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  1. Gents, If you go back earlier, Whitney probably stole the inventions from Sylvester Roper, whom I consider the first American steam carriage builder. Roper should also also be credited for being the first American motorcycle builder. Carry on, history is rewritten every day.... Tom
  2. Ed, Thanks for the update, makes more sense now. Re: Nov. 26th is post number 19 on this thread. Next time you have a chance: measure the spring wire diameter for me. A few years ago I made a set for another forum member here. Took his non SC Auburn distributor and converted it to SC specs. Something I care not to do again, unless it involves a suitcase full of cash and a vacation from my family <grin>. How many genuine SC Auburns and Cords were made and remain?
  3. Ed, The photos show the distributor housing appearing to be deformed in shape, meaning "not perfectly round" as it should be. If so, did you reuse / attempt repair to / or replace the dropped housing? Also, the horseshoe shaped clip holding the cam appears not to be fully seated. The upright clip prongs should be much closer together. Easily corrected with more attention. Or outright replacement, as that clip is still available NOS. I never did get a reply from my earlier post dated November 26th, what was your analysis? Tom
  4. Ed, Neat project. Those advance weight's bores appear to be excessively worn, judging by the photos. Interested in seeing your fix for that, if that is the case... Myself, I have thought about boring them out and fitting them with oil-lite bushings. The trouble is that the true centerline is difficult to locate, due to the wallowed out bores. The rivets to the advance spring bracket appear to be different from each other. One appears almost flush in comparison to the other. Not sure if it is supposed to pivot or not. Can you investigate and satisfy my curiosity?
  5. Thanks Bill, I am not familiar with the process used on your tank....does Cord have body paint applied to it's exterior, similar to a TD? Do you think the treatment by Gas Tank Renu will ruin the original exterior paint on a TD? Tom
  6. Helping a friend getting his dormant '53 TD running again. Externally, his fuel tank is in an excellent patina state. He would prefer to not harm the original finish. So, is there anyone that can recommend a place of business that can safely rid of the scale and reseal the tank's interior? Thanks. Tom
  7. I wonder how many guys make receipts disappear, in order to rid of evidence that the spouse will never know about?
  8. Can anyone confirm if number 11 fits a '41 Packard 110 club coupe? Thanks!
  9. Might you have a set for a '41 Packard? Thanks, Tom
  10. Factory gauges? Not sure if your Thunderbird has it or not, but I suspect that the gauges CVR (constant voltage regulator) could be faulty. Use separate, but known working gauges, to test oil pressure and coolant temperature. This will allow you to compare it's results to the dash gauges (think process of elimination). Chances are you have multiple issues that need a disciplined approach to solving them one by one. Best of luck. Tom
  11. Combination of cables, levers, and gears? Attached to steering box or ??? Anyone have a drawing? Might be a cool idea for "shop wall art". Educate me, please.
  12. Thanks Bloo, That tool is too modern.... I was hoping to see an antique Frankensteinesque type of tool that would scare the neighborhood pets, kids and their parents..... an ancient tool without warning labels shooting sparks a foot long. Yeesh....the mind is wandering astray during this time of pandemic confinement. Tom
  13. Bloo, Would you care to show a photo of this item? Thanks, Tom
  14. Does a Gardner-Serpollet count? This is an early steam car make, not sure if there is a connection to the later Gardner nameplate.
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