit was finally replaced due to age. Any discussion?
  14. Did the cooling system maintain adequate pressure? If so, I doubt if there would be cracks. Have the block manga fluxed.
  15. I agree with Matt. I just ran into the same situation with my Jeep Patriot while my wife had it out-of-state visiting her mother, of course. If the vehicle sat for any length of time, only a call to AAA would get it started. Upon her return home, I did the cheapest and easiest thing first, and replace the battery with a known good one. The engine started every time since. Wife keeps asking when I'm going to buy a new battery and I just tell her that I'm still testing it.
  16. I'd run a temporary vacuum hose directly from the engine vacuum ( from either the car you're working on or another car parked next to it) to the wiper motor to make sure it's working properly. Don't go any further until it is.
  17. My buddy had a triple black 427/4 speed convertible. It may have been fast, but I was pulling away from him in my '63 SS convertible with 327/4bbl and Powerglide. We had to let up approaching busy intersection with red light.
  18. Mr. Wudsy, I don't mind it when someone takes a derelict and replaces the drivetrain, wheels, and interior. It's been done in Cuba since 1959. But when someone takes an otherwise easily restorable car and hacks it up, well, that really hurts to see.
  19. If cars had feelings, your's must feel like it just won the lottery!
  20. They changed the drivetrain, wheels, changed the upholstery, and painted it a non original color. I always referred to cars like that as Cuban Taxis.
  21. Mr. Bachman, I also feel your pain.
  22. I believe the "Wells Fargo" Buick still exists. I remember seeing it recently, but can't remember where.
  23. As I recall, a few years back a Ford antique auto parts supplier incurred a lot of headaches from Ford corporate attorneys because he was using the name Ford in the title of his business, or something to that effect. Better off playing it safe.......nothing is ever easy!
  24. I wonder if I licensed and insured a collector vehicle as an everyday driver instead of a collector vehicle, if that would qualify as proof of it as a non-collectable.
  25. That '62 Pontiac just reminded me of the black one with red interior that I could have had cheap when I worked at a Standard filling station when I was in high school. The only problem was that it always jumped out of second gear. I passed on it because I figured that it needed a cluster gear, and where would I locate one and what would it cost. It would have been nice to have the internet back then.
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