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  1. I have been struggling for days not to post a "Funny Car" reference on the Funny Car thread. My discipline held.
  2. Not true. There was a 1942 Buick Series 90 LIMITED at the 2013 Central Meet at South Bend. We were parked right next to it with our 1941 Series 90.
  3. Big Beat: I am NOT talking about a full-blown restoration project. I am saying that he can get into a running 1940s or 1950s 4DR Sedan relatively cheaply. I never mentioned a restoration.
  4. . . . Cars were photographed on the same driveway. Looks like same guy owns both.
  5. I grew up with 1941 Buicks and pre-war V-8 Fords. I own a pre-war Ford, like my father did, and my brother owns a 1941 Buick, again as my father did. That being said, I still have a great interest in owning many cars I have no personal history or real connection to. I just don't have the money to buy them.
  6. . . . Hang in there. There are plenty of 4 door sedans from the 40s and 50s that are really affordable. I have seen some nice Buick sedans come and go for cheap on this forum. Get an envelope and write "Antique Car" on it. Start putting money in it little by little. Ten here, five here---it all adds up. Good luck. . . .
  7. I named one of my dogs after Roscoe Turner.
  8. Probably the best restoration thread I have seen on the internet. Great work.
  9. That was a popular conversion in the 40s and 50s. No modifications to the fenders needed. The headlights can easily be restored to original equipment / configuration.
  10. Valeska Powell with her father's 1935 Ford De Luxe Coupe in Kansas late 1930s.
  11. There was a good conversation about this topic on the forum a few weeks ago.
  12. A "mint excellent condition zero rust 1932 Ford Victoria body" would very likely be attached to a very nice chassis on a running car. Not likely an "excellent condition zero rust" Vicky body would be just laying around waiting to be used.
  13. I am pretty sure that my folks would have hollered at me and my brothers if we had done this (and we grew up in the late 60s and early 70s). We were told not to touch -- or climb on -- peoples cars or vehicles. And we would get a good whack if we did.
  14. NO I am not getting scammed; I would NOT send this guy a cent for anything. There have been plenty of warnings on this page and others about this practice of scammers responding to parts wanted ads. This is another example. . . .
  15. Wow, I received an email from a guy who claims he has the part I need for my 1975 Warshawsky.
  16. Wow, I received an email from a guy who claims he has the part I need for my 1975 Warshawsky.
  17. Yes, I did not want to complicate things. Thanks.
  18. Warner Brothers had quite a stable of autos that they used in the motion pictures of the 30s and 40s. If one watches enough Warner Brothers films, the same cars can be seen in many movies. Warner Brothers had several big series 1941 Buicks. They can be seen in Now Voyager and The Big Sleep and many others. Have been told that the big cars on the Warner lots were used in movies during the day and to haul around VIPs at night. Wish I had the time to do a book on this topic.
  19. Nope. Just use the license plate info. That is what the hub bub is about right? Use the license plate info and find my street address. West Hammond does not exist -- you will get nowhere with the West Hammond stuff. It is an inside joke between me and another enthusiast. . . .