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  1. Art will be missed . I meet Art years ago through my cousin always has something nice to say and would help you . kings32
  2. I will be there with my 66 Plymouth conv , My 1932 chevy will be there for display . Dan & Annette will have there 78 corvette .Howard
  3. When you come in to the Hotel there will be a member there to direct you to the trailer lot . large lot on the grounds of the hotel . Howard Tour chairman
  4. He just did a master cyl for me , will get a number have to go out in the shop . kings32
  5. If you was one of the lucky ones to miss it it wasn't all good times in the sun . But kids it took awhile to see it wasn't a game we played a few years earlier in our back yard . But I did get some big trucks and learned a lot . Kings32
  6. We are looking forward to all that are coming, Every one has worked hard to make your time with us FUN . Kings32
  7. The first car for me was a 1957 Plymouth fury . Learned to drive and took my test in it,, Shortly after that learned to drive 2 !/2 ton & 5 ton trucks in vietman . Never drove a stick before that , I had to learn QUICK . That's another story . kings32
  8. I was there on thrusday ,Great weather . I think the traffic has gotten better over the years . I can remember when it took hours to get even in to town ,we came in from the south and had no back ups but at lights in town . Yes isn't much early stuff there now . I did get a good buy on a foot warmer for the back seat of my Oakland . Kings32
  9. The Founders Tour in Gettysburg Has not filled up yet , so if you still want to go get your papers in . We would love to have more cars , the more cars we have the better time we will have. Howard Tour chairman .
  10. I am looking for a wheel balancer ,Model Wbk-2C It is a old machine Snap -on made it back when . I have seen a few sold in the past on EBAY . Kings32
  11. I chased girls in 1964 dart GT . I caught her and still married to her Kings32
  12. I want $5 apiece plus shipping A little smaller and no marks Howard
  13. They are 2 inches across, 7/16- 20 captured nuts . They are pitted and one has some brass on the wedge side. Howard
  14. I have some extra wedges for sale. Pictures are marked. The other picture is of the ones I am looking for. Thanks kings32
  15. Has anyone had Diamond back Classic Radial tires . Thinking about putting on a 1959 Chevy ,The car is going to be used for touring . Want to use radial tires . Kings32
  16. I adjusted with the top nut , after centering the shoes with the bolt at the bottom like the manual said . Have the original manauls . Kings32
  17. No it is using a master cyl from a 54 chevy truck . A lot of these cars have been using these it is hard to find a good cyl . I have set the shoes . the wheels have been bleed a few times . at this point I am looking at any thing , the set up is the same as when I received the car only replaced or rebuilt . kings32
  18. Does anyone know the bore size on the mastercyl ? Working on a model 70, can't get pressure in the system . has a later master cyl on it . maybe bore too small. same master cyl that was on the car when I got it ! Kings32
  19. Can I be a DFer ? Sounds like fun ! Always looking for more fun in this crazy world ,...Kinks32 PS see you all in Philly
  20. Jim Gimmell has a Pullman 10 I believe . He is a member of the Gettsburg Region . Kings32
  21. I live in Maryland , been keeping my 1932 chevy in te trailer for 40 years . I do keep a vent open . My trailer is insulated . Kings32
  22. Send your request card back to aaca . We haven't got a final fee yet . We are trying keep it down . Registration should open the first of April. Kings32
  23. I have Winross Trucks from AACA fall meets 1987 ,88 , 89 and one from Library & Research Center . These are in the boxes with packing . $25 each plus shipping . all one package . Kings32
  24. They said to use simple green . Didn't seem to do much better . Having problems with the brakes on the 26 , Kings 32