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  1. Matt, I guess my two brothers and I are the exceptions. We are in our early 50s; we appreciate and have youthful connections to unmodified pre war cars. When we were kids my dad owned a 1937 Ford Fordor and a 1941 Buick Series 90. He also had a 1953 Chevrolet and 1956 Buick back then (I went with him to pick up that Chevy). Not only was our family involved in the old car game, we knew other old car enthusiasts with the same sensibilities; so we were lucky in that sense. I am a trained historian so to me it is really thrilling to experience actual 1930s / 1940s style motoring in a stock offering from that era. The fact that my father had these old cars around influenced us boys to buy our own old cars. And we like them stock. We were lucky to have that exposure back in the late 60s and 70s. We will see what happens to the hobby once my dad's generation start dying off and their cars hit the market. Hoping for the best on the preservation front.
  2. This kind of butchery has been going on for a while. I recall how shocked sickened I was by Boyd Coddington's rape and dismemberment of a beautiful 1936 Ford Coupe so he could make a fake roadster out of it. Then there is gAss Monkey Richard and Chip Foose--more butchery. Some nice cars destroyed for entertainment. And then they move on to the next "build."
  3. I worked at an Auto/Truck Rental and Leasing company in NW Indiana for a few years. The cars and trucks - even the rentals - were maintained to a high standard while I was there.
  4. "History" left the History Channel years ago. I am a university-trained historian and history author: I have a good reputation here in the states and overseas and I would never risk that hard-earned credibility by appearing on the so-called "History Channel".
  5. I have driven past a bunch of times but never stopped. Too bad. What a loss.
  6. I love the Death Valley area; DVNP is my favorite National Park. Been there many times.
  7. My father bought one for my mother in the late summer 1969. We had to wait a few months before the car was delivered. A drunk driver wiped the car out while it was parked in front of the house in 1974. Unbelievable how familiar that dash seems even though I have not seen one in over 40 years.
  8. Great job. I have had good results casting parts using RTV (room temp vulcanizing) for the molds back in the 90s. That purple stuff looks like it is a little more versatile. Really great work on this project.
  9. Here is the 1937 Ford owned by American historian and author Anthony J. Mireles. Mr. Mireles' work has been well-received here and overseas.
  10. No offense, never heard of her. Over the years I have come across a few ads with the words: "formerly owned by Neil Young."
  11. Give me a break buddy. Tongue in Cheek. Not "worried" about it. Never said I was. Just asking how the points system works.
  12. My 1937 Ford was 75 when I rescued it and brought it back to life.
  13. She did not even thank us for helping her.
  14. I don't feel "bad", I just feel "better". I just don't say enough interesting things that people like. I guess I can work on that.
  15. Thanks I feel better already. I really enjoy this forum.
  16. I have noticed that my "reputation" points clicked up a couple points. I have 691 posts here on the forum but only 73 "reputation" points. Another member, who has been here as long as I have and has ten less posts, has almost 500 reputation points. How come I have such a bad reputation on this forum? I have never had a tussle with anybody on the forum and I try and offer the correct information if I have it. How does the "reputation" point system work?
  17. The information that was published in the Meet Program Book was not "published for the public." It was published for BCA members attending the meet. I was looking at the 2017 BCA National Meet Program last night and was comparing it with the 2013 BCA Program Book (South Bend) and was happy that the 2017 issue did contain a lot more information about the members and what cars they brought to the meet. The 2013 program only lists the names of who registered for the meet--no information on what car they entered. This information is valuable to the club member who needs to contact a member who may or may not be able to help that inquiring member with info or help with his Buick. "Who was the guy with the 1942 Special?" That question can be easily figured out with the nice program provided by the BCA meet organizers. I'll take this time to thank all the folks who worked hard to make the meet a success. Thank you.
  18. Okay, it says "Chevrolet" on the hood badge. And also has the Chevrolet "bow tie". Maybe you can enter "1952 Chevrolet" in a search engine and see the photos of a 1952 Chevrolet hood that will give you the detail that you need. And by the way you are welcome for the help.
  19. . . . . Can we see the painting when it is completed?
  20. Maybe this can help: http://chevy.oldcarmanualproject.com/models/1952models.htm Looks like a style line sedan . . . .
  21. No chain or belt connecting the transmission and primary to the rear wheel. And yes, shocks on a hard tail frame (no swing arm). Still not too too bad for a scratchbuilt model.
  22. Very famous film footage. The car owner had run for safety and abandoned his dog in that car. Poor pooch. I would have risked my life to save my dog.