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  1. Ashamed at what? Over 100,000 have died. If we didn’t do this sort of isolation, it might have been 300,000 or more. A guy just came into my office complaining that Cuomo is now allowing businesses to require a mask before entering. His answer: You’re violating my constitutional rights! No, as a country we have the need to protect our citizens from ignorant people who only think of themselves. It takes a strong person and group to make the hard decisions. Kudos to the Hershey region! Our Chautauqua County region did the same think by cancelling Dunkirk. I cancelled our ‘54 Ford Convention for the same reason. Just wondering how some would feel if their mother or father, grandparents or children were to die over the virus?
  2. Excellent decision. If you do not agree, please read the article written a couple of weeks ago by former Pennsylvania Governor and Homeland Security Advisor Tom Ridge. Yes, we will miss, but it is the right thing to do.
  3. Thanks for all of your comments. I will confirm before making any changes, but it certainly appears all is well and my daughter may continue to bring it to future AACA shows down the road.
  4. That's the kind of answer I was looking for. If AACA can verify, I will probably make the transfer.
  5. It is the basement of the office of the cemetery where they stored documents, old flower pots, brass items, etc.
  6. I believe her cost basis would be that of what I had invested in it. Similar to placing her name on our home. For instance, assume I put her name on our home, for which let's say we paid $75,000 for it back in 1983. That would become her cost basis. On the other hand, if she inherited it, her cost basis would be the true market value at the time of my death - say $185,000. If she sold it for $200,000 down the road, her long-term capital gain would be $15,000 if inherited, rather than the $125,000 if her name was added to the title during my lifetime. Of course, the reasoning behind much of estate planning is to move items out of the estate as a protection for Medicare. Thus, if my cost basis on the car can be established at $30,000 and it is sold for $40,000, the capital gains are $10,000 rather than perhaps zero through inheritance, but the goal of removing it from the estate was realized. Your point is excellent. It's a crap-shoot on some of these things, but the antique car is a decent bet on passing on valued things over a home purchased many years ago which greatly improved in value. My biggest question here is how AACA feels about allowing Grand National status to be passed on vs. having to start all over. Can I turn it over to her and have her receive the Senior Grand National?
  7. I searched a bit but didn't find anything quickly, so I thought I'd post here. I am doing some estate planning and would like to transfer the title of my car to my daughter. My question: Does this have any effect on AACA judging? I have my Grand National and am seeking my Senior Grand National. Should the car be registered in my name and I wait for transfer or can I transfer it to her now and register it in her name for AACA purposes. Is there any reason I can't title it over to her? Thanks in advance.
  8. Small hook on top near handle that might control the spring mechanism. Bob - you may be onto something. But don’t concentrate on the fact that it was in a cemetery basement, as the previous caretaker collected antiques as well.
  9. It only moves about 1/2”. It has a limiting oval.
  10. Sorry - Can’t - it’s not mine to do.
  11. It really doesn’t have the ability to lift anything heavy. I was thinking of a battery carrier. Thought of some sort of measuring device because of the small wheels. Floor duster?
  12. This was found in a cemetery basement. It may not be al all related. Has anyone ever seen this?
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