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  1. Re. the touring car to ID - - - Many of the car's features match the circa 1921 Velie, except for the windshield frame.
  2. 1941 Buick convertibles have a dash that is painted the color of the body.
  3. A picture of the dashboard would be helpful.
  4. Could be a prism to see overhead traffic signals.
  5. Looks like a 1940s composite construction sealed beam 7 inch diameter automobile headlight. The construction has a metal reflector, a conventional bulb soldered in-place, and a lens that is glued onto the reflector.
  6. Grandpa

    ID this limo?

    A 1918 or 1919 Cadillac.
  7. The seal is held in place by a wire that fits under the rounded outer edge of the fender skirt. The seal ends at the top of the gravel shield, since the fender skirt is placed over the gravel shield when installed.
  8. Start by removing the front bumper.
  9. Hi Valk, The following is a suggestion for mounting the fog lights on a 1941 Buick - I removed the front splash apron & bumper and mounted the fog light bracket, with the light attached, to a position that I preferred. I made a template, using the grill as a reference, that located the center of the apron hole. After re-installing the apron & bumper, I drilled a smaller hole than what was needed for the bracket. I used a half-round file and a Dremel tool to enlarge the hole and to re-center the hole (if needed) to the desired position. Tool sockets (½ inch drive) were used during the process to check the hole for being round. A slight gap needs to be provided around the bracket to accommodate the grommet. The whole process took the better part of an afternoon. Grandpa
  10. Valk, Below is another picture of the fog light. The factory bracket mounts the fog light above the bumper. Grandpa
  11. Re. a hole in the fog light bracket to hide the wire - Pictured is the wire hole in the bracket.
  12. 1941 Buick factory pictures taken at the Linden, NJ, plant.
  13. More on the 1941 Buick fog light mounting brackets - The fog light mounting brackets have the following casting numbers: 5932053-LH and 5932054-RH. Shown are the Guide Division cast iron brackets with brass copies for the 1941 Buick. The Buick shown has the fog lights reversed from the position shown in Buick literature of the period, which has the fog light mounted closer to the headlight. The car shown has a hole drilled down the center-line of the bracket to hide the fog light wire. The rubber grommets, for the front apron holes, are available from McMaster-Carr (MC). The MC grommet has a squared-off outer edge, rather than the radiused outer edge of the original grommet.
  14. 1930 Buick Model 68?
  15. Factory picture of a 1930 Packard Standard Eight Sport Phaeton.