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  1. Can anyone tell what this wheel and tire is from? I'm told it may be from a late twenties Dodge truck. Any other ideas? Who needs or wants it? PM me if desired.
  2. I don't know where I've heard it, and I've never tried it, but instead of using clay, use a tootsie-roll.
  3. . Trimcar, I couldn't agree more with your view on technology. I believe that the purpose of the sensing technology on modern chargers is for safety reasons. On older chargers, without this feature, your battery leads could still be "hot" without being connected to a battery while the charger is still plugged in. If the leads accidentally get shorted together it could spark a fire. We all think that this would never happen to us, but apparently it's happened often enough to spawn the development of this safety technology. I, for one, will embrace this little bit of inconvenience to avoid burning down my barn.
  4. Larry W

    53 olds rocket

    Perhaps you might consider joining the Antique Oldsmobile Club of America. ( There you may find someone with more expertise than yourself, nearby that could help you out. Without actually seeing what you actually have, we're doing little more than offering educated guesses. Just my opinion, Good Luck!
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    53 olds rocket

    Another two cent ante, when my son was younger, I would charter a fishing boat on Lake Michigan in late July so that he and two friends would celebrate his birthday. The boat was powered by twin SBC's with breaker point ignition. The captain explained that this was more readily repaired in case of a failure, than electronic ignition. If you don't like being stranded on the side of the road, you definitely won't want to be stranded on the Great Lakes.
  6. My first car was a red 1962 Impala SS convertible, purchased for $30 and snuck home in November1970. Did a valve job in AUTO Shop class and then discovered it had a cracked block. Sold it for $25 in February 1971. Yes, I wish I had it back.
  7. If this $18 billion fine is paid, the burning question I have is "Where does the money go from there?"
  8. I don't know about GM, but Chrysler paid back its loan ahead of schedule, with interest. The taxpayers actually made money on the deal.
  9. . You'll probably need to replace the camshaft and lifters.
  10. . Plumber, I remember my first ride in a convertible. It was at a family get together sometime between 1960 and 1962, and my cousin was there with his red 88 convertible. I'm not exactly sure of the year, either '51,'52, or '53. My dad saw me admiring the car, so he told my cousin that he wanted to take his car for a spin, and my cousin obliged. With the top down, myself in the back seat, dad driving and cousin riding shotgun, we pulled out onto the street. It wasn't long before dad commented that there seemed to be a real lack of power. "Look, I've got the pedal to the floor and we're only going tirty miles an hour." Cousin replied, "yeah, dis ting ain't got no pep." Although it was a cool looking car with some choice period bling, it was obvious that the motor was tired and needed an overhaul. I suspect that your Olds was in the same condition as my cousin's. Good luck! I'm glad you have it and will likely do the right thing. Larry W.
  11. In addition to the fine information that NTX has provided, I still have my tube of distributor cam lube that is still nearly full after forty-five years. Following the advice of my Auto Shop teacher, "a little bit is too much", as in brake shoe lube on backing plates. A little story I was told while attending the Sun Automotive Diagnostic class back in 1971, was that Standard Ignition Products had an outbreak of failed ignition points shortly after the start of World War II. Long story short, it was discovered that as men went off to fight, women were hired to take their place, and if a woman who was assigned to assemble ignition contact sets, was in here menstration cycle, here body secreted an acidic substance that if in contact with the ignition points would cause them to fail. The remedy was to rotate the labor force to women who were not in their cycle.
  12. I had an older cousin that past along his " little books " to me when he was done with them. He once told me that a lot of the custom cars within those pages started out as totaled out wrecks that were pieced together by body shops as fill in work. The better looking ones appeared in the magazines. The vehicle in question may have come to exist under the same circumstance.
  13. There may be some concern if this was an equestrian facility with urine and fecal droppings. (The horses didn't leave the room to go potty) . Will some sort of acid manifest itself in the air? I agree with Rusty and Grog that some type of membrane on the floor may be your first line of defense. Perhaps a soil test so that you know exactly what your dealing with. I have no idea how one would counteract the effects of whatever may be in the soil. Lime? Baking soda? I don't know. You may want to investigate, though. That's my $0.02. Larry W
  14. ^^^^^^ Does that have the POS HT 4100 engine in it? I know that with meticulous care the engine may last, but I've always considered them ticking time bombs. I once owned an '84 CDV. It was a lovely car that I was really fond of, but the engine was junk. As I'm strictly part of the non-modified vehicle camp, mid eighties Cadilacs are one glaring exception, that I would rather have one modified with an SBC, and end up with the best of both worlds.
  15. . Beach, you are correct! I just googled battery specifications, 1946 Cadillac, and yes, '46 was the first year for negative ground. 42cady, just for the heck of it, examine the cable ends and see which one has the larger diameter.
  16. Usually the positive battery post is a little larger diameter. (I think). If the diameter of the clamp on the cable connected to ground is the same, then generally it would indicate that this would be a positive ground. The other cable of course, would match the diameter of the negative post. Double check this information on your '42 Caddy and other battery's. Don't do anything until you're absolutely sure. Remember the old saying "haste makes waste". Larry W DISREGARD THIS POST!
  17. I think that your very next purchase should be a factory shop manual for this vehicle. Search this forum for sources.
  18. FWIW, Chrysler product six cylinder engines were flatheads up through the late fifties.
  19. LOL, yeah, I'm usually too slow on the trigger.
  20. ^^^^^^^ Make sure to mention the exact location of anything you find so that I can buy it and resell it at twice the price.^^^^^^
  21. Any progress, no matter how little, is good pregress. Keep on pushin'. Larry W
  22. . I was told exactly the same thing by my Auto Shop teacher back in high school, and have done so ever since.
  23. Sometimes slamming the door too hard will cause the glass to crack. If I recall correctly, it usually happens when the window is rolled all the way down. By the way, it's refreshing to know of someone enjoying the merits of an inline six cylinder automobile. I have six cylinders in my '55 Ford. Six cylinder engines are rarely seen amongst all the V8's at car shows.
  24. Many of the "Great Eight " and "Riddler Award " winners were created by "recognized coach builders", in state of the art shops. As for as being "re-bodied", I've heard that many Omni's and Horizon's essentially got the same treatment, in order to sell them in Eastern block countries when the Iron Curtain fell. Ah-o-no, I'm just sayin'.