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  1. have some engines & parts www.thetexasstudebakerranch.com
  2. I have headlights www.thetexasstudebakerranch.com
  3. good selection of used Stude carbs & other Hawk parts www.studebakersite.com
  4. https://www.custompolishhchromeplating.com 281 787-6230 Houston, TX
  5. I have a good selection of Studebaker/Packard transmissions https://www.studebakersite.com
  6. Vanderbrink & Silver Auctions are 2 great ones. I have also been to several Borkowski Auctions of Indiana which were very well organized. All 3 are very reputable & ethical, will work hard for you, & deliver great results.
  7. 1953 Commander coupe with a/c 19, 500.
  8. The best thing to do is send it to Custom Polish Chrome in Houston for professional repair & plating to show condition. https://www.custompolishchromeplating.com
  9. Another good way is to take the time to separate the parts into lots by make and offer the lots for sale to collectors or dealers with interest in the particular makes. There is of course no way to get anywhere near retail value for the inventory other than devoting years to slowly selling them off via HMN ads, ebay, or swap meets, as I do with my large Studebaker inventory. I know that the day will come, just as for your dad, that my retailing days will end & what remains of my inventory will be sold off cheaply in large lots or by auction.
  10. My head is nearly identical to the '26 head, but with the no., 123097-3 E.2.2, I presume that it is an earlier year model, perhaps '24-5. It has no temp bulb hole.
  11. I have a head which may be from a Studebaker or Dodge 6 from the 20's, the # cast on it is 123097-3. It has 26 bolt holes & no distributor hole. Anyone know what the application is? barry@studebakersite.com
  12. Plenty of Stude parts here & we specialize in beautiful chrome. www.studebakersite.com www.custompolishchromeplating.com
  13. I have a few early 6 cyl heads, and a few 250 Straight 8 parts. www.studebakersite.com
  14. I have a '39 President w/ OD trans here at The Texas Studebaker Ranch www.studebakersite.com
  15. that is not the brket we need- it is a cast piece that mounts to fire wall. I have just been informed that one has been made. I will call Wildcat Auto soon. Thank you both! I have about anything for a Studebaker, but very little for old mopars
  16. Bob, got any clips # 1312579 back glass molding clip 1312581 " " "
  17. I have a 39 Pres parts car here at The Texas Studebaker Ranch & can help with your '39 window crank, which IS indeed different from '40.
  18. Need hood rod brkts for '29 Need trunk orn., hood orn & bumper over rider bars for '52 rear window gasket for Belvedere hardtop thank you for any help!
  19. Nice core for plating. Actual value about $300.
  20. I have a good used tank, ready to be cleaned up $250. www.studebaker-packardparts.com
  21. I have an excellent pair, along with a good stock of other '51 parts. www.studebakersite.com
  22. 65K is pretty conservative for a resto price as it is a pretty optimistic selling price! I sold a '34 Packard Super 8 roadster to a friend in '13. It was in about the same shape as the President here, and the selling price was $30K. He estimated that he would spend $150K getting it restored to perfection. He's made remarkable progress on it & plans to show it this Spring. He had to revise his estimate for restoring it to over $170K. This Packard would have been a waste of time for a buyer w/less than $200K to invest, and restoration prices are shooting up rapidly.
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