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  1. If the bores on the OP's Metz are really so close to the original size that the iron pistons fit properly, I'd think that pretty remarkable. Every brass engine I've had apart – which I admit isn't a huge number – showed severe bore wear from running on dusty dirt roads without an air cleaner. The bores in my own car, a 1910 Mitchell T, measured perfectly at the base but had to be bored .085 over in order to get the taper out. I've had some experience with aluminum pistons that didn't help much... on the only engine I ever sent out to have the work done by an "expert." He used White
  2. Many years ago I was working on a 1905 Cadillac that belonged to a friend. It was straight out of the barn, complete with shredded tires. I suspect it may have been retired because someone hit a rock or a stump with the tie rod and broke it... it was held together (just barely) with a piece of angle iron and cheap u-bolts. I thought about making one but, on a hunch, I went to our favorite local junk yard, Bills Auto Parts, in Valley Falls, RI. Bill was a character... he never scrapped an old car. His yard was literally full of cars from the 20s and 30s. I was there so often, and had gotten so
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