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  1. ??? Your electric wipers....are they 12V or 6V or ? Jack Worstell
  2. I recall reading somewhere that dual carbs were standard in 1941 except that they were optional on series 40 and that in 1942 dual carbs were standard on all series. Is this info correct ? Jack Worstell
  3. So when shifting in and out of fourth gear { OD } you have to use the clutch ?? Jack Worstell
  4. I recall reading somewhere that dual carbs were standard in 1941 except that they were optional on series 40 and that in 1942 dual carbs were standard on all series. Is this correct info ? Jack Worstell
  5. If the EPS stops working.( eg loss of 12V to the EPS)..….the it's simply back to manual steering ….no action required on the driver. Jack Worstell
  6. By now some of you are wondering...…………….. How much do I cut out of the outer steering column and where do I make the two cuts ? and How much do I cut out of the inner steering shaft and where do I make the two cuts ? Sorry.....but we neglected to make these two measurements. If you should venture into this project you will be able to figure this out as you get into making the these modifications....but I certainly concede that it would have made things a lot easier if I had taken these measurements. In the photos I included in a previous post you will see a sleeve at the upper end of the EPS motor unit …..about 4" long a thin flange on one end with three bolt holes...…..we cut a rectangular opening for the horn connection into this sleeve. This sleeve came with the EPS we bought from the salvage yard....part of the unit. It is 1 1/2" ID.....which makes it just right for slipping over the 1 1/2" OD outer steering column. So don't throw this part away... CAUTION....think ahead......the wrong mistake and you will be searching for another steering column...…. Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  7. More on Installation DON'T take the dimensions I cite as "gospel"...…..be sure to take your own measurements. From the photos in a post above you can see that we mounted the unit with the motor in a downward orientation ……….in retrospect...….we probably should have mounted it with the motor in an up ward direction. Live and learn. After you cut off the input and output shafts of the motor unit of the EPS you will end up with something roughly 7" or so tip to tip. Leave just enough of the two shafts ( 1 1/2" maybe a little less ) so as to accommodate couplings to fasten these two shaft stubs to the inner streering column ( cut enough out of the inner column so as to insert the clipped EPS motor unit.) The two couplings.....maybe 1" or so od. One end 53/64" id ….each coupling....for the inner steering column shaft. The id on the other ends of the two couplings...I don't recall....in the vicinity of 5/8" …..for the shafts stubs sticking out of the EPS motor unit. Measure carefully. Keep the fits very snug...….so the end result doesn't have "play" and wobble. Think ahead how you will secure the couplings to the shafts. For the lower coupling we used 3/16" roll pins. ……...accessed thru holes drilled in the nominal 1 1/2" by 2" exhaust adapter ( of course first we pre-drilled the coupling and the shafts ) For the upper coupling we used 1/4" set screws with locktight. We could slide the approx. 4" long section ( with the rectangular slot for the horn ) up and down a little and this gave us access for securing the set screws. Again...we pre drilled the coupling and the shafts First the steering box and the EPS motor unit are mounted to the car.....this is easier if you remove the motor from the unit which is not hard to do. The upper portion of the steering column is mounted separately later. More later CAUTION....think ahead....a mistake and you might end up searching for another steering column. Jack Worstell jlwmater@aol.com
  8. Larry BW units "kick in" at about 28MPH. Do Gear Vendor units have a "kick in" MPH ?? Jack
  9. For the first time today we did a short ( 20 minutes ) road test with the EPS in operation...….... It worked just fine. And now we have some more confidence that the 12V lawn tractor battery and the 8V to 12V booster ( charger ) will supply enough power for the 12V EPS. However the instructions for the booster are not easy to understand and we have trouble figuring out how to keep it set and turned on. I think this is just a learning process though. The EPS unit spiked very briefly to almost 50 amps ( we weren't surprised by this ) but I'd say overall that overall average amps is definitely in the single digit range Jack Worstell
  10. How much RPM (%) reduction do you get with the Gear Vendor ? Does it operate via a centrifugal governor of some kind ( as does the Borg Warner unit) ? Jack Worstell
  11. To install the EPS motor unit in the steering column you will have to remove the entire steering column assembly from the car....including the steering box since the box can't be pulled off of the column ….at least we couldn't figure out how to part them Note the rectangular slot cut out so as to preserve the horn function. Measure (a) top of outer steering column to the top of the inner steering shaft...in our case this was 1 3/4" (b) top of outer steering column to the top face of the ignition lock assembly...….… in our case this was about 10 1/4" Be sure that after all is said and done ….that these two measurements are kept. It's a tight fit...cut the input shaft and output shaft of the motor unit off....such that only about 1 1/2" is left..... just enough for attaching the two couplings to the 53/64" od inner steering shaft. Cut the outer steering column shaft off such that only about 2" sticks out of the steering box. Then use a nominal 1 1/2" by 2' exhaust pipe adapter between the approx. 2" long outer steering column stub and the raised hub on the EPS motor unit. We cut some slots in the 2" dia end of the exhaust adapter so as to help epoxy the adapter to the motor unit CAUTION...think ahead. If a mistake is made.....you may end up searching for another steering column !!!!!! More later....enough for now. Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.co,
  12. We used the EPS unit out of a 2005 Saturn Vue like this one on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/02-07-SATURN-VUE-EQUINOX-COMPLETE-ELECTRIC-POWER-STEERING-PUMP-MOTOR-COLUMN-EPAS/323798822787?epid=772348461&hash=item4b63e9ef83:g:FxsAAOSwbfRcjyB3 However we bought ours from a local salvage yard. Note that the ECM module is fastened to the motor unit. With other EPSs I've seen these two are separate and hooked together by an umbilical cord of several wires. We had to separate the two and this involved extending the six short wires that hooked the two together ( but not in an umbilical fashion...you have to remove several machine screws to part the two...….. see the photo on eBay ) Six wires...two are "power: and four are very small gauge "signal" wire. These four small wires are very hard to work with. We separated the two because (a) we mounted the motor unit in the engine compartment and there wasn't enough room for the ECM also. (b) we thought the ECM electronics wouldn't hold up in the engine compartment Most ( and maybe all ) GM EPS units won't work once they are disconnected from the computer. of the donor car A "controller" has to be added to "fake out" the EPS ECM. These are on eBay for about $50 Most ( and maybe all) Asian EPS units will work even when disconnected from the computer of the donor car.....they will default to a "safe" mode of operation. The big advantage of going the GM route is that you can adjust the level of boost either manually with a rheostat that comes with the controller or automatically with the controller version that reads the signal from the torque sensor in the motor unit https://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemVersion&item=142461763061&view=all&tid=1632139425004 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Automatic-Saturn-Vue-Ion-Equinox-Controller-Kit-Electronic-Power-Steering/142463173598?_trkparms=aid%3D444000%26algo%3DSOI.DEFAULT%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20190129125700%26meid%3D81e8d4cb1ebb41dea87b0c98cbba8d24%26pid%3D100752%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D3%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D142461763061%26itm%3D142463173598&_trksid=p2047675.c100752.m1982 We bought the "manual" version controller...only because the automatic version wasn't available at the time. More later....I figure peoples eyes are fogging over by this point. Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  13. Here's a better photo of the boost converter Jack Worstell
  14. The used lawn tractor battery....I think it was about 230CCA. We mounted it in the engine compartment passenger side close to ( but not up against ) the firewall It sets on a small wooden block which it turn sets on the frame. It's a nice fit. In the photos you can see the open fuse holder. with the 60 amp fuse removed. We will probably change out to a 50 amp fuse You can see that the battery is up against the blue front passenger side fender. We have installed a "boost converter" to get from 8V ( the car has an 8V battery and an 8V alternator ) to 12V https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06ZXYL8PK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 We have used a couple of these in the past with mixed results....we have our fingers crossed on this one. We should be able to test it tomorrow. We mounted it on a 1/4" thick aluminum plate inside...….up against and in the middle of the fire wall.....under the dash. We were at first skeptical that the lawn tractor battery would be enough but we have a little more confidence in it now. In the garage it works great. We'll see how it does on the road It's the boost converter that we have more doubts about If we should be driving along and the 12V battery runs out of juice....the unit simply will revert back to manual steering until the 12V battery gets recharged Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  15. Yes myself and my two buddies are on our 80s...……...we need more "accommodation" than years ago when we were younger. In a few weeks I'll post some write-ups describing how we went about this. We went thru a lot of "trial and error". We put a "Lloyd Young" overdrive in the Special a while back. A previous owner had already switched to a 3.9 ratio rear end.....so overall gearing ( when in high gear overdrive ) is only about 2.75 !! Yes it "bogs down" a bit when driving in the hills.....but not as much as we thought it might. At any rate.....the ease of cruising at 65mph is well worth a few more downshifts into second gear. Jack Worstell