Cord Blomquist

How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

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With fees on ebay you have to remember they are banging you roughly with pay pal 15 percent for the entire purchase including the shipping charge.  It could reach up to 30 if you figure selling a 5.00 item with 5.00 shipping resulting in a total sale price of 10.00.  that's 1.50 in total fees for your 5.00 item because you actually paid 5.00 to ship the item.  So technically you did pay 30 percent in fees for that 5.00 item. (I know that's kind of a twisted way to think but it is true)   I understand this way of thinking as I sell alot of brochures on ebay and start almost all of them at 2.99.  Many sell at that.  I hope many buyers buy several but when they only buy one they pay the 4.54 shipping on that.  First class mail in a rigid book mailer shrunk wrapped to cardboard backer costs that when figuring the cost of the shipping material. 

I do know I sell alot of them and many people get  a great buy.  I think ebay and the post office are the only one making out though. 

Fortunately a few sell for more and I do have a couple buyers who will by 10-40 at a pop. Media mail is real cheap on big orders. 

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