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  1. We're dealing with this currently from my in laws aka hoarders / collectors / never-threw-anything-away-not-even-expired-credit-cards. 3000 sf home very full but not quite the type that only has pathways through it; more like some rooms are jammed and just closed off. But half dozen outbuildings full of tools, equipment, building materials (owned rental properties), collected cars for about 30 years and a lot of everything else. We've started taking 4'x8' trailers of clothing, bedding household items to the local Salvation Army. Fortunately we live in an area where we have free dumping @ the landfill. Borrowed a friend's 'junking' trailer; essentially a car hauler with sides. We've filled it 25 TIMES since last fall including 3 trips to the county hazardous waste disposal days to get rid of refrigerators, tires, paint, etc. Working now to pull out building materials and other items for a Habitat 4 Humanity pick up next week. We've literally lost A YEAR of our lives cleaning up this sheet and getting the property ready to sell. What time I did have last winter was spent scanning & shredding lots & lots of our paperwork (warranties, receipts, owner manuals, tax records). Once this nightmare is over we'll dig into sorting out and reducing some of our projects to a more manageable level.
  2. Agree, golf carts are a problem at Hershey and other events but often I accompany someone with bad knees who can't tolerate walking long distances. Recently he's taken to renting a mobility scooter otherwise he'd miss most of the swap meet. Some people may or may not notice that some 80 year olds get around easier than my younger-than-60-year-old friend but he definitely has a walking problem. On another but somewhat similar topic, the LAST time I went to Carlisle (yes I realize not an AACA event but rather a private enterprise) was about 15 years ago. While waiting for my friend, standing on the side of an aisle but evidently not far enough over for the CAR driving through the swap meet in the middle of the day, the driver purposely ran into me. Yes, really. He wasn't going very fast but he did use his car to push me out of the way. I was standing there holding onto lots of stuff that 2 people who wandered a swap meet all day had managed to acquire. He really hit me, on purpose. WTH?!?!?!? Then as he drove past, he spewed some malarkey about how I needed to get out of the way faster. And yes, at the time, cars were not permitted in the swap meet during the day but that did not deter him and other persons from driving cars through the swap meet to see what was for sale. I got his license number and reported him to Security but as far as I know, nothing was done. We watched as he continued his way up and down the aisles. Disclaimer: Love seeing the very vintage stuff moving around in the swap; its an integral part of the Hershey experience we crave every October. Always see them being operated safely and courteously - a distinct difference from my experience mentioned above @ Carlise.
  3. Woodward Dream Cruise is always a blast!
  4. Cadillac & LaSalle Club will be at the Shrine Church Tower Parking Lot, NE corner 12 Mile & Woodward today (Wed) from noon until about 9 pm. Oldsmobile Club will be at the same location all day Saturday. Both clubs welcome anyone with their marque cars to stop by and say hi.
  5. Yep! Several years ago there was a huge display (60 or more?) of Duesenbergs @ the ACD Festival in Indiana. I recall speaking to one owner who mentioned having a tire failure on the Penna Turnpike while driving to the event. MANY other participants regularly drive their ACD cars from as far as California every year to attend. Often we will trailer our pre-war car across town due to driving conditions (lunatics that tailgate and cut you off with no consideration) on certain freeways and no other reasonable way to get there on secondary roads. But as Matt mentions, on the other hand, we will hop in the same car and go for a leisure 200+ mile tour on a nice day out of the craziness of the urban area.
  7. I'm sorry to have missed updating my ad. No, it is not available; sold a while back. Thanks for asking.
  8. Make sure the car you are towing on your trailer isn't smoldering because when you drive down the road it will catch fire. Or make sure you have enough quarters for the car wash to put out the fire.
  9. Mexicalifornia is a whole other country dependent on and trying to rule the US. Or at least that's what they think.
  10. Christmas party @ a swanky club back in late 1980s. A pretty teal 66 Toro was my daily driver at the time. The club was renowned for double parking in the street but got away with it because all the judges, politicians and big wigs in town were members. Pulled up in Toro and the valet suggested leaving it 'right there' double parked in front of the entrance. I had to give up the keys (2nd set was in my pocket) but was able to peek out the window all night and keep an eye on it.
  11. Recently had to drop off my new pcup @ the dealer for a service adjustment and they were providing a loaner. The Service Writer walked around their new truck to show me no damage. Un huh, and let's walk around MY truck and I'll show you that it has no damage. Fortunately, the mechanic was a very good friend of my son and he took good care of the truck. Even diagnosed that it needed a new battery @ 2 1/2 yrs old and 35k miles. Good deal.
  12. CLC Museum Benefactors, those who have donated at least $1000 to the group, are allowed free admission to the Gilmore Museum. I enjoy visiting there several times per year. Its possible that other clubs who have their museum buildings hosted at the Gilmore offer a similar benefit. Yes, some of the older, uninsulated, unheated buildings are closed through end of March but many are open year round. Congrats on visiting in April, not only will you be able to access all of the buildings but you'll see the Duesenbergs and also a new display of more than 100 Fisher Body Craftsman Guild models. Enjoy your visit, bring comfortable walking shoes and good batteries in your camera or a fully charged cell phone.
  13. Just had our 3rd Waldron Exhaust system delivered this past week to install on the current project a 53 Buick Super. The first, 60 Cadillac convertible fit like a glove. The second, 56 Cadillac sedan fit like a glove. I'm expecting this one to be perfect also. When ordering, was offered the option to pay a decently high (IMO) cost for UPS shipping since one pipe is almost 8' long. Another option was to have it cut (designed to be cut & reattached) OR Beth suggested to use Fastenal for shipping at a cost somewhere in between. Perfect! There is a Fastenal less than 1/2 mile from where I often travel. Sometimes order to delivery time is almost 2 months but must have hit them at a slow period, even with the holidays, the system was in my hands in just about 4 weeks. Inline Tube in Michigan is another company that has provided 'fit like a glove' products and has been very easy to work with for a couple custom items too. They used my original pattern and are now offering it as a stock item. So if you need brake or gas lines for a vehicle and have an factory set, send to them and they can recreate using CNC and other technology.