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  1. When I restored my 48 Ford Conv. I sandblasted frame and used POR-15. Today I can take a hamper and hit it hard and will not chip off. I bought an enclosed trailer from the South. Was shipped to Maine and rusted on way. I wire brushed the bad rust and used POR-15, Messy to work with but won't have to think about rust again. Bad part is no reducer with take it off your skin. have to wear it off. Wonderful paint. You do have to top coat if out in sun. Good Luck
  2. What year fiels coils should I use, Thanks Steve
  3. Jeff, I just talked to an old timer that stills works on Old car gen and starters. He was going to do some research on using another armature in my starter. Do you know how he can do it. I',m afraid over time the 6 volt starter so fast that something is going to break. Had to have to replace ringear. Thanks for any help. Steve
  4. Does anyone sell a 12 volt starter for 48 Ford THAT IS MADE IN USA ??/ Thanks
  5. I found a nos from Dennis Carpender. about $90
  6. I used the end of a 28 or later generator and used 28 or later dist. Can get all ignition parts from Napa for around $40. internal advance. Works great. Did this on my 26 and 27 Buicks
  7. I bought my wire from R I wiring. I install a fuse panel(glass fuses) from Napa and mounted way up under dash. I also used a solenoid between battery and headlights that was activated by headlight switch. More direct flow of current and brighter lights
  8. I am looking at some used 48 Ford camshafts. How can I tell if they are 48,. Do they have any marking on them ? Thanks
  9. I'm looking for a good 48 Ford car cam, must be stock Thanks Steve
  10. Can you change a cam on 48 Ford car without removing the heads, thanks
  11. I forgot how to remove the hood hinges on my 48 Ford Conv. Thanks for any help.
  12. We have a local Motion Industries that can get any kind of bearings. Any bearing shop should also be able to get them. good Luck
  13. L got pistons and rings for both my 26 and 27 Buick from Egge, Buick pistons are made a little off center where Scout pistons aren't. I think it was around $1200 from Egge.
  14. Joes Antique Auto parts them in stock. Best guy to buy Ford parts from
  15. I did the same on my 26 Sedan and 27 Woodie, I used a 40's chev carb. had to make an adapter because throat size was different. I put in an electric fuel pump and pressure regulator and runs on about 3 1/2 pounds pressure. Never ran so good. Never did hitch up choke. Didn't need it. Also used a 28 Dist. had to change back of gen. to a 28 back end plate. That why I can buy ignition parts anyplace