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  1. A tag that was on it said it was a 1926. The unit moves freely and the photos show the condition. The steel rims do have rust holes as shown in the photos. It is located in Illinois and is $400 plus the shipping. Contact haywire440@yahoo.com More photos in next posts. Brakes
  2. This is not mine. I saw it in Arkansas by the town of Mena. The owner said I could pass along the information. I had a post on the General Posts and figured to move it here would be keeping with correct protocol. The contact number is in a photo. There are more photos in the other post. Here’s a link to the general discussion. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/361410-‘50-windsor-2-dr-4-sale-what-do-you-think/?do=getNewComment
  3. All great insight and advice. This vehicle is located south of Mena Arkansas off Hwy 71 on cemetery road. I ran across it while exploring some “off the main roads” roads. I’ve added the contact info because I will take a pass and the fellow said I could. He even said his two young sons were driving it around, when the tires were good, and they had that sh!t eating grin that is priceless. 1912Staver good comments on the glass, I didn’t think of that! I’m more of a looker for cars, I have a couple of runners two ‘68 Plymouth’s. On another note in the same area of Arkansas I know
  4. This Windsor has supposedly all the trim, rebuilt engine, glass looks good, fluid drive and a pretty solid body. Passenger door needs straightening. Asking $3500 and I’m wondering what to lookout for. I’ve read here about using the fluid drive trans and how the brakes are “special” to get set correctly. Thanks The steering wheel is nice and the owner paid $500 for it, sorry no photos of it. Also there are fiberglass rear tire covers (I done forgot what’s you call them?). More photos. Just a few more More
  5. This steering wheel Horn button is in good condition. It is $40 plus the shipping and located in Illinois, contact John at haywire440@yahoo.com
  6. Overall condition of 1252677 is very nice with just 3 small chrome pops on the lower center right side. Colors really shine but as the photos show there are flaws or would you call it patina? There is one original bolt & washer cup. Both treaded holes are good. I’m shocked to discover on the very bottom point USA is stamped into this part. Included in the set are the smaller set of emblems that are completely different. The one with the nice colors is much heavier and has Fox Company stamped into it, maybe an outside emblem. The other is duller, lighter and no markings that are seen.
  7. Flivverking, you can send me an email with your City, State and Zip Code for a mailing price. Let me know!
  8. I see a potential 2 for one sale on these, but with separate shipping and handling. Just like those “seen on tv” bargains. Lol
  9. Thanks for the input, do you think this piece would have any interest to car enthusiasts?
  10. This cap seems like brass, at least the threads are and needs reconditioning. It is now $7.78 plus the shipping and located in Illinois. Be the only Kool Kid on your block with this heavy paper weiight! ****This item is sold**** Thanks, haywire
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