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  1. The Bums will always lose Mr. Lebowski.
  2. In my experience, one usually lucks into these kind of situations.
  3. Ben, I am sorry if I offended you. It was not my intention. Thanks. P41144
  4. This was on Saturday. I was not there all week, so I can't attest to what was going on there then. I was not one of the folks who were crabbin about the fence and the location, but when we were being judged someone was. Don't know who they were. When the judge got done with us, they told us we could park at concourse. That's how I remember it. Not casting any aspersions, just relating a parking issue I witnessed. My father was present and remembers almost the same. Sorry for the mix up. I don't know about elitist, because I am not that. I really don't go to a Buick National Meet to see hotrods. OK?
  5. I drove a pre-war Buick to the 2013 South Bend National Meet. When I arrived we checked into the Driven Class area, which was way away from the main concourse area. While our car was being looked at by the judges there were a few people in the Driven class who were angry that the Driven Class parking was so far off the beaten track. After a few minutes of conversation with these members, the judges on hand told the Driven Class people that we could go park on the Concourse after judging. We did. We were able to park our 1941 Limited next to a 1942 Limited and a 1941 Super. We were very happy that our un-modified Driven class 1941 Buick was allowed to park with the 41s. I really do believe that for pre-war years the point-judged cars, the driven cars and the un-modified display cars be parked together and arranged by year. The modified cars should be on their own. I would not want to park my nice original next to a slammed 41 low rider with pearl paint. This is not some fast food cruise night. In the Early Ford V-8 Club of America there are six categories: Concourse; Dearborn; Touring (A and B); Rouge (preservation); Display/Modified. With the exception of the Display class, which are grouped separately, all other cars are grouped by year regardless of judging category. I like this. I like seeing all the 38s with the 38s, all the 41s with the 41s, etc. Having the cars parked chronologically by year makes for a much better National Meet experience. I know many of us in the Ford club do not want the modifieds on the concourse with the other categories. The parking for the Ford folks is a lot easier because of the limited span of years, etc. And I can see the point of BCA planners of having the post war cars grouped the way they are. I loved seeing all those Skylarks parked together at Brookfield. I would like to thank the Driven Class folks who were complaining that July day in South Bend; the voicing of their concerns paid off --- we Driven Class people were allowed to park with the other Buicks on the field. Much better than parking way on the other side of the hotel property. We were able to sit with and talk with more Buick people on the concourse. In the future I would hope that BCA would display judged pre-war cars by year and keep the modified cars separate. . . .
  6. Probably rebuilt as another street rod. Like Matt says, these guys are in it for the thrill of the build. They are not "carlovers".
  7. Wow. Sounds thrilling. I love vintage motoring--just like a time machine. I wish I was one of those lucky forum members.
  8. Nice, I had a 72 Buick Electra that exact color. Good looking car. Good luck.
  9. Car in bottom photo appears to be a 1938 Buick convertible. The photo of the car on top appears to be a 1939 Convertible Sedan (Did Buick call them Phaetons in 39 or Convertible Sedan?). Good luck with your search. Hope you find a kind person to drive them.
  10. What about the strip of stainless running the side through the door handles. Not present on the original photo.
  11. Forums do go down and are lost. For many years I had belonged to a history forum called army air forces dot com. It was a really great forum that included a set of members that made up a great core of expertise and knowledge, making that web forum a go-to page for that kind of inquiry. Well, the page failed somehow and all the threads and posts lost. Some had been archived, but that was the early iteration of the forum and was archived when the modern aaf forum was active. When the modern forum failed, it all fell out. All was lost. A real loss for the future. So, web forums do go down and the info can be lost. Hopefully that won't happen here.
  12. I have been saying this for a few years now. Plenty of antique sedans that are running, complete and available at reasonable prices.
  13. I have been struggling for days not to post a "Funny Car" reference on the Funny Car thread. My discipline held.
  14. Not true. There was a 1942 Buick Series 90 LIMITED at the 2013 Central Meet at South Bend. We were parked right next to it with our 1941 Series 90.
  15. Big Beat: I am NOT talking about a full-blown restoration project. I am saying that he can get into a running 1940s or 1950s 4DR Sedan relatively cheaply. I never mentioned a restoration.
  16. . . . Cars were photographed on the same driveway. Looks like same guy owns both.
  17. I grew up with 1941 Buicks and pre-war V-8 Fords. I own a pre-war Ford, like my father did, and my brother owns a 1941 Buick, again as my father did. That being said, I still have a great interest in owning many cars I have no personal history or real connection to. I just don't have the money to buy them.
  18. . . . Hang in there. There are plenty of 4 door sedans from the 40s and 50s that are really affordable. I have seen some nice Buick sedans come and go for cheap on this forum. Get an envelope and write "Antique Car" on it. Start putting money in it little by little. Ten here, five here---it all adds up. Good luck. . . .
  19. I named one of my dogs after Roscoe Turner.
  20. Probably the best restoration thread I have seen on the internet. Great work.
  21. That was a popular conversion in the 40s and 50s. No modifications to the fenders needed. The headlights can easily be restored to original equipment / configuration.