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  1. Jack Worstell

    1937 Buick Distributer

    The ID plate on our distributer says "181888" instead of 663 Z or 663 Y. Is 181888 an appropriate substitute ? Maybe 663 number has been superceded by 181888 ??? Jack Worstell
  2. Jack Worstell

    1937 Buick Radio Knobs

    Thanks Gary Jack Worstell
  3. Jack Worstell

    1937 Buick Radio Knobs

    Thanks Carl. And are there second discs which sit behind these discs ? Jack Worstell
  4. Jack Worstell

    1937 Buick Radio Knobs

    I worded my question poorly. I meant to ask about the metal disc(s) behind the plastic knobs. One or two metal disc(s) behind each plastic knob ? Photos anyone ? Jack Worstell
  5. Jack Worstell

    1937 Buick Radio Knobs

    Are each of these knobs one piece or two pieces ? Jack Worstell
  6. Jack Worstell

    How to remove totque tube?

    Where can I get the two pinion bearings for 1937 Special ? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  7. Jack Worstell

    38 Buick Century charging rate at idle...

    I don't think a shop can do an accurate load test on a battery that is partially discharged...it has to be fully charged or close to it to get a good test. This is what the shops have always told me. ( ask your shop to confirm this or refute it for a double check) A fully charged ( or nearly so ) battery at rest will show about 6.3 amps. If partially discharged it will show lower volts...maybe much lower depending on the degree of discharge. With the engine running ( maybe 1000rpm or better ) with a good battery good generator and good regulator you should see maybe 7.3 volts IF you don't have a lot of load turned on and IF the battery is in a good state of charge. If a lot of load is turned on and/or the battery is partially discharged...voltage will be lower...maybe much lower. A lot of load and/or battery partially discharge will always pull down system voltage...……. maybe a little ……..maybe a lot....depending on the amount of load and the level of discharge The regulator will always try to hold voltage constant and usually it will hold voltage almost constant over a range of conditions...but it has limits Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  8. Jack Worstell

    How to remove totque tube?

    70sWagoneers...….did you replace the pinions bearings because they were noisy ?? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  9. Jack Worstell

    How to remove totque tube?

    Jim...what is the part number ( or other ID ) for the two bearings for the pinion shaft 1937 Buick Special. ? Thanks Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  10. We found a reference which states that the waterpump is supposed to be lubricated with 10W motor oil ? Is this correct......and if so where do you add the 10W motor oil ? We can't find a filler plug for this purpose...if in fact this is the right way to lubricate a 248 1937 waterpump ?? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  11. Jack Worstell

    Lloyd Youngs Cars

    Whatever happened to Lloyd Young's cars ? Jack Worstell
  12. Jack Worstell

    Delco Lever Action Shocks

    I have seen several recommendations saying that motorcycle fork oil will work well in these shocks. But what weight ? 10 wt ? 20 wt ? 30 wt ? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  13. Jack Worstell

    Alternator Regultor Schematic

    The CS 121 that I have started out as a 12V negative ground unit. The diodes and regulator were changed to get 6V and positive ground. But I'm pretty sure the stator and rotor were not changed...........and if they could run ( originally ) at 12V why now could they not run at 8V ? We have switched our 1937 Buick to 8V ( a converted 10Si alternator ) and it works fine ( the CS 121 is for another car which physically cannot accept a 10SI except with great difficulty ) . Yes down the road switching to 8V might eventually add some deterioration to various electrical components.....but no more than we run these cars this will not happen anytime some. And when it does....we'll fix it. In the meantime the benefits ( to us ) are worth this extra risk. We are aware of all of the pros and cons associated with various electrical modifications. In this instance a 8V positive ground CS 121 is the best compromise ( if we can solve the regulator problem ) we feel for the particular issue at hand. Jack Worstell
  14. Jack Worstell

    Alternator Regultor Schematic

    I'm looking for a generic schematic for a regulator for an alternator. One that can be adapted for 6V or 8V or 12V. Adjustable within a narrow range in each instance. Also with schematic changes either positive ground or negative ground.can be had. No doubt the regulator would have to be mounted externally. ( and I know that switching polarity also means something has to be done about the diodes ) My immediate need is to convert a CS 121 unit ( 6V positive ground ) to 8V positive ground. Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  15. Jack Worstell

    Overdrive Information 38 Buick...

    ...will the auction be at the house ??