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  2. Don't know about the coupe, but the sedan could be a '32-'33 Auburn.
  3. I'm curious to know the makes and years of the two cars in this picture.
  4. After a spell of a "couple of years" I am relived to discover that I have not forgotten how to weld. Bj.
  5. How quick can they go? Neat little vehicles!
  6. Bernie, I think they good. Adds a sport flair to the sedan. Turbinator
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  8. thanks I will give that a try
  9. 5 passenger coupe - given the whole motor has been apart perhaps it's just something finding its home - performance seemed to be pretty solid. It pulled well to about 35mph at half throttle (local speed limit!) and maintained it with little effort, so it doesn't objectively feel like there is anything wrong. We checked the push rods gap and most of them were now slightly too large (0.004"-0.005" rather than factory 0.002" to 0.003")
  10. Thank you ... And to everyone who have replied. I am still searching .........
  11. 1958 Chevrolet Other Pickups 3100 On Ebay
  12. Don't get a lot of choice but to buy through ebay for us internationals, a lot of people don't want the trouble of shipping overseas so you either use a package forwarder (costly and slow) or ebay I only know of 2 other type 61 cadillac's in Australia, so our options for parts are pretty limited.
  13. It's quite east tasks. There are some bolts, cables, wires and glow box that you have to release and then the dashboard will be loose.
  14. If you have what i think you have for bleeders, it is a fairly common prewar setup on some makes. The screw just keeps crap out of the bleeder. It is analogous to the rubber cap used on modern bleeders. Just take the screws out. Bleed as normal. Put all the screws in when you are done. A nipple to thread into the bleeder where the screw was would be handy, and probably exists, but I have never seen one. Maybe you can cram a hose or the boot of a vacuum bleeder over the outside of the bleeder. If not, you might have to let them squirt when you bleed. If the car is restored, and it is pretty under there, you may need to make a nipple adapter.... or change the bleeders to modern ones, because brake fluid removes paint.
  15. Cool! I need to double check the family album. I may have one but put it in there if I'm standing in front of it or in it. Time for that tomorrow...
  16. The water will contract when it cools just as surely as it expands when it heats.
  17. What body style is your '24 ? Does it make a sound anything like a click ? My '24 does have its special noises, but not really much different from the '27. I don't know that it makes some sound like a click, but really you would have to compare each against the other. Of course the '24 and '22 have significant differences. - Carl
  18. It could possibly be that time mother still has the pictures of the show packed away. Steve
  19. At age 75 I'm a little older then most, and was a little tardy regarding my computer searches for parts. In addition I don't have the patience to sell on Craig's List or Ebay. This is where I feel blessed, my significant other loves to buy and sell on EB. Plus she is a car gal to boot. She and I both feel that a car, or part, is worth saving if someone wants it. It really doesn't matter if it is a part is worth $15 or $500, she just loves the whole process. Mary is somewhat younger then I am, but sadly she is legally blind and can no longer drive. In spite of her condition she still loves the cars, all of which have a name, and are considered part of the family. Not too long ago I began to think about reducing the collection. I didn't want to burden her with my collection after I was gone. One day I just blurted out "Mary am I doing the wrong thing holding on to these cars, should I be getting rid of them?" Her very quick response was "no I have this big garage, I would have to put something in it." The beauty of her response was that I really already sensed what her answer would be. I often wonder how I got so lucky! Bill
  20. Along with Narragansett Reproductions we lost LeBaron Bonney (in Chapter 7) recently. They supplied the broadcloth for my '41 Sedan. I think the only one left is SMS Auto Fabrics, but their selection is more limited. After a lot of looking ten years ago I couldn't find anyone who provided interior kits. I had an upholsterer use the shabby fabric I provided as a pattern.
  21. I have a lot of play in my steering, which gives me white knuckles especially when driving in windy conditions. The old Earl Brown article in the latest TWOTZ talks about replacing all the bushings in the steering box with bearings, but the car is fully restored and I never could figure out how to pull the steering column and box when I had it torn apart. The nut securing the Pittman arm was loose but tightening that didn't completely solve the problem. I guess replacing the tie rod ends is next.
  22. Vellios Machine Shop 4625 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260 They have been doing work for me for 40 years and are excellent.
  23. Original New Old Stock Atwater-Kent Unisparker K-2 6 cylinder distributor cap. This is a very rare item. This would suit a few American cars from 1914-1917. This will suit: Chalmers 1914-15-16 E.... 1915-16 Frankiln 1916-17-18 Grant 1915-16 Howard 1915 (late) Majestic 1917 Meteor 1916 Monarch 1914-15-16 Norwalk 1916-17 Peerless 1916 Pratt 1915 Ross 1915-16-17 Saxon Six 1915-16 Thomas Six 1915 I can send more photos on request. PayPal accepted. $150AUD.
  24. Sounds like someone replaced the bleeder screws with a common screw. You can find them at most hardware stores or auto supplies for the correct screws. You can't properly bleed wheel cylinders with such a screw. And if you do it's a mess with brake fluid all over the floor. Clutch spring probably needs a new one, and Boos Harrel probably has them along with other supplies. Your's might have been broken and someone just tried to use a shorter version. I think you can find 6 volt fans if you're talking about putting them in front of the radiator for better cooling in idle and slow driving. Remember with 6 volts you don't have a lot of battery reserve and that additional load can run your battery down, especially if you haven't replaced your generator with an alternator. Remember the current at 6 volts is twice what it is with 12 volt devices for the same power consumption of your devices. This is also why we use LEDs where ever we can to cut consumption of battery power with the lighting. I am still waiting for a LED amber replacement lamp unit for the original 6 inch fog lamps on these cars. There are LED lamps less than 5 inches, but won't fit the housings.
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