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  1. gilletman


    Thanks wals for your answer. I have posted a request about Minerva around 3 years ago, but never had much reactions. For some reason i did not see yours. Since i'm not in USA, but Smal Belgium, i do not think your storry in a national magazine wil come to europe, or i'm wrong? i'm specialy interested in old photographs, storry's, the dealersnetwork and some stuf like that. Wen your storry is out, hope to see it, or maybe earlyer. Are you a Minerva owner? I have a 1919 model. if posilble contact me per PM. Kind regards.
  2. if stil wanted, visit and contact the webmaster
  3. gilletman


    Hello, Normaly i answer directly all reactions. Dont know if i did in this case. Minerva was build in Belgium, Antwerp and the language there is Dutch. I would be happy to receive the dealer lists from UK and USA if you would share it. Also all other pre 1940 Minerva or Belgian brands is of interest. Please send to Kind regards from Belgium.
  4. History found. read it on ….
  5. visit I think this is a poor copy. Dragon on helmet should be much more detailed,
  6. please visit and enjoy the pictures of the anual pre 1919 rally from RVVVB.
  7. absolutely correct. sorry, my mistake.
  8. he did not contact me … i'm in Belgium.
  9. car above also for sale complete ! in Belgium
  10. if you need parts, i know complete steering unit, enginebloks ….
  11. should be on the left front side of chassis where spring attached could you send me some pics of your car?
  12. succesfull pre war rally rvccb. pictures on Only 5 degrees celcius on the scale……..
  13. gilletman


    Okay, thank you for your replay. I am looking for anything about Minerva, and share it free in this website. If you vistited the site, you could see it is about Belgian Cars. Belgium has a verry rich car history. So all info about those is welcome. If you translate whit google, it gives a fairly good impression of the contence . Duch is not a difficult language. (looks like bad englisch) I'm looking for Minerva/ Belgian brands owners all over the planet, you can post pictures/ video's parts/cars for sale, storry's etc..etc. the pictures speak for themselves. a litle explanation; andere = others … meer = More … gespot = spotted voorpagina = front page You can Always contact webmaster for info/quetions below on the frontpage Thanks.
  14. gilletman


    There is nothing dangerous at or about this site.