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  1. Chris, After checking the parts manual, it looks like the 1925 ER Standard Six doesn't share much with the EM Light Six models except a lot of engine parts and components. They do share a lot with the 1925 EP and EQ models. I will not be able to help on the parts you have listed above - sorry. If you find you need any engine parts or accessories, send me an e-mail and I might be able to help you out. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  2. Chris, I have most of what you are looking for but in a 1924 Light Six. Let me look at my parts manual and see what is common between the 1924 EM and 1925 ER (a number of changes were made but there was some common parts) and I'll call you. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  3. Robert, Actually I know Mike and ended up buying all of his Studebaker parts (mostly Light Six) a couple of months back. I'll see if he recalls where he bought his last chain. Thanks. Scott
  4. Tom, The parts I have are surrounded on three sides with the frame. The longest side has a piano hinge along the entire length. The short sides have a pivot point about in the middle. The width of the outside of the frame is 43-1/2". I have one with clear glass and the other a deep tinted green. I believe I also have the support pivot for each side. Scott
  5. Tom, I have a couple of 20's vintage Studebaker rain shields - if I recall they have dark tinted glass. Am I thinking of the right part? Would you have a photo or dimensions? Scott
  6. I started with Egge and most of the posts lead back to Egge, but I was trying to avoid spending $279. Nothing against Egge, as they are a very helpful organization, just hoping someone had one lying around for a little less. Scott
  7. Should be the same part for EM, ER, EU and GE.
  8. Does anyone have a NOS Light Six timing chain they would be willing to sell - needs to be the later "Type 45" version (1923 +)? Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  9. I have several sizes. They are all a bit rusty, but most are very restorable. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  10. Turns out that my valves are not original equipment and I was able to find what I was looking for at Summit Racing (of all places). Thanks. Scott
  11. Would anyone have a couple of valve spring retainers for a Light Six? Measure 1.27" OD with a 0.390 (min) hole in the center. Thanks for any assistance. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  12. I have a few Stewart Fuel Pumps that can be restored - a couple of different sizes. Have a few mounting brackets also. It would be $45.50 USD in shipping fees to send to the Czech Republic. Send me an e-mail if you are interested and I can give you a total cost. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  13. You might give these folks a try www.leatherdrivebelts.com Scott
  14. http://forums.aaca.org/f119/studebaker-light-six-frame-305669.html#post896725
  15. Getting ready to send a frame to the scrap steel yard. Studebaker Light Six frame, not sure on the exact year, no tag, but I don't think there were any differences from 1920-1924. The frame is in pretty good shape with surface rust and a little light pitting here and there, but no deeply rusted areas. It is a bare frame and is missing the forward shackle mounts for the rear suspension (originally riveted on). It is located near Flint, Michigan. I hate to scrap history but I don't need it laying around and thought I would offer it up to anyone that may need it. I can always torch it apart if you are looking for one particular area. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  16. Selling everything that came in the 1941 owner's packet as pictured below. These are not reprints but is the original paperwork. Everything is like new, except for the envelope itself which has some minor wear (wrinkles, 1/2" tear on the flap fold). Includes: envelope, owner's manual, letter from VP / General Sales Mgr, lubrication chart, owner's service policy, tire and wheel balance note, booklet on keeping your interior clean, Delco battery guarantee, suggestions on night driving and a Buick owner ID card. Asking $60. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  17. Gary, Would you be able to post a photo? I'm trying to identify a couple of clocks I have. Thanks. Scott
  18. Gary, The little pot metal gears on the gauge would typically disintegrate so there aren't a lot of them around. I have a few canibalized units I was going to use to repair the one in my Light Six but I don't think I have enough spare parts to make two. I do have a spare retainer cap. Just go to your local glass shop and they'll cut you a glass circle to fit. Drop me an e-mail. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  19. I have a fan blade, shaft, pulley and aluminum mounting bracket. I have a few bumpers and bumper parts but I'm not sure what the part you are looking for looks like - photo would help. Send me an e-mail on which fan parts you are looking for. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
  20. For piston rings of all sizes and types: Dave Reed Otto Gas Engine Works E-mail: otto@ringspacers.com Website: www.ringspacers.com Phone: 410-398-7340 E-mail is the best way to get a hold of him as he is not always around to answer the phone. My Studebaker Light Six has 3-1/8" pistons. He provided a solution to fix my worn out ring lands (correct size hardened ring spacers), he was able to offer me square cut rings, lap joint rings , several options for oversize rings, several types of rings (compression, scraper/compression, oil). He was able to bore the ring IDs for the shallow groove depths in my pistons. Offered up many options. Very nice guy, extremely knowledable, reasonable prices and willing to spend time with you to share his expertise. Scott
  21. Nothing to take the ethanol out. All you can do is use ethanol compatible parts and sealants or find fuels w/o ethanol. Local aiport comes to mind but then someone doesn't get their road tax.... Steel tanks more prone to rusting so you may want to get them coated. Cork floats need resealed. May tend to corrode brass and copper parts over a long time but no proof of that so far. Rubber parts and seals are prone to attack but most cars from the 20's don't have any rubber and just used cork gaskets which should be fine. Scott
  22. I experimented with MMO in the fuel in my 1939 Allis Chalmers tractor - jury is still out. It seems to keep the carb a bit cleaner and can only help with upper cylinder lubrication. As far as lead goes, it was added to fuel in higher compression engines (around 8 and higher) to prevent spark knock. It also protected the valve seats from erosion due to micro welding that occurs at the higher temperatures and valve seating impacts with higher compression/horsepower engines. Other additives replaced the lead to prevent the spark knock and hardened valve seats were added, but for older higher horsepower/compression engines, you should add the lead substitutes to prevent that erosion. That all said, your 1928 engine will be fine without the lead/lead substitute due to its lower compression ratio and power output. I'm with Corvanti; the biggest threat is the ethanol content. I’ll stray a bit…..several car makers made a significant investment in making their cars and trucks E-85 capable. The agreement between the car makers and government was: you (car makers) work on E-85 capability and we (government) will get the infrastructure in place to make this work. Well, most of GMs vehicles and a significant number of other manufacturer's vehicles are E-85 compatible. Where’s the big investment in infrastructure? As usual, your government dropped the ball and E-85 never really made it because it simply isn’t cost effective. This is mostly due to a lack of infrastructure, distribution and poor marketing. I always ask: Why does the E-85 price always track oil prices, isn’t it mostly ethanol? It seems like the oil companies tend to control E-85 prices. Why do I bring all this up about E-85? The people making ethanol also laid out a large investment and are upset about the E-85 issue. To appease them, I understand that the normal ethanol content in fuel will be raised from the current 10% to 15%. Not good for us people with older gasoline machinery. Scott
  23. 1920's Studebaker Gauge cluster 1928 ? 5 gauges | eBay
  24. I have a few Light Six and Special Six speedometer cables. They may also fit a Dictator or President as I believe the ends are the same. With lengths and connector diameters, I may be able to match something up. Scott smrdeza@power-net.net
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