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  1. So I did send e-mail to Dun-Right QC Coatings inquiring if they were up and running yet and if not, suggesting I would go get my parts back. Thankfully, both for them as a small business trying to survive COVID19, and for me, I left a treasure trove of parts with them for powder coating, they resumed production late last week and now promise my parts will be done and ready for pickup late next week after they catch up a few jobs they brought from their old location to the new one. I'm very happy about that, they do great powder coat work.
  2. The kind of readings your oil pressure gauge is indicating I think is pretty high. I don't know what kind of oil was in my freshly overhauled 31 Buick 60 series engine and couldn't ask the previous owner so decided I would go with Shell Rotella 15-w-40 synthetic blend oil. The oil pressure reading was 35 PSI when I ran the engine with the old oil, is still 35 PSI with the Rotella oil. I think you have a dirty oil pressure relief valve in play. The oil pressure relief valve is a spring loaded piston affair and other early Buick inline 8's I've had apart had sticky or stuck valve pistons whi
  3. I hope they survive. I bought the running board moldings for my 31 Buick from L&L and they look pretty good. About a month ago I dropped off key parts of my car (5 split rims, spare tire carrier and brackets, front bumper support bar and clamps and 20 lugs) to Dunright QC Coatings in Macomb, MI for powdercoat, a company I did business with about 16yrs ago when I restored a 1968 GTO. I gave them my front suspension parts and they did a fantastic job on those. Now they have moved to another building and are still trying to get their equipment hooked up and running. They have had my part
  4. Peter DiPaolo worked with my dad at Ford Motor as a vehicle safety consultant. He was first to average 100mph at the brick yard. Pete used to show his old racing films at the annual Sports Cars in Review in the Ford Theater held in the Henry Ford Museum at Greenfield Village around Christmas time. Klaus Arning, who defected from the German Luftwaffe in WWII and came to America. My dad hired him at Ford. He was a brilliant suspension engineer that Carroll Shelby employed to redesign the Shelby Cobra suspension to accommodate the 427 Ford side oiler. Shelby correctly stated Arni
  5. As an amateur restorer who is up to his eyeballs restoring a 1931 Buick here is what I would like to see. I would like to see a way of tracing my car or any other car that is old enough not to be picked up by modern vehicle history tracking such as AutoCheck or CarFax to it's original point of sale and the string of owners and states it has been registered in. In today's world of HIPAA and personal privacy the Secretary of State or local DMV will not and cannot do this tracking or report any results. They actually have some national tracking databases to verify validity of a title or to t
  6. It's not normal for you to be getting a shock. Most repro cloth covered wires have a rubber core that should contain the spark. If you got shocked then yes cross firing is possible. Try making a ground probe consisting of any screwdriver with a plastic handle that totally isolates your hand from the shaft and blade and connect a3 ft piece of 14 gauge insulated wire to the shaft and put an alligator clip on the other end of the wire. Clip the alligator clip on a ground on the engine and probe around the cap and wires to see where the leaks are and fix them. Do it at night if you don't fin
  7. My 31 Buick 66S had no windshield frame, glass or seals. I found The Glass Man Classic Car Flat Glass in California who had listings for all 1931 Buick glass, has drawings and cuts and ships it as safety glass with safety glass identification etched on the glass for those who need that or in my case after signing a liability release form, no marking but still safety glass. That cost the princely sum of about $250 shipped in a very sturdy engineered cardboard carton. For cars back to the 20's you can look up the glass you need and order on line. http://www.classicflatglass.com/au
  8. I stepped away from this thread because I felt a little guilty for straying pretty far from the original intent of the thread which I interpret to be will our hobby die when cars are no longer powered by the IC engine and run on fossil fuel. There are 2 forces at work that will probably force some changes to the hobby, a paradigm shift to carbon free power in the transportation industry and a demographics shift to younger generations that are less interested in the cars the AACA has historically embraced. Other organizations have had to adapt as well. Another organization I participated in
  9. Infrastructure-infrastructure-infrastructure. In Michigan, where there's lotsa wind and some solar energy development more and more stuff is being offloaded from the DTE conventional electrical grid. If you drive west on I-69 from Port Huron you will pass a DTE solar project at Lapeer which provides enough power for 11,000 homes. Michigan isn't exactly a sunbelt state, many other states in the US could produce a lot more solar energy than Michigan does. Alaska won't have much problem with wind energy. All tolled DTE Michigan renewable energy consisting of solar, wind and bioma
  10. The other piece of the co2 story is the loss of plants and trees on the planet. The locals are clearing and burning the Amazon rain forests for instance. That's a double whammy, the loss of co2 to oxygen photo-synthesis that a tree used to produce, then burning the wood which adds co2 to the atmosphere. That's another side effect of forest fires.
  11. Also contained on the NASA website is how global warming works. The earth is surrounded by many man made greenhouse gasses including methane, CO2, CO and fluorocarbons to name a few that we have been contributing since the industrial revolution. The heating rays of the sun used to be slowed by an ozone layer which these gases all attack. Now the full heat of the sun can penetrate the greenhouse gases and can't escape back out, held in by the greenhouse gases. Fossil fuels have been picked as the leading contributor that WE CAN reduce. Methane is a biggy but as long as there is human or an
  12. A- I did post an article that talks about how records were kept and where NASA gets their info. B- regarding your remark about being shouted down- as a "Tree hugger" I feel your pain. But I don't think any less of someone whose opinion differs from mine.
  13. Guilty as charged but overnight charging is gonna be a problem for me, cottage is 400+ miles from home. With current battery range around 300 miles would I have to stop overnight someplace to charge my car off peak hours? Think I'll stick with gasoline or diesel. On the driverless cars already being on the road- AMEN to that. If you don't believe it just be on the I-69 freeway around Port Huron, MI where the Canadian trash trucks are making "driverless" runs every day bringing trash in from Canada to go to Michigan land fills. I view driverless cars as a restriction
  14. So Fahrenheit invented the glass tube thermometer with alcohol fill in 1709. He made the final improvement to what is considered the modern thermometer, charging it with mercury in 1714. That thermometer is still in use today due to it's accuracy. If you want the whole history of the thermometer it dates back to Hero's era. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermometer After that all you need is weather records from around the world which have been kept pretty accurately since 1880. https://climate.nasa.gov/faq/21/why-does-the-temperature-record-shown-on-your
  15. You may want to read a little more of that NASA report you reference. 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit mean temp rise may not sound like much but it has shifted ocean currents drastically, causing melting of the ice fields of the arctic and huge weather changes across the US. The synopsis of effects for the US are summarized along with a brief article on the difference a degree makes appear in the NASA report here. If you are gonna quote the NASA report don't cherry pick it without reading it in it's entirety. https://climate.nasa.gov/effects/
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