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  1. Rod, looks like the oil gauge rod tube No 180434
  2. Have you checked this out ? https://forums.aaca.org/topic/169217-general-motors-gmbh-berlin-borsigwalde/ Iā€™m not an expert on this, but since there was also a GM plant in Switzerland, I know that at hat time the import taxes for finished cars were higher than for car parts. GM therefore built various plants in Europe, including in Berlin Borsigwalde in a part of a former arms factory. The wagons were assembled from delivered parts and partially modified to meet local regulations.
  3. Dave, the emblem is definitely not engraved. Must be some kind of a stamp or etching.
  4. I'm not a collector and have no clue about watches, except how to read the time šŸ™‚ This watch was a present from a friend of mine and I have no idea where it comes from, when he bought it and how much he paid for it. I' was just wondering if someone knows anything about the make and year of the watch, if it was a giveaway at some reason or whatever. Thank you for all the answers!
  5. There is nothing about a brand/maker visible inside. Just "made in USA" and three figure "5" engraved. One single "5" a bit bigger than the other double "55".
  6. Can anyone tell me something more about this pocket watch? Thank you!
  7. I don't have any information about the Standard. On my Master I have lenses from "Guide Motor Lamp Mfg. Company, Cleveland, OH". This is the information from the parts Book. (part number GL-149). Cast is "TILTRAY HEADLAMP GUIDE" As you have a different part number the standard may have different lenses.
  8. I don't know the make of the mirrors. Its hard to tell but I think its a bracket mounted over the hinge pin. To be sure I would have to remove the bolt connecting the two brackets. 3rd & 4rd pic shows the hinge and pin just below the one with the mirror.
  9. Same model as mine šŸ˜ Parts list and pictures are from the 120/128 models. I pulled the engine and made a lot of pictures. Unfortunately I lost most of it caused by a HW crash. The ones from the pump assemble are gone too. Think you miss the upper shaft, coupling and the gear. Whole oil pressure valve parts seems to be gone. How it should be you can barely see on the picture from the Shop Manual.
  10. Here the pics and part numbers from the Parts Book. What kind of model you have? 29, 47 or 51?
  11. One more thing: the last messages I received are from the 12th of June. I remember that exactly on this date my account had been blocked because it was hacked, sending mails all over the world with my account. After resetting its working again, except the AACA mails. Might be on a "bad list" somewhere....
  12. Thank you Ronnie I will ask the provider if the messages will be blocked before they reach my mailbox. Other mails are going through, at least as far as I know šŸ™‚ Werner
  13. Since beginning of June I don't get any mail notifications. I checked out the older threat to this topic (from 2015) and followed/checked the instructions setting my notifications. Didn't help at all. I also changed my email address in the account settings. Trying two different addresses it worked on both (at least I got the notification to complete the change of email address). Switching back to the old email address which was working until beginning of June I did not receive a notification to complete the change. It seems like the messages sent with the former address are not comin
  14. I can give you the '28 colors. As Hugh said the specs are in the Parts Book. I only have the '28 book. Compared to the '25 the '28 has more different colors. Looking at the wiring diagram Hugh posted its similar to the '28. Except the wiper, its a vacuum driven one on the '28.
  15. It should be described in the Reference Book. I only have the '28 Reference Book. The front camshaft bearings are lubricated by oil carried to the timing gear case, from the pump through the filter by pipes and the rocker arm shaft. Rear cam bearings are lubricated by oil thrown off from the connecting rod bearings. In the '27 Shop Manual I did not find anything about the mystery whole or a detailed description of rear cam lub.
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