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  1. Wouldn't they be great on some cars today . Like to have them on my 66 Fury. Kings32
  2. If yoyu are looking for period cloths ,go to goodwill and places like that. I have have found some great buys Kings32
  3. And a great season from Chris & Howard
  4. All of my Fathers brothers and sister served in WW2 His oldest was on a LST did almost every landing in the Pacific .His sister was a nurse in England ,Work in the hosp when the wounded came from D Day . My dad was in the army but was discharged because of loss of hearing . His one brother served in Korea the whole war . The last served in Germay After the war. None would talk about what they saw or did . Uncle on my mothers side landed onD Day ,served in Korea and two tours in Veitman as in special forces . I served in Vietman ,one tour was one to many .Howard
  5. What are you doing to that car now ? Just finished putting new cups in the left rear brake , it keeps on leaking . Seems to run a bit better each time I take it out , put a different dist cap on too . Hope it will be up to tour for next season Howard
  6. Guess no one wants anymore parts ,have to scrap in the spring Howard
  7. Went out and looked them over , The one on the right has a dent in the middle could be pushed out. needs plating. $35 plus shipping. Howard
  8. Yes the rear stone guards are one there to check what shape they are in . Howard
  9. I drive a 2001 Dodge dually diesel . Wouldn't have any thing else . The one before this was 3/4 dodge with 300.000 miles never did much to it . Love the sound going down the road . You know you are driving a truck not some toy ! As you for fuel ,I get about 13 mpg pulling a 30 ft Gooseneck . Kings32
  10. I will check master parts book if these interchange Kings32
  11. Gas cap you can get from The Filing station , I don't think they made a right sun visor . kings32
  12. Yes the dash is complete , nothing has been taken out yet . Have to see how hard it is to get out ? Kings 32
  13. Try ' I bought parts at Hershey from them ,nice people . there phone number is 770 558 7745 Good Luck kings32
  14. What parts are you looking for ? I have a 1932 Sedan 4dr . Parts are out there if you what you are looking at ! I have had mine for over 40 years drive it a lot . Don't let the wood worry you people make like its a big deal . A lot of parts are repo Filling Station is a great source...Kings32
  15. How big is the show and flea market.? How many vendors do you usually get most years Thankyou Kings32
  16. Yes the Gettsburg Region has a nice show every yes at the Latimore grounds Go to our web site .Next year it will be the Sat after the Founders tour . Come and enjoy both . Howard Tour chairman .
  17. Nice stuff , Aurburn & Terry .Terry that's a nice Overland badge Looked for a nice one for the car we have in the shop . Saw a few but nothing that nice . Good find . Kings32
  18. That picture was taken in 1920 Yosemite Park . Google Camp Curry and find images . Kings32
  19. Is that starter have the potmetal end , if so we are trying to have them cast and finished . In the stage of making the mold .Kings32
  20. Yes sills are there broken around the screw holes at the end . The engine ran when it was moved . get the numbers later today . I am located in Maryland King32
  21. I believe they are 6 volt
  22. What would that be off , I don't know the number on 50 Chrysler engine
  23. Binder for 1958 tbird Upholstery ,Paint colors Single and two tone . binder shows age and wear ,pages are good and color seem to be good . Buying as is .$ 45 plus shippingKings32chevy
  24. Looks to be NOS fuel pump in the box . box is a bit rough . the pump looks to be good . $ 15 plus shipping . Kings32