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  1. Computer programmers are like people that design forms. Then never fully test the final product and wait for someone to complain before fixing anything. I hate it when you need to fill out a form for whatever reason and the blocks are not large enough to enter the information. I designed numerous forms for flying years ago in the USAF and the rule was design a draft version, fill it out to see if the blocks are large enough, make changes as necessary, test it again and make changes until you get it correct, then go final. I always renew when my AACA account is still active in December and have never had a problem renewing online.
  2. I am about to turn 70 and would like to keep Ignition keys, CD players, window winders. I normally buy daily driver cars with 40k to 50k miles and drive them until they die at 250 to 300k + miles. Normally I replace at least one window motor somewhere around 150k miles. I never had to replace a wind up window mechanism. Sometimes i like to play a selection I have on CD while driving. Ignition keys, just because.
  3. The one end of the pieces in the center photo look the clip on the end of Spark plug wires where they go into a distributor cap or coil. Any chance they could be inserted into spark plug cap or coil to connect some special spark plug wires with unique connectors. The other end of these pieces looks similar to the terminals on spark plugs.
  4. Green Spark Plugs in the UK has AC 45S plugs for 2.50 British pounds each. For people in the US you pay the Excl Tax rate, so it works out to $3.25 at the current exchange rate of $1.30 per British pound.. I have purchased several item from them recently for my Triumph TR4 and the shipping was quite reasonable.
  5. I alway new the Genesis car was the premier brand of Hyundai, but I preferred the much better and older band Genesis featuring Phil Collins.
  6. You will limit your buyers if you ever decide to sell. What do I mean by that? If you keep it original, people interested in original cars and those interested in modifying the car in the future would be potential buyer. Modify the car and you just eliminated half of your buyers pool. Like stated earlier seat belts are safety items, a new and totally different engine is another issue When I was looking for a Triumph TR3 or TR4 back in 2008 there was a nice TR3 for sale. The only issue was it had a Toyota engine and transmission. That car was for sale for several years and I don't know if it ever sold.
  7. Marty Yours looks like it could be for a 1933 Master. The 33 master is shaped exactly like your photos to include the holes several inches in from the outer diameter for the aluminum trim ring clips. There should also be a stainless steel ring approximately 1 inch wide around the outer diameter. 29 3/4 is correct for the diameter for a 1933 Master. I am not positive, but I believe the 1932 Chevrolet also used the same spare cover as the 33. I cannot tell from the photo. Is the diameter of hole in the center for the hubcap 6 inches ?
  8. I remember back in the late 1950s and early 1960s my father saying he would not buy a new car because he hated the styling. Well for me we are there 60 years later. I am not a fan of SUVs, Pick-m-ups, or any of the current car designs, except: I always liked the original Minis from 1959 thru 2000. Basic same look for 41 years. The Mini Cooper S is the only car I would buy if I could keep it for 25 years and then show, but at that point I will be 95 years old. And this is the color combination and options. The new Mini has now been around for 19 years.
  9. Whether it is a car or a house here is my opinion of flipping. I would never buy a flip, since you can always tell a cheap fix up job. On the other hand, if you put the money into either a car or house to accomplish the job properly as a long term investment, you will most likely not get all the money out of it in the short term. Someone putting the absolute minimum amount of money in a project, using the cheapest of everything to make it look good on the outside and in the end you still have a piece of crap.
  10. Sometimes the column shifter on the 1939 Chevrolet can be an issue. It uses a Vacuum Power Shift Cylinder to make the shifting easier, but when the cylinders goes bad it can be very difficult if not impossible to shift gears. I believe Buick and Pontiac used the same or similar part for column shift cars. My father-in-law had the same 4 Door Sedan body style 39 Chevrolet back until the early 1990 and the Vacuum Power Shift Cylinder Tank Assembly went bad, and since replacements were not available, he found a 39 Chevy floor shifter from a car or truck and never had an issue with shifting after that. I can not remember whether it came from a car or trunk or if both use the same. I am not an expert on the 39 Chevrolet, but it is my understanding the 39 Chevy originally came with either a floor or column shifter. Attached is a photo of the 1939 Chevrolet Vacuum Shift Cylinder. You can also get almost every if not all gaskets for a 1939 Chevrolet from The Filling Station at:
  11. I agree with most of the comments above except for using SAE 40 motor oil, I would use 10W30 or 10W40. Yes, drop the oil pan and clean out all the sludge. You will be amazed at the goop in the bottom of the oil pan. Did anyone mention draining the gas tank and putting in new gas. If you have access to ethanol free gas I would use that. My 1933 Chevrolet get vapor lock when I use gas with ethanol and I use Valvoline Synthetic VR-1 Racing Oil. Also change the coolant, the anti-freeze in your cooling system is well past its useful life.
  12. The last junk yard I went to was 1977 or 78 while I was at Pease AFB, NH. As I recall, the junk yard was around 20 miles west of Kittery Maine.. All were 1930s cars and trucks in a similar condition to Jeffs photos. The only thing I got was a set of original Chevrolet Spark Plug terminals that I still have on my 1933 Chevrolet They had a lot of early Chevrolets to include a 1933 Chevrolet Master, and a 1933 or 34 Chevrolet Standard. They also had a 1937 Lincoln Zephyr.
  13. Yes you are missing a part. I would call The Filling Station. They specialize in Chevrolet parts and have similar steering parts for Chevys starting with 1927. Before calling, I would measure the outside diameter of the part you are attempting to duplicate. On 1927 and later Chevys the two pieces that fit agains the ball stud are the same. Their phone number is (800) 841-6622 and you can view similar parts they have for 1927 and later at the following link.
  14. I totally agree with most of the other comments about not putting radials on cars in the 20s and 30s. Just because you put radials on an car does not mean it will stop following the ridges in the road. My daily driver 2002 BMW Z3 3.0i has radials and it has wonders all over the road ever since it was new with just the slightest ridges in the road surface. I only put radials on my cars that originally come with radials as an option.