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  1. 1932 Duesenberg J-490 is heading to auction in March at Amelia Island. 1932 Duesenberg J-490X recently sold at auction for $522k This is one pair of four known pairs of cars with very close serial numbers. Some messages on the ACD board seem to indicative the "X" engine were replacement or rebuilt with the original engine surviving. Seems pretty strange now, if you knew the history of both engines perhaps it would be more clear what happened.
  2. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/am20/amelia-island/lots/r0044-1932-duesenberg-model-j-stationary-victoria-by-rollston/841490
  3. This car recently sold for $522k The vehicles from the Samuel Vaughan have not been driven in many years Please note that coolant is leaking into the engine and the cylinder head might need to be replaced Coachwork in the style of a Derham Tourster by Ted Billings 420 CI Straight 8 engine 3-speed manual transmission Red exterior Tan convertible top Tan leather interior Stewart Warner tachometer Jaeger in-dash clock Altimeter 150 MPH speedometer In-dash brake adjustment lever with dry, rain, snow and ice settings Duesenberg Straight 8 Indianapolis firewall badge Polished side engine pipes Dual horns Duesenberg Model J decorative hood ornament Chrome wire wheels Wide Whitewall tires
  4. Zeke, You missed the boat on this auction, you could have been stylin in a 29 Packard roadster, it sold for $170k