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  1. Don't know what you can see, but that looks like an orange fuel tank to me boss. Maybe I need my eyes checked. Anybody else see an orange fuel tank under this chevy? . . . .
  2. Orange fuel tank. Is that the way they did it at Chevrolet for 1961? Serious question.
  3. Mark, I love your car. WOW!!!! These are great photos. Love your car. I don't do many cruise nights or fast food car shows, but if I do show up I always get the guy who insists that I get rid of my 1937 Ford 85 hp flathead and replace it with a 350/350 set up. All the same wrong ideas: flathead ford not reliable; 6 volt system don't work good; brakes won't stop the car, etc. You can try and tell them/show them the truth, but they have their own ideas about antique cars. Are these the young people some of us are clamoring for to get into the old car game?
  4. Humphrey Bogart drove the Coupe version in High Sierra and The Big Sleep. I think they used both a 37 and 38 Plymouth Coupe at Warner Brothers. . . .
  5. Great Magazine. Already done with the Nov/Dec issue. I really liked the Macarr Truck article earlier in the year. . . .
  6. No, Clemenza has a Cadillac with wooden bumpers. He actually complains about it just before he is picked up by the Packard. One of Clemenza's men, Pauly, drives Clemenza in that Packard all over town to rent flop houses and buy matresses. Then Pauly is executed in the car and the car is left behind. "Leave the gun, take the cannoli." Not Clemenza's personal vehicle.
  7. Read a story recently in a popular auto magazine where the writer describes a hot rodder who has worked on everything, including "Packard V-16s." Never heard of a "Packard V-16." Do they exist? Could not find any with brief internet search. Is there such a thing as a "Packard V-16"?
  8. Big, pre-war Packard Convertible Sedan in W.C. Fields THE BANK DICK (1940). This beautiful open Packard can be seen in many Universal Pictures titles.
  9. I never made this assertion. Really interested in this thread. Very interesting. Thanks for the feed back. Take care Joe.
  10. Yes, that is what I learned in the old car game: Never say "never" and never say "always" when talking about production and options.
  11. The thread is five years old. I watched this movie recently but had forgotten about this thread.
  12. How Much? Where in Chicago area? Thanks.
  13. Was Ford Motor Company a 24/7 operation in the mid 1930s? Three shifts? Did they work on Sundays? Weekends? Christmas? Interested in these details for the 1936 - 1937 period. Thanks PP
  14. I never refer to my automobiles as "she". I don't give names to my automobiles.
  15. Great Work. Really enjoyed the thread. Hoping to see the car at a National Meet some day.
  16. Thanks West. Yes, interested in setting up at AACA meets. Looking forward to participating.
  17. I am a published history author and my publisher is one of the firms listed in the original post. In the near future, I plan on publishing an antique automobile book that I have been working on the last couple years. How can I --an AACA member-- participate in the book events at AACA meets?
  18. My 1937 Ford was in continuous storage for about 50 years. Was in storage with 2nd owner from 1963 to 1990 when his estate sold the car to the 3rd owner. The third owner had so many cars and trucks that he had no time for the 1937 Ford--it remained in a warehouse for sure from 1990 to 2012 when his estate sold the car to me. I got the car running in 2013. The car was really filthy -- I cleaned the car up a lot. Inside and out and underneath. Looks good now. I am going to leave it as is.
  19. These two guys forgot that 8,500 feet of runway is only 1.5 miles. They had plenty of time to get a Hi Performance Dodge to 100mph+, but they ran out of runway. http://www.foxnews.com/auto/2017/09/11/two-men-killed-test-driving-dodge-challenger-hellcat-on-airport-runway.html
  20. I always display my car with the hood down. That is how the designer intended you to see it.
  21. Yes, you summed it up great; Car Flipper gAss Monkey Richard is not a "Car Guy", he is a Money Guy. Thanks for the warning. .... . . .