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  1. Yes I used there kit for my 66 fury , They where close had to make some mods . the one in texas is good he help ed me to get it working .
  2. I have done a number of cars {wood} There is nothing hard about it . the first one is my 1932 chevy before there was anyone doing kits . I used the most basic tools , jig saw chisels hand saws. As I was said Nothing beats a failure but a try. Howard
  3. I HAVE A 32 CHEVY , PUT A STAINLESS IN IT . I ALSO HAVE A 1930 OAKLAND ,THE TANK ON IT IS BIGGER . I PUT A STAINLESS IN IT ALSO , had rock valley ford make it they used my org tank for specks . Did a great job , don't have to worry about rust from now on ..
  4. Dave was a great person I am proud to have been a good friend . The club is going to miss him . Our thoughts go out to Brenda . Howard & Chris
  5. Chris talked to Brenda about Thrusday Dave was coming home to be with his family . Chris talks to Brenda about once a week , helps to keep up her spirits up. Our prayers are with Brenda ,Dave and family. Howard and Chris
  6. Yes That is Herb Wessel , What a collection . There is so much stuff I don't know how there are going to do it in one day . Most of it is restored , he always did a good job on every thing he did . From the farm equipment to cars trucks . His 36 firetruck is really nice . I have been to his place many times. He has always be a great supporter of the hobbie .
  7. Yes Dave is a great guy! Chris and I have known Dave & Brenda for years , they are one of the people that brought us in to touring and great friends of this great club. Dave has always had great out look toward what this club is about, FUN AND GOOD FRIENDS Howard & CHris
  8. Larry Irsgro in New York is really good with the bbi . He has done a few for me ,plus other ones W/1 for my 32 chevy .
  9. Hi that is a cool car as some one ask ? what is it . If it was in the states I would love to have it , love the ones that are different . Buy it ,restore it and enjoy.
  10. I use a Dodge diesel @001 dually . This is my second one 285,000 miles on it sold it for half what I paid for it. Bought this one on ebay ,there where a lot of them on there got a great deal,there great trucks. I under stand that the newer ones are very high in maintaince with the government fingers in to it . Always have to fool around with a good thing. As for the smell the only time you smell any thing is putting in fuel. Yes a little more noise but with the power. Would not go back to a gas .As for a trailer I have goose neck 22ft bed the upper part is great when travling with a women likes to take every thing she owens
  11. Try Rock Valley Ford They ad in Hemmings >They did a tank for me ,great job and the price was reasonable . I don' t have the number here but can in the morning.
  12. I was at Philly Was some great seminars Scott Deno always does a great job. 101 resto tips was good . I would like to see some more seminars on resto projects . In these you also get some great product do don'ts It is a great place to get to visit with old friends and make new . Kings32
  13. No you don't have to remove the engine. My 32 chevy remove the 4 bolts on the ball , slided it back you should be able to take the u joint out pull drive shaft up out of the way.
  14. Hi On the Pullman he put it on the right of the engine , about half way down. He machined his out of brass to match the car being a brass car.
  15. Over the years I've acquired these hood ornaments. I think the airplanes are from the late 1920s and were produced by Chevrolet. The gauge with the wings, I think, goes to a 1924 Chrysler. And the goddess is for a 1925/26 Packard. Since I don't have the cars to go with them, they're not much use to me. I am looking to sell them, but I would also appreciate any information about them. There is no set price. Will take the best offer (within reason). If you are interested in adding any of them to your collection, or just know something about them, you can contact me by responding to this thread, or give me a call at (410) 635-6019 and ask for Howard. Thanks.
  16. A few years ago I found this hood ornament in a junk yard. I was hoping someone could tell me more about it. The date of manufacture on the bottom says 1925. As I don't have a Packard, I might be willing to sell it if someone is interested along with a few other hood ornaments in my collection. If you have any information or have an interest in this item, please respond to this thread, or give me a call at (410) 635-6019 and ask for Howard. Thanks.
  17. A friend of mine has a 1910 Pullman . He put a overflow on his car , it works great. Keeps the fluid from draining on the ground , and don't have to put fluid in it every time he takes the car for a run. I put one on my 1932 chevy That I use on Gliddens. Works great on those long hill climbs . Kings chevy
  18. I had a fire in my garage couple years ago. When I rebuilt , I put in a wood furnace But put it in a small building , concrete and steel , Piped the hot air in through 8 in ducts. Takes about one hour to bring the heat to 65 in the shop. Wood is cheap some times I get paid to haul it away. Splitting keeps you in good shape and sometimes get help when you get mad at something that won't go together the way is suppost to .Always make sure your insurance is up to date , most old cars are under insuran along with the out building can you replace for that amount ?
  19. I had gas tank reu do a tank for me a few years back , boy did they made a mess of it . Then when I took it Back they told me to bad . In not as nice words , Had valley ford make me one of stainless . It was les money than reu. charged , and a lot nicer people to deal with. Just had them make one for my 1930 Oakland that I am restoring now Kings32
  20. HI I have a 32 chevy 4 door would get warm in side . A old street rod 'racer told be a trick ' get some insulate wrap from speed shop . Wrap from manifold to muffler. This does two things . Keeps heat off the front floor and also helps with back preesure . I noticed a improvement in my car on hot days. I know some will say it don't work but it worked on my car.
  21. This is a great machine for a small shop that does some brake work . It will only do drums . I used it until I found a brake doc that will do both plus it had a shoe archer . Now I can do the whole job in house . From rivets to the car . Saves a lot of down time when doing a brake job. Macmaster carr has the rivets and the old woven shoe material. Hope every one has agreat holiaday and god bless our service men & women around the world. Howard
  22. Go to hemings there is a company in NY that sells titles Howard
  23. Binder from dealer . 8x8 Binder Brown . with trim Selections No 60 to 69 Nine color samples Ten car samples color verisions . I believe the binder is complete . It is worn on the spine Price $40 plus shipping . Howard