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  1. those wires are in my opinion much too new looking to be 56 years old. Maybe someone had a problem with the original harness ends and spliced something onto it.
  2. I was so used to driving Porsches with bilstein shocks, that when I finally got my Dad's car from him, I thought that something was wrong with it. (as a youth the few times he let me drive it, I loved the way it handled and accelerated). There was nothing wrong with it at all it was the fact that I had become used to a truly great handling car. I wanted to put bilsteins on it immediately but they were not made. Had a bunch of conversations with them as we ordered hundreds of bilsteins for our back then mail order business and FINALLY they heard me!!! Installed them and night and day difference right away. STILL though floats and plows and the seat does not have much side support and the steering is slow and the drum brakes!!!!! Needs Tom's stuff, quick ratio steering, larger sway bars, four wheel disc brakes, GS springs and bilstein shocks. (along with a factory look am fm converted radio with blue tooth, and updated ac with a stronger blower and cooling fan, THEN the first generation will arrive in the current generation yet retain the classic look that we all love
  3. was very important that the length was correct for the front and rear. Of course the bilsteins do not collapse when hitting a bump like the original oil shocks do so are a bit harder to install, and if one has cut springs, the bilsteins will hold the car a bit higher. Also although the kyb shocks are gas as well, the bilstein valving is much more sophisticated so the ride is not as harsh as the kyb and compression and rebound much more controlled
  4. totally agree, a running together car is worth loads more than the same car taken apart. At this point you would be better to continue the work, or bail at a next to nothing price. (except for the wheel and the horn set!!!
  5. I have bilsteins on my car and love them. Gas means that they go down hard and come up hard giving a firmer more in control ride. Do not know how many sets I have sold over the years ever since convincing the bilstein company to make them for american cars. You will LOVE them and they will last a lifetime
  6. I agree also, either you finish it yourself or it is a parts car. No one will buy it to have to figure how to put it back together and spend the money to do it. The horns and the GS wheel are worth some money!
  7. 24 front 23 rear, have measured a bunch of them Level surface, from the ground to the wheel well
  8. dr914

    Wind Noise

    usually wind noise comes from the vent window frame to windshield pillar. putting a piece of paper on the frame and closing the door on it will tell you how tight the seal is and then adjust from there. I had wind noise there on both sides and it bugged the hell out of me and that is the way I solved it
  9. We had been installing Bilstein shocks on our Porsches for years and I finally got bilstein to make them for the riviera, and was so thankful that I could finally get the wallowing out of the car (yet years ago we thought that the car handled great!!! the so called GS springs from the handling package actually lower the car a bit to give it a great stance, and further help the handling. Then add quick ratio steering and disc brakes and you are all set! I like the 65 best, great looking car
  10. I agree do not coat it! We have seen that stuff come off in sheets and ruin what is left of the fuel tank Maybe have it boiled out and then the outside powder coated
  11. I always wanted to find a large riviera original dealer sign for my garaga
  12. beautiful color, how about some more pics of the interior and the trunk? People like to see low low mile original cars
  13. I have one from Clark's and am very happy with it.
  14. sure would be nice to have things like that
  15. sure would love to have a scanned copy of that order form, is there anywhere where one can be purchased?
  16. the design is certainly iconic and is always mentioned as one of the most beautiful cars ever designed, however we, the children of the original first generation original owners are now ourselves getting old, and I think that we are passing the point where the cars were the most valuable. Of course low mile GS models will always bring the money but for the rest???
  17. yes very nice looking, would like to see more pictures, How were you able to confirm the low miles before you purchased?
  18. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1964-buick-riviera-17/#comments Certainly FAR from a perfect car, but over and over again, I just find it hard to believe that these cars are selling for so little as compared to the cheaply built muscle cars of the era
  19. I was trying to be optimistic! (LOL)
  20. nothing that 50 + thousand will not cure!!!
  21. sounds like now that the regulator is not operating correctly. It is causing the alternator to charge too much. Will fry the battery and could boil it over
  22. I agree, easiest is to change the alternator and regulator with quality parts. If all of the wiring looks good cheap parts are problem. I assume that the alternator light comes on when you turn the key on and then stays on when the car is running?
  23. turn the key on and see if the oil pressure light is on. If it is, disconnect the wire from the switch. If the light is still on there is a wiring problem. If the light goes out the light is good. THEN start the car. If the light stays on, disconnect the lead from the switch again. If the light goes out then replace the switch/sending unit. If the light stays on you have a wiring problem. After you replace the switch, if the light is still on, there is a problem with the engine
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