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  1. There a shift knob on the car it is clear with a red emblem on it . Have to look at again Kings32
  2. I am restoring at 1916 overland Roadster , Need some pictures to see what some one has don e wrong in the past . Also how the top looks , know there is one support missing. The trunk area is wrong [Lid ] . Any pictures would help. Have went through AACA Library got what little they had ! The overland Library only had one piece . Any help would go a long way to get this great little car saved . Kings32
  3. I bought a 1950 Chrysler 6cyl going to part it out , keep what I may need [ have one we drive ] . The sheet metal is good ,rocker panels and floors are not rotten ,rear fenders are banged up a bit .The grille is all broke . The person I got it from [ fellow car guy ] drove it in to his trailer to bring from Ohio . I will be keeping some mechinal parts . Let me know what you need . Kings32
  4. We had a GREAT time , the club out did themselves . The food was good and plenty of it , The routes where nice back roads { I would rather take them and enjoy the country } Some people didn't like the gravel road . I came back and rinsed off the dust , car looked good for the rest of the week . Got to visit with old friends and made some new ones . Tom with the 32 chevy , If you haven't been on a national tour you should ,that is y they put wheels on cars ,if you don't drive them you shouldn't buy the tires. Kings32
  5. Yes We are having a great time Boat ride this morning great lunch then the Swigart Museum with a ice cream social . having a great time Kings32chevy
  6. We are having the end plates cast and machined to the final size . Weare going to have them done in aluimum. Kings32
  7. I was at an auction this Past Sat. Picked up a number of things in one box. there were owners manuals for Buick 1922 ,four cylinder; 1923 4 cylinder ; 1925 Standard Six . All three are in near perfect condition . I have these priced at $ 20 plus shipping Kings32
  8. Just went out and looked at the engine number It isG101790. The generator is one that bolts into the timing cover .
  9. I have a 1926 Chrysler 6 cyl I need the end plate on the generator . It is made from potmetal and is falling apart . Does anyone make new ones ? or is there a generator that will work it its place ? kings32
  10. In the parts you got is there a generator , I need one for a 1926 . it is I believe a 917 Remy. It is driven by the timing chain . Kings32
  11. I am looking for a generator or parts for a 1926 6cyl Chrysler . The end plate is pot metal and has fallen apart , It is a Remy 917 . Need to get this car back on the road after setting since 1976 . Kings32 Thanks
  12. I did Rolling Thunder 3 times , Twice on my son in laws Touring bike . He is also a veteran . It is something to be there but on that bike going through the city with about 250,000 other bike and vets . It makes your memory come back to all the guys I served with. Not a bad thing Kings32
  13. I have been a member of the AACA for over 40 years . Also I am a Veteran of the Vietnam War, I think it is a good thing for all veterans. I go to a lot of the tours , and this can lead to getting to know other Veterans . Thankyou all Kings32 PS Wish I was at Rolling Thunder today .
  14. Karl I have left a couple messages on your phone did you get them . Kings32
  15. Thanks No there are no extra parts , I haven't got the car in the shop yet . Don,t know yet what is missing if anything . Do know the car has a lot work to do on it . but we need to save these cars . Kings32
  16. I am doing some work on a 26 Model 70 , the generator end plate is pot metal and has come apart . Does anyone remake them or have a replacement ? Would like to get this one back on the road again . Kings32
  17. That tank [ vacuum ] Was used on many cars , Just finished up a 1929 Essex with one on it . It didn't work , the owner wanted a electric on the car. Kings32
  18. You should check with Penn College in Williamsport Pa .They have some great students and put out some great cars for the AACA Musem .
  19. MY daughter & I went on thrusday, been going to Carlisle from the time when it was in the center of the track . This was one of best years in finding parts , most vendor were there to sell . A few where there to talk, one vendor I ask about a price didn't want to sell the part because it was going on a car he had at home . I ask you all why was it on his table ? may he just didn't want to sell just talk . But found parts in the teens , will be posting the extras later . Bought a box [cigar] of old condeners . Need a few out of it ,sell the extras . Kings32
  20. I don't know what you mean by that statement . I have restored many cars , just ask for help on pictures on the top .
  21. Thanks everyone , Bill is a great guy . Got to talk to him and see his shop . Dave thanks I will be in contact as soon as I get the car in my shop . I am doing the car for a local family , the car has been in the family for a long time her grandfather started on it ,but didn't do much . Looks like most of it is there plus extra parts . Kings32
  22. Yes I had the same thing on my 32 chevy bent push rods . car is quiet and runs better . kings32chevy
  23. I guess there isn't any 1916 overland owners out there. Found some parts in a antique shop today . Talked to wheel wright today in Waynesbough Pa . He is going to do the wood wheels . Very nice guy. What a shop ! Kings32
  24. Looking for info on top parts on a roster pictures would help . Starting on a car that has been sitting for along time. I don't know what is missing if any thing . could use some help. I will get some pictures when I get the car in my shop . Kings 32 Thanks
  25. Chris & I have become good friends, Had some great times. We will miss Dave and his stories . Our prayers to the family. Howard