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  1. Looking for info on top parts on a roster pictures would help . Starting on a car that has been sitting for along time. I don't know what is missing if any thing . could use some help. I will get some pictures when I get the car in my shop . Kings 32 Thanks
  2. Chris & I have become good friends, Had some great times. We will miss Dave and his stories . Our prayers to the family. Howard
  3. I have a 1932 chevy 4dr . Have had it for over 40 years. It has been on 13 Glidden tours , has only let me done once . I broke the universel. It is a great car to drive , easy to work on . There are a lot of places to get parts , I have restore a lot of differ cars . They are about the same to work on . I have done a few A To me not a great car . Just me
  4. Always a great swap meet . I find some good buys , nice to be inside this time of year . I like big and small meets . Some vendors are using more online to sell ,reach more buyers . Kings 32
  5. I have one on our 1950 Chrysler. Been on there for over 20 years. Bought it new old stock years ago in Chrysler box . kings32
  6. We could not find them for a 54 Kraiser . We ended up remoulding them with high strength rubber , turned out great . try to pull them apart , no they would not come apart. Howard
  7. Why do people have to talk about the financial investment . Are we all in this to make money ? I for one only do this for fun of the cars and the nice people I get to meet . If the only thing you think about is money how sad ! I have done cars for myself Have had a lot of fun ,Have done some for other people So they could enjoy them . I don't think any of them did it to make money . So do cars that you like .....kings32
  8. Hi Marty Been thinking about something like that for my Dodge . Had some problems with fuel pressure . There is a programmer that tell you if pressure drops { fuel or boust } . Go to Geno's Garage. They will Great stuff for your Diesel Also a great tech support Hepled me out . Howard
  9. Hi do you have the knobs , if they are broke . I can more likely remould them , I made them for my 1930 Oakland . Kings32
  10. Is there a market for this bike it is in great shape, new paint runs good . Has not be on the road in about two years ,but is started up about once a mouth . Looking maybe selling . Also have a complete parts bike King32
  11. I always use Restoration Specialties & Supply. Great people to work with ,if it is not in there catalog just ask . Have been using them for Years. They make a lot of the rubber parts them selfs . there phone no 814 467 9842
  12. I had a great day, There was 22 family for dinner. The best was my granddaughter was here from college .Angelica is at Alabama getting her masters . Family is always the best gift any one could get . Kings32chevy
  13. Chuck Did you ever find the gaskets for the 32 chevy . I am always looking for parts for my 32 , engine ,drive train . kings32chevy
  14. People forget the people that protect them . Fire , Police, EMTs . Can this be done over the NET , NO Who fix's your computer , plumbing and it goes on. Kings32
  15. If you still have the 32 valves I would be interested in them . Any thing for 32 chevy engine. Call me 1 410 404 4968 Howard
  16. My granddaughter is third generation member she also is webmaster for the Gettysburg Region and is on the AACA Library advisory board. Kings32
  17. kings32


    Keep the jeep . My daughter had a 98 , had almost 300 k when she sold it . Now she has a 97 with 120 k ,They gave her little trouble great jeeps . looking to keep this one a lot longer.
  18. I have been " dumster diving " for years , Built my first garage from material companys throw away . We have a throw away world. Have got a lot of tools Companys discard. Found a crate of stainless sheets 4 by 10 ft , Made a sliding board for the kids. Guess some of us didn't come from a lot of money . We learned early you do with what youhave . Kings32
  19. I found a rare one . The expandable trunk for my 1932 chevy . Haven't seen one in years, there was two one Friday . Now have to restore it . the price was right , the other one was a bit pricey . Yes have to restore it but have the time between cars that I am doing for others . Should look good on the back o fmy sedan .Missed a good pair of tripp lites , thought about to long . Buy when you see it ..... Kings 32
  20. I have use one for years , it does a nice job . Takes a bit of learning [ wiping off ] no it is no tlook like a brush but I drive my cars not after points. I have fun with them . Kings32
  21. We walk part of it on wed , will be back on fri . Found a few good buys , past up a few. kings32
  22. Chuck did you ever find the gaskets for the1932 chevy . Would like to have them Howard
  23. My first car was a 1965 Dodge dart Gt V8 auto . I bought that with the money I brought home from Vietman. Ti was anew one off the floor . I traded it for a 4 dr Mercury in 1970 . Had a growing family. I wish I had it back..Had some great times in that car, dated my wife in that brought my daughter home , But at the did not have the money or place to keep it . Yes I would love to have it back...
  24. I have a1932 chevy. Pull the seal by taking the 8 bolts around the axle shaft , pull the seal off . you can buy a modern seal from The Filling Station . There a great place to find parts and info for your 32 . Howard
  25. Try Coker tire They made rims ,for my Oakland kings32