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  1. ScarredKnightfan

    Crazy Days (Life)

    * I used to frequent this & many other boards daily. But, this time, it has been over 3 months since I last visited. A lot has & has not happened, & I am still job hunting. If you want to catch up, read the blog entries linked below! Meantime, what is new with you? 09/13/2018 COURAGE DEPTH (Dad health & some interesting connections) 10/30/2018 CRAFTING DIRECTION (thoughts, long-time friends & castle update) 11/22/2018 CULINARY DELIGHTS (thoughts, Thanksgiving & SBS) 12/03/2018 CREATING DRIVE (running out of time, Holiday tip) Cort, pig&cowValves+PM, 2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; need 1975 Chrysler Cordoba "It's coming on Christmas" | Robert Downey Jr | 'River'
  2. ScarredKnightfan

    What have I missed!?

    Thank you! Maybe now you & I can actually meet sometime before winter really sets in? I'm going to try to visit more often now, but with the job hunt, life is still a bit crazy, so we shall see.... SPEAKING OF my job search, I am wanting-willing to relocate to the southern US (preferably along Route 66 or in the Jackson-Nashville TN area). I am also looking into options for creating my OWN business. Any employment leads, ideas or suggestions!? Cort, pig&cowValves+PM, 2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; need 1975 Chrysler Cordoba "Swinging for the bleachers in the 9th inning" | Michael Martin Murphy | 'Still Taking Chances'
  3. ScarredKnightfan

    Does this look familiar?

    LOL! So true ... luckily we DO know better. Kinda funny ... I stopped at AutoZone a week or so ago to have the codes read on my 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis LS. The associate & I were talking about reading the codes & he said: "These older cars sometimes don't store codes like the newer cars do." I literally laughed out loud ... most of the cars I've owned have been MUCH older than this ... in fact, the 2003 MGM is the NEWEST car I've ever owned! When I told him that, he said, "Well, older cars are in many ways far better than newer." Kicker? He is 20 years younger than me lol! Cort, pig&cowValves+PM, 2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; need 1975 Chrysler Cordoba "Money talks" | Neil Diamond | 'Forever In Blue Jeans'
  4. ScarredKnightfan

    Saw this Mustang II (maybe Cobra) at the store today....

    Hey keiser, Is that at the Winco Foods in Medford, near BK & McD's, etc? If so, that's near the hotel where I was for over 4 months! & ... while I was in Medford, I saw that same Mustang a few times. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet while I was out there ... mentioned you in 1 of my posts on my website, if you didn't see it. Cort, pig&cowValves+PM, 2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; need 1975 Chrysler Cordoba "I should've drove all night" | Bon Jovi | 'Misunderstood'
  5. ScarredKnightfan

    Give the people what they want

    Funny how we're told "bait & switch" is ILLEGAL, yet ... examples of it keep coming up, apparently LEGAL. Know how employers aren't supposed to ask about health issues? They found a way around that, too ... ask about or establish "must lift at least this many pounds". UGH. Cort, pig&cowValves+PM, 2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; need 1975 Chrysler Cordoba "Just another regret" | All-American Rejects | 'Dirty Little Secret'
  6. ScarredKnightfan

    What have I missed!?

    * Nearly 4 months since I visited, during which time life went crazy! Interested? Check out the 3 linked posts below for details! So, what has been going on here? 07/16/2018 THE DALE - from an episode of a vintage TV series (which had also featured several stories from Medford OR) 08/19/2018 CHANGING DIRECTION - connecting & memories - change attempt - health & road trips - AV license plates (for my 81mcSC) - ending the OR experience 09/06/2018 CAREER DETOUR - job search - changes - OCSH news-plans-hint Cort, pig&cowValves+PM, 2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; need 1975 Chrysler Cordoba "When you're on this high, it's a sad goodbye" | Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson | 'Don't You Wanna Stay?'
  7. ScarredKnightfan

    Cobweb Dusting

    * So, which is your favorite(s) of the 9 posted photos!? Seems we MAY have an apartment. Should know sometime soon, tho not sure what the definition of soon is in this case, ha. Depending on when we know for sure & when our move-in date is, I may sneak in a road trip, so let me know if you would like to see me along the way. I had cardiology & other checkups scheduled for 05/17/2018 at Northwestern in Chicago, but had to cancel those & will re-schedule them (including additional specialists given the current health issues) once I know about the apartment. I may either fly or take the train back to Chicago (or maybe rent a car), then drive my 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis LS back to Oregon. Cort, pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 03 MGM & 81mc + 86 Mustang "There was something in the country that he said he couldn't leave" | John Denver & Emmylou Harris | 'Wild Montana Skies'
  8. ScarredKnightfan

    Still alive; need ideas

    Well, dang, Jack, that might have to wait a while. I do have family friends (parents' friends) up in the Portland area, so I know I'll be up there ... sometime. Meantime, if you get to the Medford area, let me know. Cort, pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 2003 MGM + 81mc "Tryin' to make a livin' & doin' the best I can" | Allman Brothers Band | 'Ramblin' Man'
  9. ScarredKnightfan

    Cobweb Dusting

    * So, I finally posted 9 teaser photos on OCSH; see the entry here: I thought about highlighting 2-3 pics in this post, but could not decide which to feature! Which would you have featured? Meantime, we are awaiting word about approval for a possible apartment in Medford OR. If that does not pan out, I will most-likely road trip! Anyone want me to stop for a visit if I go? Speaking of, I have been without a vehicle for over 2 weeks, more difficult for me than even I imagined. Along with financial worries, I have a few health issues developing, so I am trying not to panic. A barber, a dentist, a home-cooked meal, & someone to explore the area with me would be nice. Once things settle down a bit, I plan to return checking in here more regularly. Until then, peace. Cort, pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 03 MGM & 81mc + 86 Mustang "Someday I'll understand" | Guy & Ralna | 'Footprints In The Sand'
  10. ScarredKnightfan

    Still alive; need ideas

    Sounds good to me. I don't have a car right now, but we are currently in Medford OR. How far are you from us? Luckily, we are awaiting word about an apartment ... hope to know yet this week. BUT, we are still looking at homes. Right now, we are locked into southern OR. Tho, I do know someone who works at the hotel who is getting ready to move to northern Washington. Small world. But that is an excellent idea. My job, tho, is based in IL. So, not sure how that'll work with taxes, once we get a permanent address..... Cort, pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 2003 MGM + 81mc "Take a ride, look around" | Jason Aldean | 'Tattoos On This Town'
  11. ScarredKnightfan

    Still alive; need ideas

    Thanks for the tip, Jack! I was over in White City last week to see a movie, actually, lol. I wanted to see 'I Can Only Imagine' & found a late-afternoon matinee for only $4! I will definitely check out that dirt track, tho. My goodness, I sure miss the 1 that was in Freeport IL. Watched a friend's cousins race there many a weekend. I can't wait to see those old cars, too, my goodness mercy me. Glad you will have a condo in June! Hopefully we can meet up, if you'd like. Hmmm ... would sure enjoy going there with you sometime, if that is a possibility. You could show me around, if you want. * The last 2 days have featured awesome weather in southern OR, & I took advantage both late afternoons by walking ~45-60 minutes on a section of Bear Creek Greenway, starting at a park at I-5 Exit 21. Snapped some photos & took a video which will be included when I write a post (might schedule several entries) on for the photos & videos I have taken since January, some of which I have uploaded to my personal Facebook page, globally so they can be seen whether you are on FB or not. Anyway, since I last visited, made a few connections, but so far, still no place. IF we cannot find a place within the next few weeks, I may consider road tripping for a little while! Anyone want a visit if I start driving? Yes, I have a job. I continue working remotely as the Part-Time Office Manager for a home appraiser in the Elgin IL area, planning to go to Full-Time later this year; I want to get off Medicaid when I can afford my own healthcare policy. *rolls eyes* Luckily, I have other income options to check out, but meantime, I will withdraw funds from my IRA to pay some bills since expenses keep increasing. Right now, to save money on renting a car (currently a yellow Dodge charger at a very low rate), I am trying to decide if I should buy a 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis here for $1,000 or spend nearly $2,000 to have my beloved 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis LS shipped to southern OR. Decisions decisions decisions. Peace. Cort, pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 03 MGM & 81mc + 86 Mustang "I'm gonna ride on the silver lining" | FFH | '1 Of These Days'
  12. ScarredKnightfan

    Still alive; need ideas

    I whole-heartily echo what Mike wrote ... LOL. As for the house next to you, do you have more details about it? Who should I contact? (Sending you a private message with my cell phone # to text me; thank you!) Thank you! Very sorry we weren't able to meet up before I left. If I ever visit, hopefully we can meet up, if you want. SWEET! Glad you will be here, too. We've gotten to know the area fairly well, particularly by exploring. Enjoyed it so far. We originally were with my Uncle & his wife, but as we found out later, they have a pattern of "kicking people out" ... something we hadn't been told about prior to moving. *bites tongue* My friend has been looking at Zillow, too, & we've applied for some through there. As for buying, we have been talking about doing just that ... a few people have told us they found their mortgage payments to be less than paying rent. So, yes, let me know when you get here & we can meet & talk references, etc. I'll send you a private note with my cell phone # to text me. THANK YOU! Gorgeous area here in southern Oregon (like MANY other places across the United States) & pics do not do it justice. But, I hope to have a new post soon on with many photos I have taken so far. While I apologize for not including more detail about what all we HAVE looked into so far, I purposefully kept it vague because I did not want to limit brainstorming (tho, we are already thinking outside-the-box). So, yes, we have checked Craiglist, local ads, local newspapers, area businesses, etc., & reached out to Mennonite Your Way (no response yet) & other similar organizations. At this point, we are hoping networking will help. I have always said (given experiences during my 2002-2011 road trips) we are more connected than we know. My favorite small-world story of that type is when I met a guy I had known for a few years in Oklahoma City OK in 2006 & (long story short) found out he had been taught by my grandfather in a rural OK High School. Every connection helps. Cort, pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 03 MGM & 81mc + 86 Mustang "A dead end street is just a place to turn around" | Wynonna | 'Rock Bottom'
  13. ScarredKnightfan

    Still alive; need ideas

    * Been a while, eh? Yes, I am still alive, but the biggest news is I am no longer in IL! A friend & I moved to southern OR 01/04/2018, but 2.5 months into the move, we are still looking for a place to call home (apartment, motor home, trailer, house). So, if you have any connections in the Grants Pass-Central Point-Medford-Ashland areas who may be able to assist us, we would greatly appreciate it. Neither of us want to give up, despite increasing pressures, stress & expenses. Meantime, since I last visited, I posted pics from the 2017 Cruise Nights I hosted at Beef Villa in S Elgin IL: &, I have published a few sporadic posts the last few months on the home page; planning a new entry sometime soon with pictures I have taken here in Oregon: What is new with you!? Cort, pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 03 MGM & 81mc + 86 Mustang "We can take anything that comes our way" | BJ Thomas | 'As Long As We Got Each Other (Growing Pains)'
  14. ScarredKnightfan

    Long time: news, invite & info

    Thank you, Greg ... I try! Appreciate that. Things are looking up, I hope ... course, I've thought that before. Irony rocks! Howdy Neighbor! You thinking of coming to the cruise nights at all? Heh ... hiding is about right. My abrupt disappearance was because I was so very embarrassed my road trips weren't going to happen as planned. Angry & frustrated, too, but more embarrassed. Probably shouldn't have been, but I was ... &, in some ways, still am. *shrugs* & thank you ... certainly working my way towards that, slowly but surely ... unless another shoe drops sometime ... ha. BTW: Suppose it may help to give the link to the actual OC,SH Cruise Night info page, which includes a link to the Beef Villa website: Cort, pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 1979 CC to 2003 MGM + 81 MC "Wouldn't you like to get away?" | Gary Portnoy | 'Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Cheers)'
  15. ScarredKnightfan

    Look what I just found. One more scratched off the bucket list

    VERY nice 1940 Ford! I still have a LONG list of cars I'd like to own, but I've transitioned some to a "would love to at least drive 1 day" category. Not sure that is more realistic or not ... LOL. Cort, pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 1979 CC to 2003 MGM + 81mc "Money can't buy happiness" | Don Williams | 'One Good Well'