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  1. I believe they are 6 volt
  2. What would that be off , I don't know the number on 50 Chrysler engine
  3. Binder for 1958 tbird Upholstery ,Paint colors Single and two tone . binder shows age and wear ,pages are good and color seem to be good . Buying as is .$ 45 plus shippingKings32chevy
  4. Looks to be NOS fuel pump in the box . box is a bit rough . the pump looks to be good . $ 15 plus shipping . Kings32
  5. Have 5 Nos Triflex tail lite lens in orginal boxes . 2 Left 3 Right . Box says for 1940 Chevy $5 each would like to sell as package Plus shipping Kings32 chevy
  6. Picked this up at Hershey ,won't work on the car I wanted to them on .There marked Unity MFG. Co ModelS-3 Lens is 6 !/2 across $60 plus s&h . Kings32
  7. Still have the 1950 4dr Windsor. Complete car , on rust in the floors or rockers , I will be parting out can't keep it long . let me know what you need .I am not going to keep much for our car . Kings32
  8. Love that sedan , like to have all tis extras that are on that on my chevy . keep up the good work . kings32
  9. Need elec parts, I bought parts for my 1930 Oakland at Hershey Most guys are paying $40 for point ( V8 ) , I paid $5 Americanvintageparts. com . Real nice guy Knows his parts .Kings32
  10. But also we did a tour for one GM plant , look in the parking lot Half the workers where driving other cars than what they built . Kngs32
  11. We walked the whole place in two days , Annette & I . Yes I agree to maney golf carts and elec what evers . Got hit by two . We did find some good buys . Carb for 16 Overland for $20 . Lugnuts for same . Elec for the 30 Oakland and side mirrors . Great weather, lot of people saying same thing { get the motor homes out } . They are not just for camping. I am 72 this Year can still walk the whole field but it would be better if we didn't have to walk rows with no parts just campers . But it is Hershey Kings32
  12. I take my old mag to the VA clinic when I go down , they grab them up. Kings32
  13. What is your space no . I will stop and talk to you about it Howard
  14. The 25 & 23 have been sold kings32
  15. Here are owners manuals The 1922 four Cyl manual is in near perfect shape . the1923 Four Cyl is the same , the 1925 Standard Six has damage to the rear cover. The 22 & 23 are $30 each . The 25 is $20 PLUS shipping KINGS32
  16. the 1950 Chrysler calls for 100 -125 so I would think 37 would be about the same . that's anew or rebuilt engine .
  17. YesI have been buying from you know w ho I am talking about ,never had a problem until the last two sets . The tires on my 32 chevy are coming apart at the white wall . The second set on my 1930 Oakland keep turning brown , have called the tire people for 2 weeks ,talk to a sale person send them pictures . They don't call back , I have bought a lot of tires from them in the past ,have to find some one else king32
  18. He told me it was ready and the fellow didn't even see the car
  19. Some shops take on to much or they take there time to run up the cost. I hear about years to do a paint job ,,,,REALLY .Talked to one guy last year at Hershey had a early car was ready for paint just wanted it painted $ 20000
  20. kings32

    More parts

    Here are some more parts all seem to be NOS with some wear on the boxes . Regulator Auto-lite 628885 $45, Vaccum Switch GS 1023HS,$20 Tie rod McQuay 82-R Marked 39 Chevy $25 , Tie rod Monmouth 5057 Marked D+ PLY 1934 - 38 $35 Plus Shipping..Kings32
  21. The bumper bolts are for Chevy they have been sold along with the vac tank Thank you More parts coming
  22. I believe the bumper bolts are for 1932 -34 Chevy . The person I bought them from restored a 34 Chevy . Kings32
  23. I found these at a auction The lites are complete $40 plus shipping The bumper bolts 34 Chevy ? look like they where redone ,$25 plus shipping The vacuum tank looks to be complete ,$ 45 plus shipping
  24. Have sold a few parts off this , hate to scrap this nice car . It has good metal , chrome is pitted . Running gear is all there, Car ran when I brought it in .Kings32
  25. Great pictures . Made me miss the tour even more. Well there is next year ! Chris is doing better every day . Kings32