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  1. Having met Dennis at the Amelia Island Concourse years ago where he did a feature on my 55 Pontiac for MCC, and after chatting for an hour over a beer, in my opinion he truly is a really nice down to earth car guy who likes anything with wheels, including motorcycles.
  2. Very sad. I just spoke to Don the day prior to her passing. They were married 51 years and they both shared their love of family and the car hobby. It was only 4 weeks ago that they hosted a region tour up in their beloved Perry County. Carol was a recent well-deserved receipt of the 2017Gettysburg Regions service award. We all know how much Don as done for the hobby through the many clubs and organizations they belonged to, but rest assured Carol was there every step of the way including serving as first lady of both AACA National and the Gettysburg Region. Thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family.
  3. A lot of good suggestions here. I have around 71,000 miles towing in 22 years with a 24’ enclosed trailer. I recently installed a wireless hitch and rear trailer camera. For the rear camera it did take some tweaking with extender antennas and more powerful receivers / transmitters to get it to connect regularly. It is great to have when backing up especially at night into a tight hotel space as the grid lines easily get you within 12” of a object, plus the wife and I no longer argue and yell at each other. I also installed a wireless trailer tire temperature / pressure monitoring system which recently saved me on a 2,200 mile trip. Never had a trailer tire go flat while towing (2 in a parking lot). On the NY throughway it start beeping telling me a tire was losing air (down to 30 psi). Had to time get off an exit and sure enough had metal thru the sidewall. Highly recommend installing a TPMS.
  4. Last year friend and 1989 NHRA funny car champion Bruce Larson let me sit in his Corvette funny car and was going to start it (drive shaft was off). Hard to get in and out but I finally did it but unfortunately when trying to start it the batteries weren't up to it. I believe these start with 24-volts. Unfortunately I had to leave by the time they were charged up and he fired it. Still kicking myself for not being able to stay. Hoping I didn't miss the chance of a lifetime and get to do it some day.
  5. Zulaytr: the process is somewhat slow when getting a vehicle approved for 35 A or B. It took well over a year after filling out and submitting all the paperwork and documentation for successfully getting the Amphicar into class 35B.
  6. Roger, you say you torque your 24' trailer lugs at 80 foot-pounds. My old 24’ Haulmark which had 55,000 plus tow miles on and my new 24’ Car Mate trailer both say the correct lug torque is 140 foot-pounds. Recheck your manual for correct torque recommendations. Below is what I found on the internet regarding correct torque: Lug Size FT/LBS Torque 1/2" 90-120 9/16" 120-140 5/8" 140-160
  7. According to the BBB they are out of business. 100’s of complaints out there just do a search. They are always at Spring Carlisle with a decent selection of all types of batteries. Interesting to see if they are there this year.
  8. C&P was a great magazine which Bob Stevens was mostly responsible for. At the end it was easy to see it going downhill from the direction they were taking. For those who knew Bob; it would be easy to fill a book with his outlook on things. Entertaining for sure.
  9. I also thought Tom did an excellent job of explaining the situation, especially being put on the spot and reviewing 2 plus years of what occurred from memory in chronological order without notes. Sadly there are still a fair amount who don't yet understand what has occurred between the organizations. National has been completely transparent with everything.
  10. I bought a new Car Mate trailer a few years ago and it has the 7 pin connector. I also have a large standard size battery in the trailer for a winch, lighting, etc. This battery is charged when the truck is running. No special wiring or difficult modifications were needed they tell me to get this to charge from the truck alternator.
  11. Merry X-mas and keep the cold air up north. FYI, all my Canadianfriends but one Christmas cards came from Florida this year:)
  12. That may of used a few trucks on the series like mostproduction sets. This museum has a lot of “real” vehicles including CraigBreedloves Spirit of America, original bat mobile, several presidents personalcars, etc. They even have the casket handles from Abram Lincolns casket whichwere taken off prior to burial. They could have made a replica made but doubtful. All the real trucks should have a studioletter of authenticity.
  13. I visited this incredible museum a few years ago which has so many historical items from Matt Dillon’s hat to a huge selection of unusual vehicles including Johnny Cash’s one piece at a time Caddy, JFK’s ambulance (recently sold), etc, etc. They also claim to have the Sanford truck (scroll down) which was there when I visited.
  14. The Citicar has no heat but a windshield defroster on / off switch in the dash however as per the owner’s manual there is no blower connected to it. The manual states only the switch was mandated for vehicle production.
  15. I thought the same thing taking the Amphicar for a hot lap around the 1 mile oval at New Hampshire Speedway. Not to smart.