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  1. Been running radials on my cars last 20 years 1966 Plymouth fury run it it highway speeds all over the country don't buy cheap ! when I bought the car it had cheap radials on it , first trip I had a blow out on 81 . put good tires on , haven't had trouble since . We have put about 50,000 on this car touring. Have 50 Chrysler put radials on it handles better haven't had any trouble with it . I don't drive it like a hot rod it's a old car use some %%%%%%% kings32
  2. Sterling Walsh Passed away Oct 26 . He was agood friend . Long time car guy He was on th museum board Ex board . He will be greatly missed in our Region and by the AACA also Howard 32chevy
  3. I have seen some great and award winning cars done by " back yard restoreers ". When people tell some one they can,t do it more than likely they are in the trade and need work. Years ago there wasn't the shops around , a lot of these were started by back yard guys that where good . not alllllll .
  4. We had a great time Tuesday nite at the sale . Found a few nice Oakland pieces . Some nice interchange books from 20's thru 40's . Nice to see some new faces . Kings32
  5. I used interstate batteries until they priced them themselves out [ have to pay for that race car ] I now use battery warehouse. great service and the batteries last . I also use battery tenders on all my old cars . Get about 10 to 15 years out of a battery.kings32
  6. As president of Gettsburg Region I have the pleasure of working with Don ,Great guy . Works hard for the AACA and our Region. I would like to see evey member go out and get one new member. None of us are getting younger and the cars need a home in the future. Howard
  7. Well its satu rday ,Its all over we all had a great week . The chevy made it through the week , the only thing we had to do was ajust the third brush on the generator . Ran great we did about 500 miles . Made some new friends. What great food and lots of it ! The club did a great job tour routes where done very well , Never a wrong turn. Only when I wasn't paying attention. Love these tours hope to it again next year . Howard
  8. like some say I enjoy working on the cars myself . I have done a number of cars for that I tour with , I don't like doing show cars because then people don't drive them.Cars are suppose to be driven . When more cars are being done by shops that what has put this hobby above most peoples head .( money ) Howard
  9. Hi all Chris and myself are our way to the glidden , this will be our 11 one .We are in Lexington Ohio will be in sunday morning . Looking to meet up with old friends and make new ones . Always the big question is who will be on this tour Howard
  10. I pull a gosseneck 30 ft with a 2001 Dodge dually diesel Before this one I had a 96 Dodge 3/4 ton The 96 had 300000 miles on it. 24 mpg 18 pulling trailer ,Pull about anywhere . The 2001 pulls about the same but I get about 13 mpg ,20 around town . Both trucks had the same trans and rear gears. With the24 valves the mpg is not there . I have owned many other trucks but will stay with cummins . low maintain ,The new diesels Have very high maintaince unless you modif them ALL EPA Howard
  11. My email is Give me your address and I will send you a check . What else do you have for a 32 chevy? Howard
  12. I would like to have both gauges . How can I send you the money or can I pick up at Hershey. Howard King Mt. Airy Md Kings 32 chevy @ aol .com
  13. Sounds like it will be a smaller group this year . Cut off at a 150 cars, last year was a lot more . With a smaller group you get to talk to more people .The Chandler sounds like a nice car . How is it for touring? This part of Ohio there are few hills . Howard
  14. I found some ash in the penna farm paper . Guy had it cut to redo a barn , never did it . I bought it all about two large truck loads for $200 . I did my 1930 Oakland and had enough to do maybe two or more cars , he had it for a few years so it was nice and dry. I have a logging fellow near me who is a good friend and keeps a eye out for me . I also do other wood work beside cars. Woodturning ! Kings32
  15. I agree with that ,if don't drive them why have them? Show the people what us crazy ones do afther we spent all that time restoring them . We use them. kings32
  16. Try Bruce Hall ,Applewood Motorcar he transports the east coast with closed trailer . 304 283 3661 I drove for him for a number of years , great guy does things on time when you want it done . He runs in to Florida about once a week . Kings32
  17. I am not saying any thing bad , but I think that the clubs should work more toward the general membership in both clubs . The bigger part of our membership are middle class and cannot afford tours or shows as much as we did in the past. It seems the cost is going up faster than the cost of living. When I joined AACA 40 plus years ago we could do more than we can now . And I make more now then I did then .KINGS32
  18. Yes Chris & I are going again this year . This will be our 10 Glidden haven't been on a bad one yet ,some are better than others. We enjoy the friends [ old & new ]. We usually we make at least one new friend when we go. We will be driving our 1932 Chevy 4 door .Howard
  19. I think there is lacking in both clubs ,as far as working together. I belong to both clubs and was very active in both up to about 2 years ago . I now am more behind the AACA. I think it is a more people club . But with said I think some of our leaders should start paying more what the member alarge are saying.
  20. The 50 Chrysler is a great car. My daughter has a 4dr that she got and restored when she was 15 years old, about 30 years ago . There great road cars lots of room and comfortable. She still has it don't drive as much as she should. kings32
  21. There isn't any talk on here about the Ohio glidden , is that because the VMMCA is doing it. This should be a good one . They have been doing a tour every year for the last 20 years . Chris & myself have been on a number of them, most of them where well done. Good flat roads ,great for the older cars. Hope to see some old friends out there . Kings32
  22. Marty I bought a Barrett set up , the hole set up is smaller then the ammco 3000. Love that machine ,a friend set the machine up ,adjusted the ways and it works great. Have't used the archer yet. You going to Ohio on the Glidden ? We are car 48 Howard & Chris
  23. A friend of mine has a real nice 28 2dr was a national winner. He wants to sell ,I think he wants to much but I am not a A model person. Howard
  24. I use a Barrett Brake Mobile has a arch grind also has a drum and rotor lathe . If some wants a AMMCO 3000 with bench and most of the fictures , Ihave it other wise is going to scrap , I don't have room in the shop . To much stuffffffff ! Kings32
  25. I have a shoe arch machine. Bought it a couple years ago got tired of people doing jobs wrong ,also do my own riveting on a machine that is a lot older than me . If you are using modern material it does not have ob in it and works just as well. Do not use modern non woven material on older cars.The arching works well if you have the right Dia of the drum. Kings 32