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  1. A lot of great comments and insights. Thanks to all who replied and who are thinking about trying to solve these problems. Great thread.
  2. Thank you so much. I hope our clubs can survive. I love National Meets. Like old car heaven.
  3. Yes, I was involved with two non profits and it was the same. 80 members but the same 20 people showing up all the time. I think some of the clubs will survive undiluted. The locals may fade, but the national will probably survive.
  4. Not every antique automobile enthusiast is a club joiner. I belong to several clubs and I enjoy club membership and events. That being said, there has been a lot of discussion lately of club membership numbers. For most clubs, the numbers are going down. And that is causing anxiety in some quarters. It begs the question --at least in my mind-- is a club more enjoyable if it has 9,000 members instead of 4,000? Or--Is the club less viable if it has three-quarters of the numbers it had 25 years ago? I think the answer is "no" to both. It is my contention that a club is not any less viable or enjoyable with reduced membership. At least one club I belong to has been kicking around stupid ideas to employ in an effort to increase membership. Bad idea. I am looking for total club numbers for 2021 for several clubs. I can't find the numbers in my own directories. Looking for these numbers: Total Club Membership: Early Ford V-8 Club Cadillac LaSalle Club Buick Club AACA Model A Restorers Club I think the Buick Club of America numbers are in the issue where the Club's vitals are published. I am going to try and run these numbers down on my own here at home, but if anyone can save me time please post the numbers. Would also like to find the numbers for past years for comparison. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Carbking. Still going to give you a call Monday. Anthony
  6. Tool # 11 and Tool # 11a being used in combination by Vern.
  7. Thanks CarbKing. I will give you a call next Monday.
  8. Here is my email: tony_caroline@att.net Send me a message so I can message you back. The way you have the address there does not work for me.
  9. provide the full email address. ? carbqueensbcglobal.net is not working for me.
  10. Thanks Friend. Please see the attached photo. I am interested in Tool # 11 and Tool # 11a. Tool # 11 -- What is tool #11 ? Where can I get one? What is it called? Tool # 11a -- Is this an ordinary socket extension? If so, what size? Or is it a special extension? Tool # 12 -- What size screwdriver? What are the dimensions of the modification? Vern says that tool number 11 is "essential". I wish he could have provided a little more detail. Any help with tool number 11 and 11a and 12 greatly appreciated.
  11. I have purchased the Vern Tardel Stromberg 97 help book. I need information about the special tools listed on page eleven (item 11 and 11A) (also item 12). What is the tool (tool # 11) called and where can I get one? What size is the socket extension (tool # 11a)? Is it a special tool or an ordinary socket extension? What size screwdriver for tool # 12? What are dimensions of the cuts in the screwdriver? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. I got some one on the phone. They said there have been a lot US Mail delays this year. No problem with Classic Car. Jeff, For me, it is 1980. The last thing I want to do is look at a screen for my pleasure reading. Plus, I can take my magazine anywhere and it does not need batteries. I subscribe to several Old School type paper magazines. Thanks to all. Take care.
  13. I haven't received an issue of Hemmings Motor News in a couple months. I paid my sub in August. I can't get anybody on the phone over there. Is anybody else having delivery issues with Hemmings Motor News?
  14. Killed five already since August. In the year 2018, I killed over two dozen mice in the garage/carriage house where I store my car and engines. I really decimated the local population. Did not have another mice show up for many many months.
  15. Thanks guys. Yes, please provide more information. Thanks.
  16. Looking for a firm that repairs and restores Antique Auto Radiators in the Chicago Metro / Northwest Indiana region. Thank you.
  17. Very attractive 1937 Ford De Luxe Fordor Sedan.
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