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  1. Jack Worstell

    1937 Buick Special Headlight Reflectors

    Thanks Gary. I sent Dave a PM Jack
  2. Jack Worstell

    1938 66s Radio Knobs

    Gary FOOTNOTE....when I say "three positions" I;m not including "off" What I am trying to say is these three: "park" "conventional" "passing"
  3. Jack Worstell

    1938 66s Radio Knobs

    Thanks Gary. My buddy wanted me to wire his dash lights ( 1937 Special) such that they would come on whenever the headlight knob was pulled out to any of the three positions. From your reply....I'd say that this cannot be done....there is no terminal that is always hot no matter which of the three positions ( the terminals that are hot when the knob is pushed all of the way in can't be used or the dash lights would always be on even when the car was parked} …….…..Am I reading your reply correctly ?……….. Also....do you have the answer to the second question I posed in my initial post ? Thanks Jack
  4. I dimly recall that about a year or so ago someone on this forum said they had a spare pair of reflectors that had been re=silvered ( or restored using UVIRA...I can't remember which ) Does anyone recall this ? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  5. Jack Worstell

    1938 66s Radio Knobs

    Fig 12-36 above shows that there are 12 terminals on the switch. And the photo shows three triangular sets of contacts ( three contact points on each triangle.) for a total of 9 contact points. Question does anyone know, for each of the three positions of the pull knob on the switch, which of the 12 terminals show continuity with each other ?? And....of all of the 12 terminals....is any of the 12 "hot" no matter which of the three positions the pull knob is in ? There have been plenty of discussions about this switch but I've never seen the answers to these two questions posted. Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  6. Jack Worstell

    2330 Bulb Socket

    Are replacement headlight bulb sockets available ( 2330 bulbs ) ? We have a 1937 Buick Special. Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  7. Jack Worstell

    1937 Buick Headlight

    Our 1937 Buick Special has a fancy headlight system. When the headlight switch is pulled out all the way the headlights are supposed to toggle between DS Lo beam PS Hi beam and DS Hi beam PS Hi beam when the dimmer switch is depressed But instead it toggles between DS Hi Beam PS Lo beam and DS Hi beam PS Hi beam Has anyone else run into this ? We suspect it has something to do with the reproduction wiring harness ( which was in the car when we got it ) Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  8. Jack Worstell

    1947 Special Radio

    Thanks for the info everyone. These things are surprising not that easy to find. When I do find them ( eg NAPA ) they don't give specs for voltage rating or for capacitance. Jack Worstell
  9. Jack Worstell

    1947 Special Radio

    We have a factory radio in our 1937 Special. The manual says to install a capacitor on the coil primary ( + terminal ) and a suppressor ( resistor ) on the center pole of the distributer cap But it says nothing about what the size capacitor ( in micro farads I guess ) should be nor how many ohms the suppressor should be. Can anyone help on this ?? Where can I get the right suppressor ?? Jack Worstell PS the manual also says to put a capacitor on the generator....but we have an alternator... does this also require a capacitor? If so....how many micro farads ?
  10. Jack Worstell

    1937 Special Headlight Bulb Sockets

    Are replacement sockets for headlight bulbs available ? Jack Worstell
  11. Jack Worstell

    1937 Buick Distributer

    The ID plate on our distributer says "181888" instead of 663 Z or 663 Y. Is 181888 an appropriate substitute ? Maybe 663 number has been superceded by 181888 ??? Jack Worstell
  12. Jack Worstell

    1937 Buick Radio Knobs

    Thanks Gary Jack Worstell
  13. Jack Worstell

    1937 Buick Radio Knobs

    Thanks Carl. And are there second discs which sit behind these discs ? Jack Worstell
  14. Jack Worstell

    1937 Buick Radio Knobs

    I worded my question poorly. I meant to ask about the metal disc(s) behind the plastic knobs. One or two metal disc(s) behind each plastic knob ? Photos anyone ? Jack Worstell
  15. Jack Worstell

    1937 Buick Radio Knobs

    Are each of these knobs one piece or two pieces ? Jack Worstell