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  1. Check the oil in the trans , should be a heavy oil . My 14 buick used a 600 oil. Helped my shifting problems kings32
  2. I though I was the only one that did 5hings liker that ! How you doing Ron ,Hope you are staying safe .Howard
  3. The vin number should be on the right floor by the front seat . Most are gone or can;t read them .If the title is for a 32 that you should have no problem . I have a 32 sedan .Howard
  4. Will Wayne we will miss another one . Maybe things will be better next year . I still have your generator ,seen it moving things for the swap meet today .Howard
  5. kings32

    Swap meet

    Just got back from Brattons meet . Had a good turn out this morning , By 12 the buyers were mostly gone we sold a good amount of stuff . Will be going back in the morning for a couple hours . You model A guys missed out on some great deals . Howard
  6. I am down sizing my parts left over from my car .No sheet metal , Have wire wheels complete rear axle hub to hub .Extra carbs . let me know what you are looking for. I am in Maryland . Howard
  7. 1929 model did not have a fuel pump Howard
  8. kings32

    Swap meet

    B rattons is having a swap this weekend 25th &26th.Not big but may bring out some new stuff .I will be sat up there Mtairy Md Howard
  9. I have alot of spare parts left over from my car . no engine blocks but do have some inter parts . Parts car had spoke wheels need to move this stuff before gets scrape . Need to make room for the next project . Parts are in Maryland. Kings32
  10. That is what this hobby should be about not about what is it worth , Learn from others and enjoy the cars and people . Howard
  11. Got the message Bike has 38,625 miles Kings32
  12. Yes in Mt.Airy Maryland 21771 should have put that in there sorry Kings32
  13. Well cared for and maintained. Comes with a complete parts bike. Will email more pictures if you are interested. $1600 or best offer.
  14. I don,t see why people say this should go in a dumpster . I have put worse ones then this back on the road . When things like this is said it hurts the hobby . there are people coming in the hobby that could start with this and learn . Some where not hand this hobby but had to learn along the way . Kings32
  15. I enjoy the wood work , takes time but looks realy good when done . doing a 1929 LaSalle now . Kings32
  16. Thanks Bill Hope to see you next year with the Buzz's Howard
  17. I think we got away from the OP . If some wants a good honest company to transport there car east of the miss river use Applewood motors . I drove for Bruce for about 9 years. Always one time and never damaged a thing . Some of those were muit million dollar cars . Kings32
  18. I served Vietnam ,We left so many Brothers on the battle field I remember them every day . Thanks to all that serve still .Howard
  19. Yes I do ,Will sell car cheap Howard
  20. Some things can't bedone . I had a fire in my garage , lost all the cares ,I rebuilt my 66 Ply conv Has been back on the road for a few years now . Have done a few national tours with no problems . I don't see why people say things can't be done . I am not a pro restorer . Kings32
  21. Great place to keep up with the club , I wish more members would use it . I am here most mornings with my breakfast .I just started with face book, see alot of our members are on there Kings32
  22. I am , my daughter and Grandaughter Kings32