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  1. . Last Sunday I drove my '75 Olds convertible for the first time in nearly twenty years. With the top down and all accumulated patina, I went to the nearest gas station a mile away. While at the pump, teens and preteens pointed and smiled. The patron at the next pump commented "hey, nice car!" I replied, "it was even nicer when I bought it forty years ago".
  2. Many years ago, I had the opportunity to buy a car almost exactly like this one, in the same condition for $200. The reason it wasn't running was because it had been over heated and the motor was locked up. I passed it by.
  3. Oh yeah, I had to look closer to see the spinner, but I don't think they're Chevy hubcaps either, possibly '68 Pontiac.
  4. I encountered the need for a starter shim on a 1965 Olds 88 with a 425 CID. When the engine was hot, it would turn over slow and the negative battery cable (correct gauge) would melt its insulation. The proper thickness shim corrected the problem, never to appear again. I still have some of the shims if you need any.
  5. The only problem I have with detailing at a car show is that it prevents me from getting a decent photograph of the car. And, the owners are constantly wiping down only the hood (bonnet). I wait for them to finally bend over to get out of view and wipe the side of the car, but it seldom happens. Larry W
  6. You may need a shim between the starter and the engine block. As components heat up, the clearance between the starter drive gear and the engine ring gear gets to be too tight and causes the two gears to bind up. Shims should be readily available from any parts house; start with the thinnest and work your way up. Let us know how you make out. Larry W
  7. The mention of those annoying clips reminds of the time that my dad took his '57 Olds to the local Goodyear garage for it's first set of replacement tires. Apparently it was at the change of shift, and the mechanic who removed the wheels had left, and another was tasked with re installation. When trying to replace the hubcaps, he didn't know what held them on, and hollered over his shoulder, " hey, how do you get these things to stay on"? He became quite embarrassed when a six year old boy (me) walked over and demonstrated to him proper hubcap installation.
  8. That's a very neat car you've been blessed with, I wish you all the luck with its restoration. Check back to this forum for any information or assistance you may need. People here are very willing to help get an old car back on the road. Larry W.
  9. There once was a car that looked just like this in a salvage yard in Waupon , WI, many years ago. I believe it had a standard column shift three speed transmission. The rust free quarter panels were removed for use in the restoration of a '61 Starfire convertible. Larry W.
  10. I can't offer any help on the interior, but I, like many others, are still wondering if you ever determined the cause of the squeak in your newly rebuilt engine. Larry W
  11. Looks to me like a standard mid-fifties Mercury dog dish hubcap.
  12. Hook it up to the horn relay. You certainly won't forget to cancel, and everyone for blocks around will know of your intention to turn, just kidding!
  13. You may want to contact The " Galaxie Club of America" at
  14. FWIW, I know that I may be in the minority but I've always liked the smal diameter dog dish, aka button ,aka poverty hubcaps. Quite common on Fords and Chevys, but quite rare on just about everything else especially full size GMs. Except maybe '59-'62 Olds.
  15. Good idea, but perhaps a slightly safer thing to use would be a length of solder wire.
  16. On my '75 Olds, the power antenna would retract whenever the radio, or the ignition, was turned off. When fully retracted, it would open its own power switch and cut power to the drive motor. One cold winter evening, the antenna didn't retract quite completely thus allowing the battery to discharge through the motor. I just unplugged the wire harness to the antenna while the mast was in the raised position. Problem solved. Also, check to make that the trunk and glove box lights go out when the doors are closed.
  17. If there is music provided by a DJ, park as far away from him as possible, unless he's spinning your favorite tunes.
  18. I remember my very first model car kit. It was a 1959 Imperial convertible, painted red, purchased and assembled for me by my father. Some years later, after I got into the old car hobby, my father admitted to me that he always admired the '57-'59 Imperials but would never own one as he considered them to be too "Hoyty-toyty" and he didn't want to be a "show off". Besides, my mother would have insisted on the color red which would have made it way too flashy. His choice would have been a tutone brown. He settled on a red/white 1957 Oldsmobile, which, I guess was more suited to his social-economic leval.
  19. That certainly was a great video, I wish I could have known the man personally.
  20. GK 1918, Easy peasy, find out, from the local tax assessor, who's paying the taxes on that property and talk to that person about the car. More than likely they're wondering how to get rid of it. Then everyone's prayers will be answered.
  21. If, by chance, you discover that a front wheel bearing has failed again, you'll want to check for a bent spindle, ( the part that the bearings attach to). This situation occurred when I replaced a faulty wheel bearing on a '59 Cadilac. The new bearing failed shortly there after, and upon close investigation as to the cause, it was discovered that the spindle was indeed bent. Let us know what you eventually find as the cause of your vibration. Larry W.
  22. FWIW, I had the same problem and it was caused by a faulty front wheel bearing. Have yours been checked and re packed lately?