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  1. Phillip Marlowe drove a car like this in the Big Sleep. And Roy Earl drove one in High Sierra.
  2. My Illinois license plate is 3161YK. Now Go!!!! See if you can find me. I'd bet my bottom dollar you cannot.
  3. This was discussed in detail on another forum, with two law enforcement guys chiming in. According to the two LEOs, no one can "look up" your license plate. Not even cops, unless it is for official business. It was discovered that the most important info a scammer could get was the owner's name and the make of car. Any info gotten would have been spawned from those two data points. So, the blotting out of the plate numbers, numbers that can be seen by anybody on the street, are much to do about NOTHING.
  4. This is why the Articles of Confederation failed in the 18th Century. And it is "States Rights" only when it suits some folks.
  5. Found my issue and finished it up. Good reading.
  6. Looking for vintage 1971-1976 Warshawsky Catalogs. Will take J.C. Whitney for the same years 1971-1976. Any condition. Thanks. Tony tony_caroline@att.net
  7. Looking for vintage 1971-1976 Warshawsky Catalogs. Will take J.C. Whitney for the same years 1971-1976. Any condition. Thanks. Tony tony_caroline@att.net
  8. When I bought my 1937 Ford in 2012, I intended on restoring it to new. The car had been in storage since the early 1960s. Since the car was not running or drivable, my wife was suspicious and unimpressed. I began cleaning up the car and was amazed at how original the car was. I decided to get the car safe and streetable for immediate use and abandoned the restoration (besides that, members of my club threatened to find me if I restored the car). It took a few months to get the car going and safe for street use. My wife was impressed that I
  9. jpage, these models look great. Thanks for posting.
  10. Your models look great. I have that 1937 model. And all the AMT stuff. Here is a Monogram 1/8 scale 1932 Ford Roadster that I am working on. It will be displayed in a 1/8 scale garage set in a repurposed TV cabinet. Here is the build in progress and a mock up of the scale garage.
  11. Cabriolet had cloth interior as standard equipment and the roadster did not. Rumble seats were not cloth because they were exposed to the weather. They were either leather or imitation leather. For the correct information, you might want to purchase the Early Ford V-8 Club of America's reference book titled: The 1933 - 1934 Ford Book. Worth every cent. . . .
  12. They look great. What scale? Are these scratchbuilt? Or are they the AMT issues? The 37 Ford--is that Revell-Monogram? If not scratchbuilt, then who is the manufacturer and scale? Can you provide more details? Especially about the 1937 Ford. Thanks.
  13. Not "warm" at all. Not "warm" in the Chicago-Metro / Northwest Indiana region.
  14. Then they brag that the car is "100% Henry Ford steel". But everything else is NOT. So what is the point of the body being all Ford Steel when the chassis is something made up in someone's shop, the engine/trans is GM 350 Crate/chevy 350 trans with Vega steering and Pinto suspension? Power windows and air. No longer an antique car. Then they get bored with it and sell it to finance the next "build." There are lots of these so called "builds" for sale on the internet and in hemmings.
  15. How to handle this? I was almost one of the "buzzards", but my politeness and decency kept me in check. My friend's father had a nice vehicle that I was definitely interested in. I knew the vehicle and the knew the owner and I also knew how good he kept care of his stuff. The old guy was moved to a nursing home; I held my tongue and did not become the "buzzard". The friend's father then died after a few weeks in the nursing home. A couple weeks after the funeral, I asked my friend about his dad's vehicle. "We sold it months ago. You should have said
  16. My 1937 Ford was owned by the deceased owner's auto related business according to the title. I had to pay extra tax because I was buying it from a "dealer" rather than a person.
  17. What is it? What year? Body style? Engine type? Cannot open the "photo" links.
  18. Your car is very beautiful. Good luck.
  19. Amen brother. These are my favorite too. I still have back issues of Cars and Parts from the 80s.
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