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  1. Hello. I am in need of a few wheel rim clamp/wedges for my 1929 Buick. The number cast into the backside of mine is 933523. My catalog shows 1929-1932 use the same clamp. Attachments_2016_01_3.zipAttachments_2016_01_3.zip
  2. For sale is a fuel pump for 1929 Buick. This pump will fit Master and Standard series cars. Pump has been completely rebuilt for modern fuels. Has been tested for leaks. No cracks or stripped threads. Email request to discuss or photos. Price $500.00 US. email lizdurrett@yahoo.com
  3. I looks like 1/8" NPT to me. Any hardware or automotive store should have several items with the same thread that you can compare to.
  4. I would also verify accuracy of the temperature gauge. It can easily be done with the infra red hand held guns. My 29 gauge shows about 15 degrees more than the actual coolant temperature.
  5. I am interested in purchasing a car cover for my 29-41. The car will be stored inside an insulated building in East Texas. The climate here is fairly high humidity most of the time. I want a cover that is cut to fit correctly as well as easy to install. What manufacturer and what material would you recommend?
  6. Sorry I couldn't figure how to rotate the photos. There are two. The right border is the bottom .
  7. Hello . I am seeking input from owners of 1929 Buick Masters regarding front spring ride height. My car is low in the front end and looks strange. I haven't measured my running board angle in degrees. It has 6.50-20 tires that are properly inflated. I have recently installed new front springs and they are almost resting on the shackle stops. Shown in the photo , is a measurement from shop floor to center of front spring bolt. How does this measurement compare to the car that you guys own ? Please take the time to measure and share how high your front end sits.
  8. Hello I am in the process of rewiring my 29-41. I have the generic wiring schematic for my car , but it does not show the details for the connections at the circuit breaker and the headlamp switch. I pretty much have everything else figured out. Does anyone out there have this information? I prefer to not proceed trial and error. Thanks
  9. Hello I am working on my 29-41. I have recently cleaned and inspected the tie rod and drag link ball/socket components. All appear to ready for more miles. Now, I would like to hear the professional procedure for adjustment of the ball seat tension. I have so far tightened them down all the way , then lined up the cotter pin . What now? Thanks
  10. I know that this technique seems harsh, I have probably removed 50+ broken bolts and studs in various states of decay using this method. I have performed it on cast iron, cast steel and cast aluminum parts. On aluminum do not heat until glowing. Only mild heat .
  11. You are lucky that you have part of the bolt sticking out.This is how I have removed many broken bolts in the past. I would first very firmly tap on the stub sticking out several times. Then heat with an acetylene torch on medium flame , all around the bolt. Try not to heat bolt itself, but the material around it. Bring the metal around it to a glow. I then quench by pouring cold water with a steady stream to completely cool all parts. Soak bolt with penetrating lubricant. Using vise grips , very lighty attempt to turn the broken bolt back and forth. DO NOT break it off, you can always tap on, reheat and quench again . If movement is detected soak it with lube again and keep going back and forth. Always use minimal force. Finesse, not force. The tapping with a hammer and the quenching has worked for years for me . Good luck.
  12. My car is a 29-41 . Does anyone know of a source for tie rod repair sockets and drag link socket parts. The balls are in good condition. The seats show wear. I was thinking that certain Chevrolet and GMC trucks used the same parts , but I don't have the means to cross reference. Thanks
  13. The nut shown threads on to the front bolt for the front spring. The bolt comes from outside the frame , thru the spring and threads into the front hanger. The exposed threads are the ones the crown nut goes on. The recess below the hex is the part that goes thru the front bumper bracket. I would photograph , but my car in in many pieces at the moment.
  14. I am in need of two nuts that go thru each front bumper bracket. They go thru the inner side and thread onto the front spring bolt. The thread is 11/16-16. The hex is 1" . I prefer to find them ready to use vs. having them machined. Thanks.
  15. Does anyone have a headlamp switch for a 1929 Buick for sale? My old one has too many issues to overcome. Thanks
  16. Has anyone used the exhaust kits from Waldrons ? I am concerned with correct fit and ease of installation. How close are their kits to original muffler size etc ?
  17. Thanks men for the solid recommendations. I knew that others advice would save me time and headache. I will never get the car exactly the way I want it, but I do prefer to get it as complete and original as possible. Unfortunately I believe advice and resources may be more difficult in the future.
  18. 1. I have noticed different type radiator cores used in 29 Buicks. One type (like my car) uses a hexagon shaped opening for the air to travel thru. The other is a "diamond" shape opening. Which one or were both used in production? 2. Which hood lacing or welt was used on the cars ? The split or flat type ? 3. On the insert below the radiator, what was the proper finish for the strip (top of photo) that separated the radiator from the lower panel? If chrome , how could it be re chromed without damaging the lower honeycomb ? 4. What paint color is correct for the radiator tank, shroud/sides, core or other parts? I presume semi gloss black. 5. My radiator had no mounting pads or shims when removed .What thicknesses have you observed on un molested cars? 6. I need the bracket that mounts on the radiator that the hood center hinge rod goes into. Mounts with a screw on each side. 7. I have a very good example of the shown part for a STANDARD that I may part with.
  19. Hello Buick Masters. I am now ready to have exterior parts on my 29-41 re-plated . What finish was original to this car. My parts appear to have been nickel plated originally. Does anyone have specific shops in mind that are affordable and meet reasonable turn around times? I am in Texas . ALSO looking for a original mechanical fuel pump for this car. Thanks
  20. I want to buy a rebuildable fuel pump for my 1929 Buick 41. PM me if you have one available. Thanks
  21. I am liquidating some unneeded parts from my selves. I have for sale, (2) 10-127 Marvel cast iron carb housings. This is the cast iron part that holds the carb bowl and venture. They do not have venturis inside any longer. They do have choke shaft and plate, which do move freely. They are free from cracks or any heavy rust. They aren't perfect, but very useable. I believe they are from 1930 BUICK MASTER engine. Does anybody need them? I would consider trading for parts that would fit my 29 MASTER.
  22. Look to Restoration Supply Escondido CA. Page 12 of their online catalog, has nitrophyl floats for Marvel carbs. These guys also stock cork and nitrophyl material for float fabrication . Another source for what you need is Bobs Automobilia . They sell Marvel floats and the gaskets you need. The carb kit they sell has a float included. Good Luck!
  23. What doors used a locking outside door handle on my 29 Buick 41 4 DR sedan? I have tried installing one on my RF door but it wont go in all the way. No matter position the key is in.
  24. Hello. I am in need of a splash apron for my 29-41.This part goes directly below the radiator and between the frame rails. I have the original ,but it isn't in very good condition. I also need the filler panel (honeycomb panel )that goes directly below the radiator core. It has the crank hole. I have a good one for a STANDARD but need one for a MASTER. I would be willing to trade .THANKS
  25. Hello John. Your questions can be easily answered by going to 29buickphotos.com .Go to the photos ,then , information and lastly-miscellaneous parts and information. There you will see all parts associated with the speedometer drive. Good Luck.
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