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  1. Combination of cables, levers, and gears? Attached to steering box or ??? Anyone have a drawing? Might be a cool idea for "shop wall art". Educate me, please.
  2. Thanks Bloo, That tool is too modern.... I was hoping to see an antique Frankensteinesque type of tool that would scare the neighborhood pets, kids and their parents..... an ancient tool without warning labels shooting sparks a foot long. Yeesh....the mind is wandering astray during this time of pandemic confinement. Tom
  3. Bloo, Would you care to show a photo of this item? Thanks, Tom
  4. Does a Gardner-Serpollet count? This is an early steam car make, not sure if there is a connection to the later Gardner nameplate.
  5. Haverhill, Ma. Thanks for your sleuthing there, Ed. Tom
  6. Hello, Have an acquaintance that owned a Pierce when he was a young lad. About all he remembers is that it was an 8 passenger. His mom sold it to the local funeral home when he entered the Service. Would like to know the specifications. Thanks, Tom
  7. How about travelling the country in an antique motorhome / travel trailer? Should be a super cool way to live, for at least 5 years... You would fit in at any antique car show.
  8. Hi Don, Yes, it is for a '41 110. Your driveshaft appears to be cobbled together, in my opinion only, does not look like a smooth transition. I will pass on this. Thank you for your efforts. Regards, Tom
  9. Yes, I am still looking. Attached are some photos, over a few posts. Transmission end measures approximately three and five-eighths inches in diameter. Approximately sixty inches to centerline of rear universal yoke. Keep in mind that this is the stock dimension. Overdrive would be shorter in length. Not sure of the overdrive length, though. Hope this helps. Regards, Tom
  10. Mine is self explanatory.... However I would prefer "Tom in Hawaii" instead. 🙂
  11. Hi Don, Seeking a wheel to carry as a spare. Would rather drive with five than four 😁. I certainly agree with the idea of shortening my original driveshaft. However, the condition of my overdrive unit is unknown and untested. I like the idea of going back to pre overdrive days in case I have a pile of old bones. Hence my desire to not paint myself into a corner, just yet . I may be interested in your non overdrive driveshaft, send me a private message if you have one to sell. Thanks, Tom
  12. I suspect that your rotor is grounding out, thus creating a path for the secondary current to flow where it should not.