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  1. I used to pull that dirty trick with Carter AFB carburetors, most notably on a 1965 Chris Craft boat I restored which had a solid lifter 327 Chevy Chris Craft conversion engine in it. It didn't want to take the throttle because I swapped the primary and secondary jets. The secondary circuit was supposed to have large jets with stepped metering rods hanging in them. Hanging those metering rods in the tiny primary jets caused the candles to go out because the metering rods totally closed off the jets and the fuel stopped flowing...
  2. Larry- Kudos to you on that one, what a great way to promote the hobby... Dave
  3. Rodney- After 50yrs with this particular year Buick there were no rose tinted glasses in play on this car when I bought it. I knew almost exactly what I was buying. I bought it because the heavy lifting had been done. I thrive on the detail stuff, at age 71, I think it's pretty cool to go out in the garage and spend a couple of hours making something correct. I've ferreted out most everything that was not correct but I didn't have to start with a rusty hulk, removing the body and trim, taking the body apart to do wood, priming, painting, overhauling all the drive train and chassis stuff.
  4. If I were guessing just based on the paint on that bellhousing I might guess Buick Gran Sport
  5. Hello to all; A few days ago I reinstalled the original distributor in my car and after a bit of a hassle with getting secondary point timing set to be synchronous with the primary point timing I got the original distributor successfully timed. I didn't immediately start the engine to verify my ignition job because brewing in the background was installation of a new Waldron Exhaust muffler and tail pipe that had not yet been completed. The exhaust job is what I would like to discuss in this post. When I first got this car I had never run it myself. I bought the car from an E-
  6. There are quite a few steps but taken one at a time none are difficult. Best of luck with this and if you have questions I will try to help you.
  7. The reference to #5 valve is to help locate #1 cylinder timing mark ON THE FLYWHEEL, it is just a way of knowing when the timing mark is coming up in the window on the bell housing. You don't time to the #5 valve. This is straight out of the 31/32 specs and adjustments manual which states "With ignition off crank the engine by hand until #3 cylinder exhaust valve starts to open." "Then crank over slowly and watch timing hole...until the 10 degree mark on 8-80, 8-90 series flywheel coincides with the index line." index line is on the bell housing. I just did a pictures and descri
  8. I'm on my cell right now but if you go to the Buick forums then Me and my Buick then My 1931 Buick project- the saga begins and find next to the last post I just went through the process with good pictures and details
  9. Buick straight 8 late 30's? Here is a picture of one on a 37 Century with 320 cu in str8-8
  10. I'm another California Car cover guy having owned their covers since 1969 for my then brand new Verdoro Green 1969 RA IV GTO. They make covers in many different fabrics depending on intended use and they really fit. The last covers I had before I bought my 31 Buick coupe were for a Porsche 928, a 68 GTO and a 63 Dodge 330 post car. When the Buick came home one of it's good features was it had a pretty nice paint job and knowing what the dust generated while working on restoration projects in a small garage that also houses the car is mean to paint. I queried on California Car Cover on E-ba
  11. My dad gave me a set of beautiful Pickett yellow magnesium slide rules when I was still going to school. Only a few years later hand held calculators began to replace Frieden counters at Ford. Very shortly after that while I was working in the HVAC lab where we were constantly doing calculations like air density and converting test CFM to standard CFM to report airflow test results to engineering, a vendor came into the lab with a box of hand held calculators and everybody in the lab got one. A few years later I sold the Pickett slide rules off to an engineer who was collecting them.
  12. I absolutely agree my dad's use of magazines to build a platform was some craziness but you missed the point. The point was printed magazines have seen their day and are approaching useless if not obsolete. As far as telling my dad's insurance company about this you are a little late. He died in 1981...
  13. NORS stuff like ignition condensers or rubber or fabric parts can be a crap shoot because they may have a finite shelf life. A lot of stuff that was diecast pot metal is reproduced in bronze, aluminum or stainless making the reproduction parts a better choice, especially if they have to be plated. Other items like NOS/NORS lock cylinders and keys may be better than the re-pops. My 31 Buick has an Oakes steering lock and ignition switch assembly and I bought a re-pop cylinder and key set for that and it was nearly worthless, wouldn't reliably lock the column, didn't even fit the hole in the
  14. When I was growing up one of the monthly pieces of junk mail my dad got was a publication known as The SAE Journal which served as a members magazine with articles describing engineering achievements and an advertising platform for major automotive suppliers and engineering service companies. My dad was an engineering manager at Ford. After I grew up and was out on my own I happened to stop in to visit my dad on a day he was cleaning up a mess in the basement after the 25yr old gas water heater sprang a leak. We valved off the old water heater and disconnected it. The next day he had been
  15. Actually I've done this quite a few times but the Buick has been giving me a hard time for the past month or so. I replaced the muffler and tail pipe on the car recently and it took me 2 days and quite a few newly invented delete expletives to get the tail pipe hanger back on the car. It attaches to one of the Delco Lovejoy lever shocks at the frame and I could not get the bolt to start back in the shock housing. I'm trying to help a guy in Quincy IL with his grandfather's 1931 Buick 8-64 roadster and one of the topics is installing the distributor which was removed along with t
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