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  1. Looking for under running board antenna for 1939 Plymouth or plans on how to make.
  2. Finally found one and it still works.
  3. Found one.Praise the Lord.
  4. Hello looking for good running 230 Plymouth Flathead near Huntsville Alabama.Can be industrial 30 also.
  5. Looking for good tail Lamp housings for 1939 Plymouth.
  6. Looking for jets for 30s Ball and Ball carburetors.
  7. Looking for 672030 Mopar washers that fit under spring hat.Fit 1939 Plymouth P8
  8. Thanks I need to get picture of engine bay to see how heater fits them I can find the right heater.
  9. Not sure what model I need.I have pictures but not sure how to download.
  10. Okay I will try to find one.
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