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  1. Have not received my Buick Bugle for March 2019. Has it been sent out yet?
  2. Here is the last Taurus. This silver car matches the build sheet that I have. I definitely worked on this car. Assistant Plant Manager Ryan Wheeler at right.
  3. I think we built the last one today. After it passed down the line, a crew of people began collecting the Taurus pieces from the work stations.
  4. My cousin worked the shift after me on Tuesday morning. It seems that FoMoCo made a couple more Taurus cars while I was sleeping Tuesday. So my build sheet is not the last Taurus. Not sure if any were produced today.
  5. Don't know much about it other than it existed. I remember the "SHO" Taurus was peppy and had more road feel.
  6. Yesterday, February 26, 2019, I helped to build the last Ford Taurus Sedan. It was a black one--fitting for a Ford. When I came in for my 6pm to 6am shift at the Ford Motor Company Chicago Assembly Plant on February 25th, we were told that the last Ford Taurus had been built. People apparently were signing a car or the hood of a car to commemorate the event in a lobby area near where the cars rolled off the line. Sure enough, we produced Ford Explorers all night. Near the end of my shift, low and behold, a Ford Taurus came down the line. My line built the doors of what I think was the last Ford Taurus between 0430 and 0530 central time on February 26, 2019. Since I knew that some car was being signed down at the end of the line and sensing a potential last car controversy down the road, I decided that I needed to record the circumstance of the last Ford Taurus to come down the line. I went over to the end of my production line to record the VIN and the Ford Rotation Number (and noting the time) of the what I thought would absolutely be the last Ford Taurus. A line supervisor saw what I was doing and gave me a build sheet from the car. So the last Ford Taurus has been built. I don't know if another Ford Taurus had been built while I was sleeping off my 11.5 hour midnight shift. I hope not. Back in 1986, I worked at a place called Nu-Car Carrier, where we transported the first generation Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable cars from the Chicago Assembly Plant to the nearby Railyard or Truck Transport terminals for transport to Ford dealerships across the country. So I was there at the beginning of the Ford Taurus run and I was there for the end of the Ford Taurus production run. No one thinks of the Ford Taurus as a classic car, but the Ford Taurus was in production almost continuously for 34 years, longer than the Model T and the Model A combined. I am proud to have been there for this part of Ford Motor Company history. . . .
  7. In 1983 I purchased a 1972 Buick Electra 225 four door hardtop. Gold with black top and black interior. I knew the owner and he took care of his stuff. Loved that car. I wish that I still had it. . . .
  8. Here is my Survivor Car. 1937 Ford De Luxe Fordor. This car was in storage from the early 1960s until I purchased it in 2012. Here is a photo of what it looked like when I purchased it and what it looked like after I fixed it up and cleaned it up.
  9. Yep, love those Roman Numerals. I had them on my 1973 Cadillac back in the 1980s: LXXIII. Very few understood.
  10. Can some one tell me what model this 1929 Cadillac 8 is?
  11. Mission Accomplished. Thanks guys.
  12. This Oldsmobile dealership building is still standing on Hohman Avenue in Hammond, Indiana.
  13. Tag is unreadable. Great. Thanks for the ID. That is the Gen I wanted. Thanks to all that helped and thanks Dad.
  14. Can anyone ID this old generator that my father gave me?
  15. Yikes!!! I let my AACA renewal lapse. I just discovered that I had forgotten to pay. Can I renew by phone? I don't seem to have an account to renew here on line. PP
  16. Welcome. Good luck with the truck.
  17. Merry Christmas. I went for a Christmas eve spin in the 1937 Ford.
  18. Agreed. Agreed. Some cars look better with sidemounts than others. And I really agree about the 1940 Buicks with sidemounts looking "odd"--the sidemounts detract from the beautiful lines of these cars, they looked tacked on. Not a good look. (1941 Buicks did not come equipped with sidemounts--thank goodness) As the cars got rounder and curvier in their design, the sidemounts look less and less attractive. As seen in a pre-war Nancy Drew film, this 1937 Ford was fitted with a sidemount; I guess someone just could not help themselves. Ford did not sell them this way and one look tells you why.
  19. If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you are a baby boomer.
  20. From these photos, it looks like they could. I have no problem parallel parking my 1930s era car.
  21. Yep, the big photos overwhelm the real thing. Would rather see the car with nothing in front of it.