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  1. Frank Dickson was also a Rolls Royce and Packard dealer, and he was a pilot. Died unexpected on april 19 1960. His place called shenley garage in Pitssburg.
  2. Actualy the first Minerva car was build in 1904, and the first sleeve valve apeared in 1908. They build motorcycles from 1901 entil 1907. And 1936 was bankrupt time. Minerva engeneers had a new prototype of engine before ww I Called ' the Bournonville' engine. It had rotary valves. This engine was better and cheaper but due to WO I it was not succesful.
  3. A previous attempt had no much succes. Most pictures shown, you can find on the old interweb, But those stil in drawers and old albums do not see any light. But ofcourse, If you dont ask, nothing wil happend. Succes !
  4. Not people, just one guy, and the site is in Dutch, the Language of Antwerp where the car was procuces. But now whit englisch translation . Would be nice if there was some coöperation of Minerva owners, and those with Photo's in there collection that want to share. 99% of them do not do anything.
  5. visit the site www.minervisten.simplesite.com and contact the webmaster.
  6. i would be verry interested in the Whole storry and photo's before restauration. Could you contact me PM Thanks.
  7. i would be verry interested in the Whole storry and photo's before restauration. Could you contact me PM Thanks.
  8. Hello, Yes, i'm sure there was a dealer in Montevideo. I have a newspaper artikel, in where a Belgian sponsor (sausages) is mentioned for a rally in Montevideo. Also a report about the Minerva that was involved in the race with some good details about speed, fuel consumption and others. Also have to find it. Please send me te picture in pm wen it pops up. Kind regards.
  9. Thanks wals for your answer. I have posted a request about Minerva around 3 years ago, but never had much reactions. For some reason i did not see yours. Since i'm not in USA, but Smal Belgium, i do not think your storry in a national magazine wil come to europe, or i'm wrong? i'm specialy interested in old photographs, storry's, the dealersnetwork and some stuf like that. Wen your storry is out, hope to see it, or maybe earlyer. Are you a Minerva owner? I have a 1919 model. if posilble contact me per PM. Kind regards.
  10. if stil wanted, visit www.minervisten.simplesite.com and contact the webmaster
  11. Hello, Normaly i answer directly all reactions. Dont know if i did in this case. Minerva was build in Belgium, Antwerp and the language there is Dutch. I would be happy to receive the dealer lists from UK and USA if you would share it. Also all other pre 1940 Minerva or Belgian brands is of interest. Please send to gillet.man@live.be. Kind regards from Belgium.
  12. History found. read it on www.minervisten.simplesite.com ….
  13. visit www.minervisten.simplesite.com. I think this is a poor copy. Dragon on helmet should be much more detailed,
  14. please visit www.bloggen.be/pre1930rally and enjoy the pictures of the anual pre 1919 rally from RVVVB.
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