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  1. Who do you sue when someone gets hurt by a golf cart . Some of these over sized carts are getting out of hand. I have seen people get hit at Hershey .Kings32
  2. I Terry when you come through Mt. Airy let me know I live about 10 minutes north . Stop in and take alook I have one of Waynes cars here . Just finished the 1930 Oakland. Howard
  3. I don't think any of use will ever forget . Most of us know where we where and what we where doing that day . I was also a firefighter was hard on all of the brother across the country . Kings32
  4. Are all the cones and locks there . Have you tried it to see if it runs ? May be interested if it does . Kings32
  5. Larry Isgro has done a few of these for me . He is great with all carbs . He is in new York 516 783 1041
  6. I talked to you about the lite switch on the 26 Chrysler , also need a amp gage . Kings32
  7. I have had my 1932 chevy in my trailer for about 20 years. No problems . When I had a fire in my garage the only car that was saved was the 32 ... Kings32
  8. Last year I found the expanstion trunk for my 1932 chevy . I have never seen one until then , Chevy only sold them for about 8 months. After I found it and got it to the car I found the second one 3 rows down , Now will have to restore it to match the car . Kings32
  9. I have two of the first pictured airplane cap . I found them in a junk yard many years ago . one is pretty complete the other is not . Been seating on a shelf . Kings32
  10. Why does every one have to down these old cars I don't restore a car because I want to make a buck ! I do it because I like to drive them . If the car guys of the past hadn't restored ode cars that people said would be worth nothing in the future where would the hobby be now !!!!!!!!!! Kings32
  11. Yes I went out and checked the panel , it is rusty but not through . that some doing but I can get off . Are you going to be at Hershey . I should be there on Friday. Kings 32
  12. ,The car is complete . Are you asking about where the gas pedal goes through the floor ? It has 4 small bolts holding it down Kings32
  13. Still have the 1950 4dr Windsor. Complete car , on rust in the floors or rockers , I will be parting out can't keep it long . let me know what you need .I am not going to keep much for our car . Kings32
  14. Chris and I was going on the Glidden Chris is going in for surgery on the 12th so we had to cancel . Want to try my 32 on the trail up that little hill HA HA Hope sheis up and around by Hershey . kig32
  15. My 1932 4dr sedan back of front seat looks like , 1930 Oakland sedan same . I would say most sedans GM used the same Kings32
  16. We in the Gettsburg Region AACA have three club tours a year . Have a great time ,The issue I have so many come on the tours in there modern iron . [ its to hot ,it may rain I am getting older ] We do the glidden founders tours Rain or shine open cars closed cars . More fun and things to talk about later . Did people not drive there cars when it rained or was to hot back when these cars were new or used . Get them out and use them so when you past them on someone else can have the fun of restoring them, just my thoughts Kings32
  17. What I did to my prewar cars was wrap the exhaust pipe from the manifold to the muffler with exhaust wrap . You can get it from speed shops or summit racing . Works on my cars . Kings32
  18. ansnered your PM rejected it. I will be out of town for the next week will get with you when I get back kings32
  19. The clamp is on the car, $ 10 plus shipping King32
  20. The sill plates are broke at the ends where the screws hold them down , The no on the back is 1254252 Black RH
  21. The dash pad was blue , the leather cover is falling apart . I had mine recovered in the right color Kings32
  22. Hope you are all having fun . Like to have been there , Will be at macguine this week end . My daughter and son in law are on the tour white corvette . Great picture of the race track there corvette in the middle of the pack .King32
  23. The hood latch on the 49 is the same on the 50 what parts do you need ? Silverbullet The shift knob is broke where the threads are . Ken
  24. I will be there . have found great buys every time I come . A lot to look through Kings32
  25. I have none that , don't help . Need detailed pictures . May even some parts . don't know about what I need until I can get some better pictures . Kings32