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  1. I found out some additional info this morning. $8 admission to the Car Corral / Swap Meet @ DeKalb County Fairground. The Auburn Americana group is hosting the Swap Meet / Car Corral and also the Downtown Friday Cruise In around the Courthouse Square plus a car show on Union Street in front of the Fairgrounds from 9 am to 5 pm Friday & Saturday. They are working with the ACD Festival for these activities. https://www.acdfestival.org/events The RM Sotheby's rep wasn't sure if / when there will be an Auction Preview. On one hand they were saying 'only Registered Bidders at the Auction Park' but then their website said $20/day or $50/event fee for spectators and additional guests of Registered Bidders. The person I spoke to on the phone said $25/day. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/af21
  2. Will the same admission to the Auction also provide entry to the Swap Meet / Car Corral?
  3. Saw an ad for Estate Sale / Auction on Facebook for a 1924 Rickenbacker. Response from the sale coordinator above.
  4. Was just there last weekend; always an enjoyable visit. And the Nut House is delicious, right around the corner. Doubt we'll make it there for the Cars & Coffee but you never know. I don't know about everyone else, but we're busy as heck with work, working on cars, having fun; never really stopped.
  5. It doesn't look like they have a working website right now, but many articles have been written about Miller Motors aka National Hudson Museum aka Ypsilanti Heritage Museum. Sadly, Jack Miller passed away the beginning of this year. Hudsons, Tuckers (the family lived a stone's throw away), Hydramatic, Corvair, Caprice, more. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ypsilanti_Automotive_Heritage_Museum https://www.motorcities.org/story-of-the-week/2021/remembering-jack-miller-ypsilanti-s-mr-hudson I just gave them a quick call; still closed due to Michigan's obsessive lockdown restrictions. Hopefully they will reopen again soon. It is a fun place to visit; won't take all day. Stop for lunch @ the Sidetrack then wander over to the Michigan Firehouse Museum. Unfortunately, MFM is also closed until further notice. https://www.michiganfirehousemuseum.org/
  6. The RE Olds Museum is awesome! We've been going there since 1981 and appreciate their presence and how they present the history. They were able to recently (last couple years) obtain ownership of their building and have embarked on many improvements. We're going there shortly, in the next few months, for a club meeting. We contributed to the new bathrooms which should help them be able to rent their facilities for events and contribute to their revenue. Looking forward to seeing the changes.
  7. PLEASE consider to donate to a local high school or community college auto shop / trade school.
  8. PLEASE consider to donate them to a local high school or community college auto shop / trade school area. We hear so many complaints about 'young people aren't interested in cars', help to introduce them to the hobby (addiction).
  9. And the Concours d'Lemons is scheduled for 7/24/2021. All the worst people are usually there!!! https://24hoursoflemons.com/concours-d-lemons/ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/concours-dlemons-michigan-2021-tickets-126866688681
  10. I would have turned and gone to another road to get away from him.
  11. They've been bad for a while now they are ridiculous!!! Hard as they try, the postal disservice cannot overcome the mentality of 'government employees'. To respond to another thread about 'what did you get for Christmas that was unusual?' Don't know, I have several gift packages wandering around the postal system. Several years ago I was in the downtown post office in our small town. There were over 30 customers in line, out the door the 2nd week of December. While waiting in line I called the postmaster @ the other location asking why only ONE employee was working?!?!? 'Sorry, we are short staffed, lot of people on vacation and sick'. WTH?!?!? I asked why the post office allowed so many staff to be off the busiest time and why they did not create blackout dates, such as the Christmas mailing period. His answer referenced 'union' and 'employees have the right to take days off blah blah blah'. Such idiocy!!! Mail is reported to be 'wall to wall' and '50 semi trailers full' at the Detroit Distribution Center: https://www.metrotimes.com/news-hits/archives/2020/12/22/you-have-mail-packages-stack-up-wall-to-wall-as-usps-center-in-allen-park A Priority Mail package I shipped 12/2, lingered in Detroit for over 2 weeks before progressing to Colorado and arriving 12/18. A 1st class regular #10 envelope from Northern Indiana postmarked 10/5 was delivered to me in SE Michigan on 11/6. https://www.deadlinedetroit.com/articles/26947/a_perfect_storm_detroit-area_mail_delays_are_a_holiday_week_frustration And 50k lbs of mail crashed in NC: https://www.postaltimes.com/postalnews/tractor-trailer-carrying-50k-pounds-of-usps-packages-crashes-on-i-77/
  12. You might consider to try Death Wish if you like dark roast, strong coffee. Its the only thing they drink at the office. I prefer tea.
  13. You might also try the local Historical Society. Sometimes they will keep a listing of vintage and/or historic buildings in their files. If not, one of their members may know the history too. Often I find members of a historical society are related to founding or long time members of their community.
  14. Back in the early 1970s at the ripe old age of 8, I took an evening course with Ms. Evelyn Penney and Mr. Bob Barker (not of Let's Make a Deal fame) at Emerson Junior High School. Of course, dad was the inspiration for me to take the class and go for my Tech Ticket. I think it was a challenge for him as most of his ham buddies' kids were getting their Novice. A lot of coaching, extra schooling by dad including long division before we learned it at school and of course, practice soldering on the weekends in dad's ham shack. I still remember the thrill of coming home from 3rd grade and finding my new ham radio license came int he mail that day. Its still active though I haven't been since dad passed over 30 years ago. Still have a couple old Motorola HTs but that's about it. Sharing some pics of dad's ham shack and his talk power through the years. Wish I had more of them. Dad was one of those guys who could build, modify or repair anything with a specialty in electronics. I remember often his friends coming over to have dad figure out a problem on their radios. Dad didn't have military experience, only 2 years of electronics trade school, but he definitely had the 'fix-it gene'. Oh yeah, can't forget Field Day every June. Us kids loved going there and hanging out with other ham kids. And vacations were occasionally to the Findlay Swap Meet or Dayton Hamvention.
  15. The Transport Driver had to let air out of the tires so the top wouldn't hit the ceiling. Fortunately the local town who sold the truck was storing it at an active military facility. They were able to use a variety of heavy equipment to load it into the trailer. We didn't know the driver was using an enclosed trailer otherwise we would have discussed height. As it was, he called 10 pm the night before delivery to confirm we had an outdoor loading dock. NOPE. Then we remembered our son worked at a local garden center during high school which had an outdoor dock. A quick trip there and the manager was cooperative but for some reason, he later told me he thought it was going to be a piano?!?!?!
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