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  1. I forgot how to remove the hood hinges on my 48 Ford Conv. Thanks for any help.
  2. We have a local Motion Industries that can get any kind of bearings. Any bearing shop should also be able to get them. good Luck
  3. L got pistons and rings for both my 26 and 27 Buick from Egge, Buick pistons are made a little off center where Scout pistons aren't. I think it was around $1200 from Egge.
  4. Joes Antique Auto parts them in stock. Best guy to buy Ford parts from
  5. I did the same on my 26 Sedan and 27 Woodie, I used a 40's chev carb. had to make an adapter because throat size was different. I put in an electric fuel pump and pressure regulator and runs on about 3 1/2 pounds pressure. Never ran so good. Never did hitch up choke. Didn't need it. Also used a 28 Dist. had to change back of gen. to a 28 back end plate. That why I can buy ignition parts anyplace
  6. Would a picture of my 27 Buick model 27 help. ssmith105@maine.rr.com
  7. I found shades for my 1926 Buick Model 26-27 at Labarron Bonney. I live close by in Maine so is only 90 minutes away. They have some all made up. Good Luck
  8. I found out it was clutch rod adjustment. Must be losing it.
  9. To 19tom40 I checked measurement on center of shaft to front of case and it was 2". When I bolted pressure plate and disc to flywheel the three pressure plate fingers go quite a distance towards flywheel. When I push clutch pedal down the throw out bearing doesn't hit the fingers. My throw out bearing is new is about 1" thick. I am wondering if I have the wrong one. Too bad throw out my old one. The clutch disc is same thickness as old one. If the fingers didn't go in towards flywheel I think it would work. I have tried 2 old pressure plates and clutch disc and have same problem. I have adjusted clutch leakage as far as it goes. Call Van plett but were closed today. Got an old FORd mechanic coming to look at it Sat. Do you have any ideas. thanks for your help. I have replaced clutch years ago and had no problems.
  10. Can I remove oil pan on my 48 Ford car without removing transmission ? Thanks
  11. I have a 27 Buick Standard. The oil filter is mounted on firewall. I found that WIX 51080 was a close match. I believe NAPA or any parts store can cross it over to their brand. I have always used Wix filters.
  12. My mistake the original 48 ford car transmission part number is 01A 7510.Don't know what case I have now but throwout bearing doesn't hit the three levers on pressure plate. I'm looking to borrow an original complete 48 transmission and put in to see how that works. Got to be a difference in case.
  13. I had my 48 Ford transmission case number 01A7005 rebuilt but rebuilder used a 1C7006 or 1G7006 case. Now the throwout bearing doesn't hit the 3 finger on pressure plate. Could it be that he used the wrong body. Says it was from a truck but says it was the same case as a car. Thanks