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  1. Their return process will easily give you a headache. I would wait a day and try again. Recently I have been buying a fair amount from them as they offer good, better and best plus OEM parts for newer vehicles. They sent me the wrong rear brake shoes for a Pontiac and after filling out the return process online they sent me the correct ones in a few days and told me to keep the incorrect ones.
  2. Seems a lot us finally got fed up with dealing with many of the things discussed on this thread and got our own equipment to tow. Probably have 80K plus tow miles myself in the past 20 plus years. Sometimes if you don't have the time and it is thousands of miles it can be cheaper and to use one of the reputable carriers. Speaking of cheap (and dangerous) take a look at some of the trucks, hitches, load leveler bars, etc that some are using. I can't believe the number of people I see towing that are downright scary with their setup and knowledge of how to safely tow.
  3. Congratulations on getting your car and trailer back. Having this possibly happen to me has always scared me. Like many I park under lights if possible when staying overnight on the road however experienced thieves are good at what they do. I had small signs made for above each trailer door handle on my old trailer that said "warning alarmed" but I doubt that was much of a deterrent. I was going to have the signs say "warning poisonous snakes onboard" to at least get them thinking.
  4. As some have said many people want to save money when transporting a vehicle. I don't get it. Spend 50K plus on a restoration and shortcut delivery on a expensive vehicle. I feel sorry for what happened to my friend. But knowing him he was probably totally unaware of the best option to get for transporting his car. The restoration shop however could have given better advice however I am sure they are still using the "cheapest" way possible to ship. Since Hagerty probably got stuck with this maybe its time for the insurance companies to put their foot down on who ships their insured vehicles. I found out many years ago that picking up a vehicle plus traveling to shows and tours was a problem having to depend on others or borrowing equipment. After using Passport (excellent service) a few times I bought my own truck and trailer.
  5. Sorry only have one picture and it won't allow me to copy and paste. The car is as described above. This happened in 2018 and as far as I know the driver has never been found.
  6. There have been many threads and posts on this and many of us know you need to be careful when selecting a reputable transporter. Here is the condensed version of what happened to a fellow Amphicar club member a few years ago. "After a flawless restoration it was loaded into a covered transporter and began the journey to Texas from Florida. Somewhere around Louisiana the transport truck driver decided it’d be fun to unload and have a drive/swim in the brackish waters off the route 10 highway. It was driven into the water and then crashed head-on into some big old pole. If that weren’t enough, every panel on the body was bumped, dented, bruised and scratched. The interior was awash in booze, seaweed, and brackish water. Even the hubcaps were dented and scraped. The years of a total restoration were now completely unrecognizable. The truck driver then just abandoned the Amphicar on the side of the road. Meanwhile the transport dispatcher had narrowed down the arrival date and time as I, friends and family gathered. A few hours passed the appointed delivery time and it was a no-show, no update messages, no returned calls, no nothing. There were many phone calls to the trucking company made over the next 3 days, promises made and then broken, calls not returned and finally the authorities were notified. This was grand theft auto after all and now 3 days overdue. Not sure what transpired in the truck dispatch command center, but the Amphicar had been located and was finally en- route to Texas. After 4 excruciatingly long days of the missing Amphicar saga a truck driver calls and says, “I’m the new driver delivering your Amphicar so come and get it.” Arrangements were made to meet at the local Wal-Mart parking lot. So here it is all smashed up rolling off an uncovered transporter. Nobody even told me it was damaged. Having spent a good sum of money to have the car restored and waiting 2 plus years for its return, then totally unprepared for the shocking condition in which it arrived. I’ll not bore you with the dozens of phone calls between the trucking company’s scandalous insurance agent and our own equally scandalous lawyer. Nor will I mention the reams of photos and documentation needed and sent in triplicate to every party involved. It’s probably not relevant that the original truck driver has vanished from the earth. In fact I won’t even say how utterly useless both federal and local sheriffs departments were during this entire ordeal. So once again, arrangements were made to send it back to Florida for repairs and a re-restoration. Months passed and it had been moved from the Amphicar welding/surgery center into the intensive care unit and was now convalescing on the proverbial road to recovery. The facial re-construction was a resounding success! A huge kudos to Hagerty Insurance who took over the claim so the shyster lawyers could be fired. Thankfully the next Texas delivery was uneventful."
  7. I feel your pain. Dealt with many people like this when I worked and ran a business. Forwarding documents, emails, etc for them to hopefully read, interpret, understand and ask questions if necessary. We live in a world of skimmers. Anything past two sentences is typically not read. I tried to put the really important stuff in the very beginning which generally helped.
  8. Do the same thing (also in PA) however I have a set of strong magnets with a felt covering glued to the back of the legal purple antique plate. I can get it on and off of the YOM plate quickly and it has never had an issue coming off while driving. Unfortunately I typically take the car out and forget to bring or put the antique plate on. Probably would be an interesting point of discussion with the officer.
  9. Assuming "Amy" and "Mary" are your cars names sometimes it is best to keep the cars separated so they don't compare notes. Made a trip to Universal Tire yesterday as the 55 Pontiac "squash" was looking at the 67 WW's I just put on the Amphicar 6 months ago and wanted a new set since hers were 22 years old.
  10. I will settle for a tie with Restorer32 as we both belong to a very small fraternity of head on collision survivors. Last year I had a new hip put in after 41 years due to this accident and I am sure Restorer32 is also still feeling some permanent aches and pains. Didn't seem to slow either of us down with the car hobby.
  11. Was hit head on by a well drilling rig which drove me 135' under it until it finally stopped hitting an embankment. They covered me up but my hand twitched. Thankfully nobody was with me. The 66 Impala save my life. It was name Baretta after the TV show. 24 years old and spent 8 weeks in traction. Back in the day I used to brag to my friends I was the only one amongst us that never had a broken bone. Now I tell them I broke them all at once. Enjoy life as it can change quickly.
  12. These are the upper and lower pivot pin bushings that go on the steering knuckle that attach to the outer control arm. Typically the metal bushing wears out. Rubber seals are in good condition. Those made in China are $274. Asking $220 for what you see on the picture. Will do both sides. PM me if interested.
  13. Yep. Took me a few years for my 55 colors to grow on me especially the green. Looking over the 39 two-tone and 14 solid colors offered that year one has to wonder what they (and other brands) were thinking on some of them. Some I have never seen on a car. Pontiac was still adding colors a few months prior to the end of the 55 production year according to their monthly Craftsman Newsletters.
  14. Having driven a 55 Pontiac for 25 years now and just turning it over to 79K original miles from my experience the 287 engine has been as reliable as anything I have ever owned. The engine has never been rebuilt or torn down and only valve cover, gaskets, etc have been replaced. Extremely quite to this day. From my understanding Pontiac used this block for decades and just kept boring it out as it had a lot of "meat" in it. It was also tested for over 3 million miles since they wanted to release it prior to 55 but GM wouldn't allow that so they had a lot of time to test.
  15. I never understood this either. I asked him if I don't like it what are you going to do glue the hair back on. He doesn't bother with the mirror anymore.