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  1. This circa 1927 low resolution image, from a Franklin brochure, shows that they offered a similar body design a few years before the unknown car.
  2. Many of the features of the unknown car match a 1929 Stutz Model M. Note that the unknown car appears to have parking lights in the same location as the Model M. The Model M pictured does not have the same body, but otherwise seems to be a good match to the unknown car. My guess is that the unknown car is a Stutz Model M with a custom body or a limited production of a factory offered body.
  3. Pictured is Tom Mix in his Duesenberg Model A turtle back roadster. The design of the car's body is similar, but not identical to the unknown car. The unknown car is clearly not a Duesenberg Model A and also a few years newer. I believe the body for the Tom Mix Duesenberg Model A was made in Los Angeles.
  4. The wheels & step plate location on the unknown car don't match a Packard. The body of the unknown car appears to be a sort of speedster design, sometimes referred to as a turtle back design.
  5. Could be a circa 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I.
  6. Grandpa


    1929 Pierce Arrow pictured.
  7. Grandpa


    Could be circa 1929 Piece Arrow.
  8. Non-stock outside mirror, tinted windows, and perhaps wider wheels.
  9. Could be an automobile race event as part of the 1912 celebration of Arizona becoming a state.
  10. An enlargement of the picture taken in front of the Hotel St. Michael at the intersection of W. Gurley St. & S. Granite St. in Prescott.
  11. Could be bad valve guides on cylinders number 1 & 2.
  12. Pictured is a 1928 Cadillac with a Meteor Motor Co. body.
  13. Could be a circa 1926 Cadillac commercial chassis with a Meteor Motor Car Co. body.