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  1. I needed bolts like that, Friend of mine made them on a lathe out of stainless . They look good on my 1930 Oakland. kings32
  2. That is our guy , We in the Gettysburg Region know what he is, always there with a laugh and a good time . But always there when there work to be done. kings32
  3. Try Terrill Machine Deleon Tx 254893 2610 They have a great a staff Kings32
  4. Try Terrill in Texas That's were I got them for my 1932 Chevy Kings32chevy
  5. I tried to email it came back. What do you need to know. kings32
  6. I bought a small parts cabinet at a car show this week end . In it are points and condeners. Plus other thinks that I am not sure of yet ! Most of the parts are from late 20 to early 30 .I will try to post pic.As for price I am not sure about what they are worth ? I would like to get them to a car guy that can use them ,I always end up with parts that I can't use but think that someone out there could use them. Kings32
  7. I have a box of the bulbs .They are Tung-Sol 32-32 CP 6-8 Volt . Thought I had 3 boxes but only one left $ 15 dollars for the box [10 bulbs ] Plus shipping. kings32
  8. I will try to post pictures. The car has had a lot of the wood replaced , painted , new insides , put side mounts on the car . Did the brakes , engine ,
  9. Did you try the library ' They have a lot of catalogs. Kings32
  10. I have a 1930 Oakland V8 . Finishing up the sedan in the near future 'the car is a very nice car to work on . I can't wait to drive it . When I got the car it was complete ' it had been seating since 1959. In a couple of different homes. Kings 32 chevy
  11. I have a 32 the same thing happened to mine . I pulled the head and had new guides ,val ,springs . the gas now doesn't have the lubes in it . Use mystriy oil . You can get the parts from Terrill machine in Texas . Car ran like a new one . kings 32
  12. We got here today . What great part of our country . The weather looks great for the week . Will try to keep posts for the week .Great opening evening. To see what the 3 days and what we will see. Kings 32
  13. Do you mean Hershey or Carlisle. Hershey is along ways away. Kings32
  14. Tim .My email is kings32chevy@aol Also what are you asking for the radio ?
  15. What age is the radio ? Could you post pictures Also how much do want ? kings32
  16. I will have to look when I get back home in a few days Kings32
  17. I got them when I would walk from the parking lot to the field and buy my program . Kings32
  18. I have had a number of cars over the years in the hobby [45] My wife has bought most of them . I have restored most my self .My daughter and greaddaughter are in to cars and have there own. They will get the cars when I get to old and can't do it any more , so I don't think about things like that . Kings32
  19. Got ours on the 16 Great reading . Some great pictures of Phila . Kings32
  20. Pontiac was not the for runner of Oakland they were built at the same time ,Oakland was bought about 1909 Pontiac was started about 1926 by GM .The Oakland last year was 1931 . 1930-31 was a V8 . Pontiac used the last of those V8 in early 32. Great cars I have a 1930 Oakland sedan. Kings32
  21. The AACA library is always a good place to start. Kings32
  22. I try to deal with SMS they would never answer there phone . When it was it was a answer service and they never got back to me . I am using Bill Hirsh. Great people to work with. Kings32
  23. We had a great time at Philly. I would like to se more Do it your self seminars like Scott Dinos , I think they inspire owners to try themselves . It also give others info to pass on to our hobby. I do my own resto and enjoy Scotts way of doing things him self . Over 40 years of doing my own cars I have learn to do from watching others and trying.Kings32
  24. I have used cattail Foundry They are amish , don't use phones . Do have thave address will get it from the shop when I go out later Kings32
  25. My Daughter Has 1950 Chrsyler Windsor .The has been restored and runs great ,she has been talking about selling . Send me pm and we can talk. Howard