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  1. Preservation I don't think is in my cards right now. While I do love caring for and restoring things from the past, (I'm reviving an old all leather physician bag as we speak) I do it with the intent to use it. I think if I was to ever get into the business of just restoration for the sake of preserving history I'd probably give the cars over to trustworthy people/places so others can enjoy looking at these gorgeous works from the past y'know? Although if I do get one of these blessed antiques I won't be doing too much to it. It's like buying a garment from the 40s; you may have to make a few alterations to fit you, but you don't just outright change it.
  2. Don't worry. You're talking to a girl who decided that my backup car was going to be a vintage Mystery Machine recreation or an old Herse. I just love the look of old vehicles. 🖤
  3. We were already not gonna buy from these people because they never wanted to talk to us to begin with. The wife was short and rude with us and when we tried contacting the husband we were flat out ignored. We were never even given a name let alone a price.
  4. You're right about them bailing for sure. While they didn't want to talk to my mother and I, there was another man there that was buying a red Corvette they had in the backyard. He told us that they were going broke and had to sell the cars so he was getting a good deal on it.
  5. That's so incredibly helpful, thank you so much. I guess it's a good thing I fell for such a sturdy model 😂.
  6. I was on a day out with my mom when we saw this beautiful car sitting in front of a house. We tried to get ahold of the people who said they were selling but they didn't want to talk to us. I was wondering if you all could tell me the name? I'm interested in doing some research on it to maybe get one myself in the future! (I'm only 18 so I can already tell you I absolutely don't have the funds for it rn 😅) Any info helps! Thank you in advance! Edit: I have no preference for doors or size. As long as the car looks like I'm a cool as ice time traveler strapped in leather I'll like it, so keep those recommendations coming 😍 P.S. I read the general rules of the forum but this is still my first time posting. I'm sorry if I break any rules!
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