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  1. Not AACA but our Region of the CLC accepts Paypal for dues and event registrations. Very simple to set up and use. There are fees charged by Paypal but the group decided having the ability to pay online was worth the nominal expense. You can set up a Paypal button on your website or payments can be sent directly when accessing the PP website and entering the email address. A spot for notes/comments allows the sender to indicate the payment purpose. The CLC Museum also uses Square to process credit card transactions for online purchases, donations and event purchases. Again, once set up, simple to use with nominal fees. Great way to receive payments from people. As discussed above, many people don't use paper checks, may not have them at the time and/or want to make a contribution or purchase and this offers a convenient credit card option. Both offer an electronic 'paper trail' to verify the transaction was completed and reports can be processed as needed. Great alternative to cash. In our Region we have had instances where the Treasurer ends up with cash that he doesn't remember who gave it to him or why. (despite numerous suggestions that he use a cash receipts book)
  2. CarFreak

    STOLEN - 1983 Olds H/O Aero Coupe

    Good suggestion, thank you. What surprises me, is that my 79 white/gold always attracts attention, mostly police, although not necessarily tickets. Back in the late 80s I did drive it to work in nice weather and the neighborhood was not so great. Thinking back, surprised it was never stolen. Did watch out the windows and see coworker's Buick GN drive away - she was watching too. And another coworker's red Firebird. Linda V generously posed with my cars during the 2008 Nats. Wonderful lady.
  3. STOLEN! 1983 Oldsmobile Hurst Olds Tribute Car H/O - Built By Jack "Doc" Watson with parts for the 1988 20th Anniversary Hurst Olds. It has a Dash Plaque Signed by Doc in the center of the dash. Lightning Rod Shifter. Virginia Inspection Stickers on the Windshield VIN: 1G3AK47Y7DM560565 Michigan Plate: AEROLDS Taken From friend's driveway 1-9-19 in Erie MI Near Toledo Ohio. It was Damaged when it was Stolen pieces of the Ground Effects around the Front Left Area were laying in the driveway. Any Help in Locating it would be Greatly Appreciated! Please contact Monroe County (Michigan) Sheriff with tips or info. Owner name: Evans
  4. Delco Model 714 Starter fits 1938 and 1939 Cadillac V16 only Very good condition; bench tested and ready to install
  5. CarFreak

    Heading to USA

    Winter is not the best time to visit Michigan and doesn't look like its on your itinerary so I'd suggest to come back in August for Henry Ford Museum, Sloan Museum (Buicks), RE Olds Museum, Gilmore Museum (Cadillac, Lincoln, Franklin, CCCA, Pierce Arrow, Model A Ford and lots more), Stahl Foundation (100+ fabulous vehicles plus awesome vintage music machines), Ypsilanti Auto Heritage (Corvair, Hydramatic, Tucker, Checker plus fire museum just down the street), Detroit Historical Museum (Cadillac body drop) plus a side trip to Auburn Indiana (NATMUS, Auburn Cord Duesenburg and Model A Ford) and Elkhart Indiana (RV/Motorhome Museum). Plus Auto Baron Homes (mansions), historic factories such as Ford Piquette and Rouge Plant not to mention the amazing Woodward Dream Cruise (World's Largest 1 day auto event which lasts all week) with 40,000+ vintage, hotrod, classic, special interest vehicles of all types enjoyed by 1.5 million auto fans. And almost forgot Back to the Bricks in Flint, same time as Woodward - another huge auto event - shows / cruise nights / concerts / extravaganza. And if your lucky, you might get into the GM Heritage Center. Can't forget to mention the Lingenfelter Collection in Brighton Michigan, the M1 Concours / Roadkill Nights right on Woodward in Pontiac. I could keep going and going and going. There's nothing better for a vintage car / truck fan than Michigan in August.
  6. CarFreak

    39 Caddy - Lynnewood hall

    WOW!!!!!!!! Cool car and very cool story.
  7. CarFreak

    Looking for guage rebuilder for SW guages
  8. There was a meeting for the Red Field South of the Stadium. Hadn't heard about a meeting for Chocolate Field South.
  9. Yes we were very impressed about not having muddy or even wet shoes walking the car show. That being said, even the well drained, former golf course was no match for the large & heavy 1985 American LaFrance pumper. Fortunately the WWII military vehicle Corbitt Prime Mover was available and pulled him out, ez as pie.
  10. Peter, Thank you for the explanation and reminder. For anyone looking to share their comments, concerns and suggestions with the Hershey Region, it looks like their email contact is:
  11. His car was parked on the south Chocolste field with “Hershey Or Bust” painted on back. Not sure if I thought to get pics.
  12. Hopefully many Hershey old timers got to meet 23 year old Seamus, recent McPherson grad and ‘14 T owner. Seamus drove his T to Hershey from Michigan for the Meet.
  13. This year? Lots of empty spaces. I didn't examine but many looked like there were stickers meaning they were reserved but the occupants didn't show up. Our first year having a swap space after attending for over 25 years. Yep, had several offers for pennies on the dollar Tuesday but still sold stuff. Wednesday? Didn't sell a single item. Thursday (today) rain predicted all day. Still at the hotel 8am and may not set up at all today. Saw many vendors packing up, presumably to leave yesterday afternoon which is unfortunate. We do plan to sell again Friday and hope we are not alone in the south Chocolate Field. Being a new vendor, I did read and agree to follow the rules set forth by the AACA. Evidently, I am in the minority. So many golf carts, ATVs, scooters, bikes, motorcycles, mopeds, trucks and cars cruising the swap meet yesterday. There was one silver Kia sedan that was either blocking my walk or running up my heels that I was concerned he would run into me as I traversed several aisles yesterday. While walking past a couple lime vested security I explained what he was doing. One of the lime vest guys went to speak with him and I don't know what was discussed but the Kia continued to browse the aisles. Crazy!!!! All bets are off for me next year, IF I decide to show up as a vendor, guess I will bring my motorcycle, bikes AND golf cart. It seemed no more than about 1/3 golf carts and scooters had permits so evidently that isn't enforced. Bikes? No problem, many are one the field. Can't beat em? Join em!!
  14. CarFreak

    Franklin Spotting in Northern CA

    Aretha in a pink Cadillac?
  15. CarFreak

    1953 Super Heat Riser

    Follow up - After further perusal, it was determined the counterweight was spinning on the rod. Dropped the exhaust to see the butterfly valve was stuck in the open position. Go figure. If we didn't look, you know Murphy would have had it in the closed position. All good now, won't have to be concerned about that any longer and on to the next matter. Didn't mention previously but there was a horrendous banging whenever the car was put in reverse. Found a muffler hangar on the passenger side and corner of the bracket for anti sway(?) on driver side hitting the springs. From the looks of it, this has been going on for a while. Funny, dad never mentioned the problem. Wonder if that's why he quit driving the car? That's fixed now too. FYI, the other side of the counterweight was a spring, not a slot and it wasn't moving.