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  1. tom_in_nh

    1931 Buick pieces and parts

    I may be interested in the distributor, depending on condition. Thank you for your preservation efforts!
  2. tom_in_nh

    Setting up for spooky fun- '51 Chieftain

    I like it! Can you get Elvira to drape herself across the hood? Keep up the good work. Tom
  3. tom_in_nh

    56 T-Bird Won’t Start

    Automatic transmission? If so, you may have an issue with the floor mounted shifter. You may need to adjust or repair / replace as needed. To those not familiar, these early 'Birds have to be in neutral in order to start. Silly, I agree. Best of luck.
  4. tom_in_nh

    Brake problem-Locking up wheel-37 Packard 120

    Can you also show us a picture of the right rear brakes? A photo of inside the drums would help, too.
  5. Hello and greetings from southern NH. First items I would check, if the car was in my shop: engine compression and vacuum tests second, if the first checked out OK: fuel pressure and volume test third: ignition system waveform pattern as viewed with an oscilloscope. Bear in mind that there could be a possibility of multiple problems / misadjustments that may mask the original issue(s). I suppose you could try a new Edelbrock carburetor, this might be akin to a surgeon giving you a new heart, without first running a battery of tests. Best of luck.
  6. tom_in_nh

    '57 T-bird oil inlet leak

    Remove the tube and straighten the crimped over section. I use different diameters of sockets and a body hammer to bring the outside diameter of the tubing back into service. Do not over tighten that nut! Best of luck. Tom
  7. tom_in_nh

    1929 Cadillac clutch sticking

    Not sure if your bellhousing is integral to the engine or not, but in the event that your bellhousing is a separate unit: Did you use a dial inicator while assembling the bellhousing to the engine? Misalignment of components could cause erratic shifting issues.
  8. tom_in_nh

    1951 Panel wagon doors won't open

    Frozen hinges? Stuck weatherstripping?
  9. If it was my car, I would err on the side of caution. Do not continue to operate the engine until you get an exact pressure reading. What if you do in fact have a problem with your engine's circulatory system? Can't you hear the hundred dollar bills flying away? Most especially on a big block... Do let us know how this turns out. Best of luck. Tom
  10. tom_in_nh

    Replacing press fit seals and cleaning differential

    Major warning: Make sure that you reinstall pinion nut at the exact location prior to removal. Others will chime in with more tips. Good luck. Tom
  11. tom_in_nh

    Lycoming 4 Cyl engine

    Was the crankshaft flange for the flywheel checked for run-out? Do you happen to have a picture of your crankshaft?
  12. tom_in_nh

    Ornate early electrics--Do any still exist?

    There are two pre-1910 electric automobiles in the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Ma. A 1905 Electromobile and a 1908 Bailey Electric. It is said that the Bailey was Mrs. Anderson's favorite - due to the fact that she could drive it, it was quiet and clean running. The original charging station still exists. Last saw it about 12 years ago. Tom
  13. tom_in_nh


    Thanks for responding. I researched the part numbers. Unfortunately, this will not fit my truck. Thanks again, Tom
  14. tom_in_nh


    I am interested in the Ford emblem. What is the part number? Thanks, Tom
  15. tom_in_nh

    Fluid Drive Stalling

    Has the Fluid Drive been apart? After reading this post from start to finish, this would be the next area to focus on. Good luck, Tom