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  1. Hello and greetings from the UK. I have a quick technical question with regards to the oiling of the clutch release bearing; where is it on my 1927 Buick Master Six (27-55)?! I am in the garage with the floor boards out and not sure what I am looking for. Is it a zerk type connector or something else? If anyone has a photo even better... Many thanks in advance. Cheers, Dan
  2. Thanks Guys for your warm welcomes and all your responses -very interesting indeed (and very useful). Interesting to hear your comments on the Penrite brand, which is available here in the UK - shall be avoiding that with the points raised! I am researching oil here, armed with quite a bit of info I didn't know, so thanks. I will drop the sump in the spring when it warms up a little here, as suggested by C Carl, as I don't know the history of the car since it's been in the UK, other than the previous owner, registered it here in 2012 and has done less than 250m miles since! I have never heard of putting a magnet into the sump (oil pan) before. It makes really good sense and someting I will look at. I assume you just find a good quality magnet and pop it into the oil pan and re-fit, having given it a good clean out first? I have found Bob's Automobila store online, which seems to stock a good amount of Buick pre-war parts and it lists the sump gasket at $50 which seems pretty expensive, but I suppose that's the going rate. I also need to order a Shop manual for her, as the Reference book she came with doesn't give you much technical info. If anyone can reccomend any other good dealers who stock parts for older Buicks, I would be most grateful as my previous car, a 1932 Austin 10/4, was really easy to find parts for as she was British made and supported by a very active club here. As previously mentioned older American cars are pretty rare in the UK and spares etc virtually non existant, so I am sure I will have a few technical and spares related questions going forward. Pretty foul weather here this weekend, so lit the stove in the workshop and got on with a few jobs on her -roll on the spring, when I can get some miles on her...
  3. Apologies if this subject causes a groan amongst you all, but I am trying to find some info about the recommended oil to use in my 1927 Buick Master Six (128" Tourer)? As these cars are pretty rare in the UK there aren't many people that know much about them on this side of the pond. I can't find any info in the Buick Reference book that came with the car and I have only owned her a few months as I bought her from auction in November, so was unable to ask the previous owner what he had been using. I was thinking about using an SAE 40 oil (not sure if you have the same ratings for oil in the US) and she will be run in the summer months mostly witha temperature range of about 8ºC - 28ºC (45ºF - 85ºF). The car was originally an Australian car and only came into the UK about 10 years ago, but a lovely old thing and I am very much looking forward to putting some miles on her. Many thanks in advance, regards, Dan