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  1. What is best way to remove rear hub on a 27 Buick standard. Felt seals are leaking. Going with newer grease seals. Thanks for any Help.
  2. I have changed to down draft on my 26 and my27 Buicks, Never ran so good. Used a 41 Chev 1 barrell carb, Did away with vacumn tank, Electric fuel pump near tank and fuel pressure regulator on firewall used about 3 psi. Never have had to use the choke. Good luck Steve
  3. I made one out of a piece of steel. I drill a hole that was size of intake manifold. Used a 40 Chev carb with bigger opening. So used a larger drill and make a taper. I can email a drawing. Steve
  4. years ago I painted the plane blue which was a mistake as orginal colors weren't that bad.
  5. I replace the dist on both my 27 and 27 Buicks. Used a 28 or latter dist and can get point cap, rotor and cond. from any parts place for around$45.
  6. I bought a set from Bob for my 27 Buick and very good, fit well.
  7. looking for correct blue and red for my pursuit airplane, I have found the silver paint Thanks
  8. We are planning on attending with our 27 Buick Woodie. Is there a place to park truck and trailer ? Steve and Margaret Smith Falmouth, Me
  9. Roger Barrett, Thanks, just what I was looking for. I can get both seals which would be the best. Have replaced the felt about every 2-3 years even with fluid doen an inch. Going to check shaft for smoothness. Thanks again Steve Falmouth Me 1927 Buick Woodie wagon
  10. Someplace I read where you could replace the felt seal with a modern oil seal. Mine still leaks after lowering gear oil level. Thanks for any help.
  11. On both my 26 and 27 Buicks I used a end section of 28 gen. and used a 28 Dist. Actually you can use quite a few differant later GM dist. Haven't had any trouble in over 10 years. Got all the parts from NAPA. Good luck
  12. have had both my 26 and 27 Buick done at local muffler shop. Alot cheaper than sending away for kit.
  13. I just installed new hood supports from Speedway. Fits 42-48 Ford only. Worth looking at them. Hood never shut so good and very little gap by firewall.
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