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  1. Cleaning out my garage, not too concerned what I get but don't want to go to trouble to box up and take to post office or UPS for shipping quote (and post pictures) unless there is genuine interest. Best offer
  2. In the Army with a brand new Olds convertible, fairly affluent for a young man !
  3. Please recommend a repair shop.
  4. SOLD (Craigslist - zero interest on this Buick site. Guess you all have Buicks already) !
  5. You better get used to being the center of attention in this car! Nice dependable ride. In the last year I've replaced all wheel cylinders and rear shoes. Had starter and gen rebuilt, new voltage regulator, solenoid, starter relay. I'm in southern Illinois, near St. Louis, MO. $20,000 or best offer. OR trade for very late model Nissan, Mazda, Subaru sedan. My main ride is about done for, and due to medical expenses and my limited old age income, I need to sacrifice the Buick.
  6. As I recall, 6 volt systems require larger thicker battery cables than a 12 volt system.
  7. Beautiful !! I'm a wagon man, and I Love it.. And you got a 1963 Starfire too??!! Had one in 1967.
  8. It also says interchange number is 1107621. Where do I look for interchange info?
  9. I am looking for a starter, searched Ebay and one popped up immediately. Heading says 54-56 Buick, but down in description it says application 54 - 56 Oldsmobile. The Delco number is 1107 646 6E27. Ant insight on whether this would work on my Special?
  10. Need complete assembly, universal from NAPA wouldn't work according to local garage
  11. I purchased a box with a variety of kits for cars primarily the late 50's early 60's. If anyone has an interest in a particular application I will look and respond with pic if I have it.
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