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  1. Does anyone have an original running board trim part as pictured they would be willing to sell? This provided access to the leaf spring pivot oiler. I can easily make one out of aluminum but I'm trying to find an original since the material these were made from is different from today's metals. You can reply or e-mail me. Thanks. Scott smrdeza@lentel.com
  2. http://forums.aaca.org/f185/whippet-rumble-seat-step-311161.html
  3. I believe these to be fender steps to a Whippet Model 96 Cabriolet Coupe or Roadster with a rumble seat. If interested, send me a note. Thanks. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  4. I have several original ones in various conditions. Not sure how to test them though. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  5. Regarding Light Six colors, I see what you are referring to in the parts book but all other info says black only, so I guess I don't know. The Princess Louise Lake was a maroon color. My guess is that it was on the darker side.
  6. Depends on the model. Light Six was black only for all years. In 1923, the Special Six could be had in black or blue with black hood and blue wheels with gold pinstriped wheels and hood louvers. In 1924 they added the Princess Louise Lake Maroon. I imagine that the Big Six had a wider array of colors. Scott
  7. Answering Glenn’s question on why aviation fuel (avgas) doesn’t contain ethanol. There are probably a few reasons: 1) Avgas is a specific product with its own additive package and has always had a separate distribution system as compared to automotive fuels, so it has been easier to keep it out of the main stream changes. 2) Avgas is a fairly low volume commodity (0.14% of auto use) and is not as scrutinized. 3) Changes to avgas would require a significant investment by any piston engine aircraft user and manufacturer and would kill an already weakened industry. 4) The aviation community has a pretty strong lobby representing about 1.3 million people. Add all that up and they have been successful is keeping ethanol out and lead in (for the time being). The lead issue is coming to a head rather quickly and there is a lot of work going on to find a cost effective substitute. Scott
  8. Hi Tom, I don't think I ever got back to you on your generator question - sorry about that. I found that the end casting on my 917-A is a different part number than that of your 917-E, so I don't think I can help you out on that part. If you have a Remy 917-E you can rebuild from, I suggest you contact: Jason Smith Advanced Electrical Rebuilders 16574 S. Bauer Rd Grand Ledge, MI 48837 Advanced Electrical Rebuilders - Antique Auto - Marine - Agricultural - Industrial 1-866-228-0218 Scott
  9. For a fan belt you might try Custom Leather Drive Belts-Single-ply (11/64''), up to 4'' wide. You will have to give length and width of the original or measure your application. Scott
  10. The Remy distributor was designed with an elongated slot on the top plate to allow the driver to fully control spark advance/retard through movement of the plate on which the points are affixed. With the introduction of spark advance, through the addition of the centrifugal weights and springs which advances the spark as engine speed increases, it became unnecessary for the driver to advance spark while increasing speed. A recessed pocket and washer was added to restrict movement and allowed the same top plate to be used with several different distributor designs (those with and without centrifugal advance). So, in short, the washer was there to limit the amount of spark advance or retard that could be requested by the driver. My Light Six has the same washer and the spark lever on the steering wheel is used only to retard spark during start and then the lever is fully advanced and allows the centrifugal advance to take over while driving. The washer is made from steel and is 0.062" thick with an ID of 0.382" and an OD of 0.662". I have a spare if you don't want to make one and a few other distributor parts if needed. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  11. The only stable fuel over the years has been aviation gasoline. No ethanol and still has tetraethyl lead (1.2-2 grams/gallon). Expensive at $5.20 - $5.70/ gallon currently.
  12. That's for sure. A lot of airplanes don't have air filters either. The helicopter manufacturers quickly figured out the error in their ways and added air filters early on.
  13. My two cents: Filters are absolutely better to have. That said, I would personally not add an oil filter to your car. Air filter is an absolute yes - something you can remove and install the original parts while showing. Reasoning: Most of the dirt and grit that gets into an engine and causes excessive wear comes through the air induction system. From there it gets into your cylinders (highest wearing part of the engine) and eventually your oil. The other oil contaminants come from the burning of fuels and wearing of metal parts which are much smaller particles, much less damaging and are often not able to be filtered out. I can tell you that the oil in my diesel tractor, which has an oil filter, turns black in an hour from all the fine carbon particles created by combustion, but no engine damage is done due to the size of these particles. Yes, today's oils are vastly superior to the 1930 oils and you can easily keep your oil clean by performing more frequent oil changes. Now if you plan on driving several thousand miles per year, then you may want to consider an oil filter. But if you are like me and drive hundreds of miles per year, then I suggest you keep your car as original as possible. FYI - There are still a lot of piston engine airplanes and helicopters flying around without oil filters. They just have 25 hour oil change recommendations instead of the 50 hour recommendations when equipped with an oil filter. Scott
  14. Chris, After checking the parts manual, it looks like the 1925 ER Standard Six doesn't share much with the EM Light Six models except a lot of engine parts and components. They do share a lot with the 1925 EP and EQ models. I will not be able to help on the parts you have listed above - sorry. If you find you need any engine parts or accessories, send me an e-mail and I might be able to help you out. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  15. Chris, I have most of what you are looking for but in a 1924 Light Six. Let me look at my parts manual and see what is common between the 1924 EM and 1925 ER (a number of changes were made but there was some common parts) and I'll call you. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  16. Robert, Actually I know Mike and ended up buying all of his Studebaker parts (mostly Light Six) a couple of months back. I'll see if he recalls where he bought his last chain. Thanks. Scott
  17. Tom, The parts I have are surrounded on three sides with the frame. The longest side has a piano hinge along the entire length. The short sides have a pivot point about in the middle. The width of the outside of the frame is 43-1/2". I have one with clear glass and the other a deep tinted green. I believe I also have the support pivot for each side. Scott
  18. Tom, I have a couple of 20's vintage Studebaker rain shields - if I recall they have dark tinted glass. Am I thinking of the right part? Would you have a photo or dimensions? Scott
  19. I started with Egge and most of the posts lead back to Egge, but I was trying to avoid spending $279. Nothing against Egge, as they are a very helpful organization, just hoping someone had one lying around for a little less. Scott
  20. Should be the same part for EM, ER, EU and GE.
  21. Does anyone have a NOS Light Six timing chain they would be willing to sell - needs to be the later "Type 45" version (1923 +)? Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  22. I have several sizes. They are all a bit rusty, but most are very restorable. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  23. Turns out that my valves are not original equipment and I was able to find what I was looking for at Summit Racing (of all places). Thanks. Scott
  24. Would anyone have a couple of valve spring retainers for a Light Six? Measure 1.27" OD with a 0.390 (min) hole in the center. Thanks for any assistance. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  25. I have a few Stewart Fuel Pumps that can be restored - a couple of different sizes. Have a few mounting brackets also. It would be $45.50 USD in shipping fees to send to the Czech Republic. Send me an e-mail if you are interested and I can give you a total cost. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
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