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  1. So Marvel Mystery Oil is just a mixture of hydrocarban molecules ??? If so....there can't be anything very special about it..... Jack Worstell
  2. What is Stoddard Solvent ? A solvent based on a mix of hydroarbons of some sort ? Jack Worstell
  3. To follow up on Bob Engle's comment If you have the retaining pin ( and not the retaining set screw ) and if you try to remove it by drilling it out... be careful....if you drill in too far you'll run into the key cylinder and ruin it ( ....I made that mistake ) Jack Worstell
  4. Matt thanks for the info. After reading your reply...I remembered the "new" way to get to these old articles.....I had forgotten. Jack
  5. I used to be able to access the old Torque Tube ( ie 1982 to July 2005 ) articles on the internet . I can't anymore. I can still get to the index for these articles ( compiled by Frank Freda ) But when I click on a link to get to the actual issue of the Torque Tube ...all I get is an image of the first page ?? I can't get past this to see individual articles There is a ton of useful info in these old articles. I hope this info has not been lost. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong ? If anyone can still get to these articles.... ....can you tell me....... step by step ........what to do ? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  6. Morgan Can you confirm that the bell housing from a 1937 Special will bolt up to a 263 block ( from either a Dynaflow car or from a manual transmission car) ? Jack
  7. Has anyone put a 1950s 263 engine in a 1937 Special ? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  8. Has anyone put a 1950s 263 engine in a 1937 Special ? Jack Worstell
  9. Whoops. Yes Ben ....... Dynaflow....you're right Jack jlwmaster@aol.com
  10. I know there have been several posts on the subject... putting a 263 from a Dynaflow-equipped car into a late 1930s (esp 1937) Special ... but I can't find these threads. So... does anyone have the patience to educate me on what I would be getting into to attempt this project?? Thanks, Jack Worstell
  11. Bloo ....do you ever give seminars at Buick meets.......talk about auto electrical systems and electronics ? Jack Worstell
  12. Sandy.….thanks for the tips...….sounds promising, I'll give these ideas a try. A product I like is "Mastercoat"....which is also a moisture cured isocyanate type coating. (and It has the disadvantages of an isocyanate based coating.) It has a dull aluminum sort of appearance and it is "toothy" which means you can apply a top coat with no need for surface prep e.g. no scuffing with sandpaper. Jack Worstell
  13. One disadvantage with POR 15 ( and probably also KBS....I'm pretty sure that both are isocyanate type coatings ) is poor shelf life after the can is opened. When I use it I...……… Dip out of the can with a new plastic spoon or ladle whatever I need for the task at hand Promptly put some Saran wrap over the can opening...….I don't leave the can open any longer than I have to. Then put the lid back on And I store it in a refrigerator ( non-food storage ) after the can has been opened And even so it has poor shelf life after the can has been opened, This is because moisture catalyzes the curing of isocyanate type coatings.....and it doesn't take moisture to cause this But is promptly applied it is PERMANENT. Jack Worstell
  14. We have a 1937 Special 4dr sedan trunk style. We cannot find the data plate......I thought it would be on the firewall or on the cowl...…...but it isn't. Were should it be ? Jack Worstell