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  1. Yep, looks like 1932 on this big monitor too.
  2. Thanks a million Steve. I'll be happy to buy you lunch if you are ever out this way.
  3. I still have not received my latest issue. How can I determine if my membership is paid up?
  4. Yep. Americans want "cheap." Can you say "Walmart", "Harbor Freight" ?
  5. Don't listen to guys like this-- Four door cars are beautiful and the most luxurious.
  6. Nothing wrong with Four Door cars. Believe it or not, there are enthusiasts who prefer four door cars. I am one of them. Never cared much for Red Convertibles. It doesn't help that the TV car shows denigrate them (The assmonkey garage comes to mind). They are, in fact, the REAL cars. And a good way to get people into the hobby.
  7. I like them both. My wife asked for the whitewalls. They do look good on this car. And they were a Ford option in 1937.
  8. Edin, is this a V-16? I am thinking it is.
  9. Sorry to hear that. I will drive my antique auto as much as I can. The virus is no barrier. Nobody wants to ride with me anyways.
  10. In 1972, I was nine years old. My father was in between cars; he had sold a 1953 Chevrolet and was a couple years from buying a 1941 Buick 90. But we went for rides to no where and we went for rides to look at new Buick Electra 225s at the dealer. He loved his Electras.
  11. I don't have one. I rent a garage that was a carriage house. I was saving for a second house with plans to build a big pole barn for my cars and stuff, but that plan seems to have disappeared with my well-paying job. I might have to use that money just to live. I hope to get another well paying job when this is over and build a second house with big garage. Hard to start over at my age.
  12. Yup, they sure help in this department.
  13. Humphrey Bogart drives a Plymouth coupe in a few of his movies.
  14. When I drive my 1937 Ford during cold weather, I use gloves. They are not driving gloves. They are gloves issued by FoMoCo for vehicle assembly. They are not really warm, but are good for what I use them for.
  15. When I was a kid in the 60s and 70s, my dad would not let us eat ice cream in his beautiful Buick Electra 225s. No way. . . .
  16. In the past, a person could sell their antique vehicle during hard times. Not this time. No one is going to want my 1937 Ford Fordor or your 1939 Buick Special 4DR. I told my wife that our car probably has lost a third of its value this year. The Model A guys are dying off, and many of them own two, three, four Model A cars each. The glut of Model As is already happening. High end cars will always bring in the dough, but the average "antique" car that is not a two door convertible will be on the losing end. Going to be a buyer's market soon.
  17. I love hanging around with my car.
  18. I love Mac Van Pelt and his page. He rebuilt my trans. I have spoken to him in person on several occasions. His info is usually very good. That being said--the correct 1938 Ford production numbers can be found on page 31 of the DeAngelis book THE EARLY FORD V-8 - AS HENRY BUILT IT - A PRODUCTION FACTS BOOK 1932-1938. By George DeAngelis and Edward P. Francis. The numbers for 1938 Ford 85 hp V-8 cars are as follows: 1938 CALENDAR YEAR: January 4438369 thru end of August 4650603. Cars with those numbers are 1938 Ford cars. That is where the 1938 MODEL year ends. The EFV-8 Club's 1938-1939 Ford Book is also a great reference.
  19. Like I said and I will keep saying---Ford did not build 1938 cars after Aug / Sept.
  20. Serial # is 18-4654985. That makes it within ~ 6000 cars of the end of 38 production (based on 38 production being through 4,661,000). This sentence is incorrect---1938 model year cars numbers ended at 4650603. 1938 Calendar year ended at 4661000, not model year. You are misinterpreting the numbers---1938 Ford car production ended in August/Sept of 1938. . During Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 1938, Ford Motor Company built 1939 models. The beginning of the model years starts in Sept/Oct. Do you understand the difference between model year and calendar year? The distinction is important in your case. For instance, my engine trans combo for my 1937 Ford was manufactured in December of 1936. It is still a 1937 car, just built in 1936. Do you get it? Not trying to be smart, but I think you are not understanding what I a trying to tell you. Friend----4661000 is NOT a 1938 Model year number; that is a 1938 CALENDAR YEAR number. 4650604 thru 466100 are 1939 Model year numbers. Cars with those numbers are definitely 1939 cars that were built in late 1938. Again. 1938 Ford production ended in August of 1938. After August 1938, Ford produced 1939 cars. Your 1939 car was manufactured as a 1939 car in the late summer or early autumn of 1938. The last 1938 Ford engine / trans combo for 1938 was produced in August and that number is 4650603 . After that number, all numbers following are for 1939 cars. So 4654985 is a 1939 Ford number. MYSTERY SOLVED.