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  1. Do you still have the running board trim? I'm also looking for a front valance, the part that's below the rad and between the frame rails. If so could you send me some photos? Thanks!
  2. No, I'm restoring mine. It was last on the road in the 70's so I'm just going over everything.
  3. Did you ever find the correct answer to this, I'm looking as well. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Raydurr!! That's what I've been hearing from Bob's Automobillia and a few others, but it's nice to hear from someone like yourself that's owned one. Thanks Again!!
  5. I'm finally ready to reinstall my transmission! The car was taken apart around 1977 so I'm not sure if there's a gasket and/or seal between the torque tube and the trans assembly that I'm missing. And help would be great, thanks for looking!! Thanks, Jack
  6. "front sheetmetal skin in front lower of radiator shell between front frame arms", how much? Do you have any photos of it? And are you able/willing to ship to Maine? thanks, Jack
  7. I'm still looking if anyone has any info please let me know. Thanks for looking!! Here's another photo of the 47 and my younger brother with the car, early 80's
  8. I agree, they do look good.
  9. Thanks Terry, I too like the look of the red hoses and belts. I used them on my 1921 Dodge brothers touring car and think they look great. However I'm trying to put the Buick back to it's original state as it was a special car for my father.
  10. Did the original black hose say Buick on it or is that a "new" aftermarket thing? Here's a photo of my progress on my 1930 model 47. The wheels in the photo are not for the Buick, I was just dreaming of owning wire wheels. Thanks again, Jack
  11. No I haven't. Thanks for the tip, I'm going to try that right now.
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