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  1. You are correct.The outer cable sheath needs to go into the adapter, farther to allow the inside cable to protrude. I would post photos but am unable to at this time
  2. Hello .I am having difficulty in getting my new speedometer cable adapter to work. I have a Buick 29-41 .I recently purchased a good used speedometer cable assembly. On this cable assembly ,it still had the die cast adapter pn 848188.It has swollen and is too large to go into my transmission.so I then purchased from CA ,a new brass adapter .It fits beautifully into my transmission.It has cast into it pn 848188 as well.The problem is, the bore that the outer cable housing goes into, on the diecast part is approximately 2.2 inches deep. The bore depth on the brass part is approximately .9 inches deep. I know that it can be drilled or bored to match the depth of the diecast part,but Id rather not.Has anyone else encountered this problem? I hope that Im using the correct parts.I have no original part number resources.Thanks
  3. Hello I am assuming all remaining parts are for a STANDARD. Would the fuel pump be available for sale by itself?
  4. Sorry,long day. 1929 Master 121" model 41
  5. Hello .Just got my 29 buick going again. This time I have installed a 26-28 carburetor on my car. My question is, does anyone sell the air valve spring by itself? I am begining to question the integrity of my old spring as the carburetor is very difficult to tune. The original 29 potmetal masterpiece was the same. I had to use the same spring as my 26-28 carb didnt have one.Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone. I am trying to repair the speedometer drive for my 1929 buick mod 41. I recently removed the speedometer drive adapter from the transmission. I doing so I caused some damage to the 8 tooth drive gear that locates on the front of the u joint. I would like to locate a good usable u joint with a usable gear OR a worn out u joint that has a usable gear. I figure that if Im lucky enough to locate this,I might even stumble across the 23 tooth driven gear as well. I already have the new brass drive adapter .Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Well I finally was able to remove the speedometer gear adapter from my transmission. The driven speedometer gear has suffered some damage.Would anyone have an original for a pattern or drawings so I could attempt to duplicate it? Has anyone ever had a custom gear made? Any help would be appreciated .Its a 29-41
  8. You made your own gears or housing? The housing is the easy part.I going to the the gear that turns the cable.At the moment Im having a difficult time removing the u joint from the output shaft. Im trying to be careful and not damage any parts.Any ideas anyone?
  9. I am in need of someone who can repair or duplicate my speedometer cable and housing. I also need the driven speedometer gear.I have a source of a new driven gear housing.I may also need the drive gear,Ill know later. This is a result of an old and deteriorating housing that Ive had to remove a chip at a time. Its been a real pain removing the housing.The car is a model 29-41
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